working from home tips
Work from home tips

Working from home tips

Working from home tips.

working from home tips

It’s no secret that working from home requires a lot of self discipline and includes setting your own hours. Not only that, but you are in charge of holding yourself accountable for the work you do.

Being a mom and working from home with your children present, is NO joke. It’s actually pretty hard.

I don’t know about you but I need all of the helpful tips I can possibly get. Working from home is already time consuming and difficult, especially if you are running your own business.

I’m not here to sugar coat working from home because working from home is hard and I won’t write content that’s not true. And on Mrsplanahead I try my hardest to help my audience out and be genuine.

DISCLOSURE: affiliate links are used on this page. I only recommend products and services I trust and love. You can read my disclosure here. If you decide to make a purchase through my links, I will receive a commission which is helping me keep my website up! Thank you for all of your support, it’s much appreciated.

Running a website requires a great hosting company.

Since this is my second year blogging and working from home, I decided to compile a list of my best tips in order to help make working from home easier on you. My first year was a huge learning experience and now I think I am getting the hang of things, even with homeschooling my kids put in the mix.

Before we get into these important work from home tips, I do have to tell you that running your website requires you to have an excellent hosting company. You need a company that will help you whenever your website runs into a technical issue.

Skystra is my hosting company and I have had a wonderful experience with them. They answer all of my e-mails very quickly and I am always satisfied with their kind customer service.

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Let’s get into the work from home tips.

  • Set your work hours daily and stick by them. 

Setting work hours is tough as a work from home mom. I am constantly having to adjust the time I spend working because of my children.

The best advice I can offer work from home moms right now is to work when you can and finish up your hours at night when the kids are asleep.

This is the best and most steady work from home mom advice there is. I love this tip because it eliminates the pressure of working a certain time frame.

Trying to get all of our work done is pretty hard to do with multiple kids. Especially at home where and when they always ask you for something or just want your attention.

There ARE enough hours in the day.

Honestly, finishing up my work at night keeps me level headed. Otherwise, I would be completely stressing out from wondering when I’ll be able to complete my work.

I used to stress out about that too before choosing to homeschool my children. Mostly because by the time I put my babies to bed after going to and fro, I was plain old exhausted.

Give yourself a good two to three hours to finish your work and set your alarm clock to remind yourself when to stop. I don’t like to put too many hours in at night, simply because I need my rest too.

And I do have a toddler that naps. I don’t even nap when she does because I’m so busy with my oldest and blogging.

That’s hard enough as is! Working with a toddler on your lap is simply not easy.

Give yourself a break and set a timer. You don’t want to overwork yourself and you do need your rest.

Work from home tip: Your work isn’t going ANYWHERE.

working from home tips

  • Try not to let the little things get to you. When the kids need something just help them out and then get back to work.

During my first year of blogging, I did let ALL the little things in the world get to me. It affected me by causing me stress and unhappiness.

I let my job take over my life and that took power away from ME. It’s important to put your happiness and wellbeing before a job.

Letting every little thing get to me wasn’t even necessary. I’ll tell you why.

Blogging doesn’t go anywhere. Ask any blogger.

There is ongoing and countless work to do when it comes to your website. Which is what took me about a year to realize on my blogging journey.

There’s always something that needs to be done, improved on, and created. So, trust me when I say, you really don’t need to stress on the small things that “interrupt” your work time.

If your children need something, you should put blogging on hold until you handle that. Don’t rush either when taking care of your kiddos, because that’s just stressful and will probably cause you mom guilt later on.

More working from home tips.

  • Make sure you dress for work and have your daily coffee ready.

Having an amazing morning routine is so necessary for a work from home mom. That means waking up early to get your workout and “me time” in before the day starts.

Get all the caffeine in too, lol. I actually don’t drink coffee though I once did in the past.

I drink black tea with a splash of milk and two sugars. Still, there’s caffeine in there.

And I need all of it! Dressing up for “work” and even doing my make up makes me more productive.

Just because you work from home doesn’t mean that you can’t dress up. Dressing up makes me feel pretty and it’s therapeutic for me to put my makeup on daily.

It’s one of my favorite things to do, even on a “slow” day. It can be hard to work from home because of how isolated it can make you feel.

Essentially, you are just working by yourself all day and you don’t have co-workers to go chat with and have dinner with later. It can get lonely at times.

Taking good care of yourself is important.

  • Eat a good breakfast before going to work. 

Eating a good breakfast is key, even when working from home. Start your day off right and eat a healthy meal before getting started on all of your work.

  • Take your lunch breaks and your ten minute breaks.

Trust me when I say, I know working from home can be so addicting. It can make you not even check your phone, unless it’s work related.

Don’t let that become a habit like I did. Make sure you take ten minute breaks and your lunch break.

You deserve it and your eyes need a break from the screen.

  • Since you work from home make sure you stretch and get your exercise in. 

I don’t know about you but I need to workout. If I don’t workout, I end up feeling kind of weak and sick.

Waking up early to do your workout first thing in the morning could really benefit you as blogger. Currently, I work out with my kids because of homeschooling.

They enjoy me participating with them during P.E. and even though it’s distracting, it’s fun for them and helps me stay more involved. It’s still important to get your exercise in daily and to stay healthy.

More important working from home tips.

  • Don’t be so hard on yourself and realize you can’t be supermom every single day. 

I’m a work from home mom and I realize that this job is a lot tougher than other. But you are a STRONG woman!

Taking on the working from home challenge is tough but it is so well worth it. To be there with your children and still make money from home is a huge accomplishment.

Still, some days cannot and WILL NOT go as planned. You need to accept this and move on about your day.

Getting angry or frustrated is normal, but blaming everything and everyone around you truly won’t solve anything. Not just that, you’re causing yourself stress and only hurting yourself.

Don’t be so hard on yourself and accept that being a work from home mom comes with lots of distractions and will most likely involve you tending to your kids, more often than you’d like.

Once you realize and accept that you can’t always get it done all of the time, your life will become a hundred times more easier. Trust me.

It took me a while to accept that but it helped shape me into the person I am today. It’s also given my kids back their happy and relaxed mommy.

Planning is an important part of working from home.

  • Make sure you set your work planner up weekly.

I do this weekly due to blogging reasons. My blogging schedule changes constantly and I can’t remember a time when it was always the same.

With blogging comes a flexibility in routine, which I do appreciate. Something that doesn’t change with blogging is still having to create new content for your blog.

It’s important for bloggers to include this in your weekly plans. Planning out your work schedule a week in advance, especially if you are a small business owner will help you out so much!

  • Make sure you have an activity box set up and ready to go for the constant “MOMMMMMMM!”’s that are sure to come throughout the day. 

I can’t tell you how many times during the day my oldest comes up to me and says, “Mom, I’m bored.” Looking up from working on a blog post is never ideal.

After this happened more than enough times, I realized a craft box was necessary. Now, I usually have my craft supplies in my drawer (I’m a crafter) and both my girls will be entertained at least two hours with this.

More work from home tips.

working from home tips

Ever since homeschooling began, I actually plan out “fun activities” and daily workouts before the week begins. Still, working from home doesn’t always have a perfect schedule.

Sometimes, whether I like it or not, I need to update something on the blog or create pins I forgot to do. Not everything goes as planned at times.

Those are the times my craft box comes in handy. Also, those days are perfect for an hour or two of outside time.

When they get some fresh air and exercise, my girls get tired! Just make sure you’ve got plenty for your kiddos to play with whenever you need to work weekends or any extra hours.

  • When work and kids are overwhelming you, take a break. Do your work at night. 

You do work from home so pause and do your work at night when the kids are in bed so you can focus and get things done. Maybe working at night isn’t ideal for you. 

The last of my working from home tips and advice.

I know it wasn’t for me when my kids weren’t home schooled. Having to get them to bed on time so that I had to get them ready and to school early was tough.

Now, working nights don’t bother me at all but I enjoy it now more than ever. My husband also has computer work to catch on every night and we always work together.

It’s a nice way to spend time together after a busy day. Working during the day for moms can be very stressful.

Which is why I’m saying, you really shouldn’t over do it. It may seem like the hardest thing in the world to do but take a breather.

Take time to yourself to just breathe and brainstorm a different schedule. Don’t give up and quit, just work when they’re off in bed for at least an hour or two.

I hope these working from home tips helped you out, mommas. It’s not easy being a work from home mom, I know that better than anyone.

Trust me, it’s no walk in the park. Still, I do believe with my heart it’s all worth it. Working on your business is not just something I love to do, but it keeps me feeling happy and productive while I’m raising my kiddos.

Just watching my babies grow up and being there every step of the way fills my heart!


If you’re subscribed on Mrsplanahead, you know that I’m dedicating this month for working from home tips and advice. Mostly because I know it’s tough trying to get your job done all while watching your children.

My heart goes out to all the hardworking mothers who are raising their babies and losing sleep running their businesses from home. I’m not just referring to blogging either.

I just think that most businesses have their own website in order to be successful, so I mention that I use Skystra for my hosting company. Still, I pray that you get a handle on being a work from home parent.

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