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Working from home mom

Working from home mom.

Are you a stay at home mom wanting to become working from home mom? This was me, ever since I had my first child.

For me, it wasn’t easy getting there and the journey felt like a very long process. However, I’d like to share my personal experiences and tips with you.

Before I became a blogger and website owner, I tried many ways to make money from home. None were very successful until I started my own blogging website.

This post contains affiliate links. Upon purchase, I do earn a small commission at no extra cost to you. My disclosure is here.

I would say making money from home blogging was my very last option to make money from home. And I actually started this out as a hobby, not with the expectations of making any real money.

My husband helped me start my website because he saw how much I love writing and he knew I needed somewhere to get my creative energy out! It really helps to have a supportive partner when getting into the blogging business as a stay at home mom.

Before my website, I was doing what every stay at home mom does to save money. I was meal planning, couponing, and trying to find even more ways to save money.

Submitting my grocery receipts and using Fetch rewards was my go-to as a stay at home mom. As time went by, I felt like I was stacking pennies upon pennies.

It just didn’t feel like enough after a while. And I wanted to do more and find my calling in life.

Staying at home with my babies was obviously my goal. But, as time went by it started to seem like I’d never be able to stay at home with my babies and actually make a monthly income.

What kind of work can you do from home?

There’s a lot of work you can do from home. I explored many job websites online on how to work from home and most required a quiet space and time, which is the opposite in my home.

Not only can the kids become rather loud, sometimes they are sick and require more attention. When they’re young they go through potty training, tantrums, and much more.

A quiet set time just doesn’t happen in my household and maybe it doesn’t in yours either. So, I kept on looking for other potential jobs.

The next thing I tried was data entry, freelancing, typing from home jobs, and much more. Nothing was working out because I wasn’t qualified enough and didn’t have enough experience to actually get paid.

In the end, I was starting to give up on trying to make a monthly income from home and was set to try a more traditional route (daycare and finishing up my schooling) when I fell across a Facebook ad advertising on how to start your own blog. This Facebook ad promised me I would be making a monthly income passively within a month.

This was someone just trying to get a commission for Bluehost hosting, and I purchased it. Bluehost was NOT my best experience and to be truthful, it was pretty pricey.

Plus I had no idea what I was doing. Some people are really just trying to make money and will promise false things.

Continuing on with my Bluehost experience, it wasn’t until I started asking Bluehost for help with my website that I began to notice they weren’t helping me at all. Trying to get through to someone in customer service sometimes would take hours.

My website was always slow and having tons of issues. I vented about it on Twitter and thankfully Skystra reached out to me.

Skystra is the best hosting company there is, period.

My website speed is amazing now and customer service is so awesome. They respond to my messages so quickly and what I love most about Skystra is that they talk to you like you’re a human being.

Skystra customer service employees actually explain answers to the questions I ask them. And they don’t make me feel stupid at all.

I truly love my experience with Skystra and it’s really made my blogging life so much easier. That’s what you want to pay for.

It’s super affordable compared to Bluehost. I pay ten dollars a month for this amazing service. To me, that’s a great deal.

If you finally decide to go the blogging route as a way to make money from home, try out Skystra for your hosting. You won’t be disappointed because they make life so much easier!

We all know bloggers’ time is valuable because time is money! So you want to make sure you’re putting your money to good use.

Take the leap of faith and make money working from home. You have to just start and finally work from home while taking care of your babies.

It CAN happen for you, it WILL if you actually try. Blogging isn’t super easy, but it’s not impossible at all.

Becoming a working from home mom wasn’t easy.

I kept reading about running your own website, monetizing from ads, and making a passive income. It is EVERYWHERE on the internet.

This is true now, but it took me a long time to get here. And that’s something you should prepare for in advance.

You need to realize that money isn’t going to just be there for you every single month like all the advertisements are saying. I wish someone had told me that when I had started out.

My first piece of advice for those stay at home moms wanting to become working from home mom by running a website is DO YOUR RESEARCH first. It’s so important to watch video tutorials about what it takes to run a website and even asking some bloggers isn’t a bad idea either!

You can always ask me. There are some amazing bloggers you can ask also that will tell you how it is like Mariam from Boss Babe Chronicles and Gabby from gabbyabigaill.

Don’t let ads convince you otherwise. Be smart before spending money to create and run a website.

It took me a long time to actually make an income and monetize my website with ads. And let me tell you, it was a lot of trial and error and a huge learning experience for me.

Take a few blogging classes firstly and get yourself educated on SEO before committing to starting your own website, especially if you want to be successful a lot quicker than I was. Just because you love to write, doesn’t mean that that’s all it takes to become a blogger.

It took me two years to begin making a monthly income from just ads on my website. That’s a lot of in-between time to not have an income.

For me, that wasn’t such a big deal. My husband has always made a monthly income and we didn’t depend on this blog for money.

I started a blog because I absolutely love writing. Do you love writing?

What I mean is, can you see yourself writing a 2,500-3,000 word blog post at least once a week? Do you enjoy creating Pinterest graphics and promoting your content at least weekly?

Because if you love writing then starting a blog will be worth it for you. To me, writing is the biggest win.

I love writing and telling a story while trying to help others. Essentially, that’s just what blogging is.

How can I actually make money as a stay at home mom?

The million-dollar question. Honestly, you can make money from home really well if you have a degree and are qualified for whatever job you’re applying to.

I think that’s common knowledge. However, for creating a website and running one from home, you don’t necessarily need to have a degree in anything.

That’s the great part about blogging. You don’t need a fancy education to do it, though it helps you out a ton if you do.

Making money as a stay at home mom isn’t as easy as others try to make it be. There are other ways to make money besides blogging as a stay at home mom.

I’ve heard of very successful Etsy shop owners that are also stay at home moms. I recently opened up my own Etsy shop where I sell digital printables.

Having a website and running an Etsy shop is a great way to make money as a stay at home mom. And it can only help you if you take courses to educate yourself.

Even though starting your own business is time-consuming, you’re at home. That’s the beauty of blogging or opening up Etsy shops.

You’re already at home, you have the time, so it makes it worth it. Before I was blogging, I was getting pretty bored as the years went by.

My daughter (only oldest at the time) went out a lot more, but we were spending more money. Working makes me feel more happy and productive.

I like to contribute to the household even though my main job is raising my babies. Making a monthly income can only help your family out and add to savings if you don’t need the money all that much.

Plus you get to chat with other bloggers, hopefully, build your own community, and do what you love to do the most: write. Blogging is a lot of fun, for those who love it.

What can my kids do while I’m working from home?

Stay at home moms that become working from home moms face the everyday challenge of trying to keep their toddlers/children occupied while we attempt to get work done. And it is a challenge because even when I’m sitting on the computer, clearly working, it isn’t long before I hear my toddler’s usual, “Mom, mom, mom, MOM!”

Being a working from home mom can be tough and I have come up with a list of helpful working from home mom tips to help you out during this struggle. However, your kids need to get on a schedule that you create for them so that you can get even more work done.

Your time is valuable as a new blogger and you need to make every bit of it count. If your goal is to make money from passive income or even come out with your own products, you really need the time to get this going.

Even though I homeschool my kids, I still work from home. And let me tell you, it’s not easy and we do have our off days. Some days are more difficult than others.

I found it’s simply easier when you just pay attention to your children first and address all of their needs. Even so, kids will take advantage!

For example, on a typical workday (not on a homeschool day) after we have done their learning and fun activities for the day, I’ll give them baths to get them comfortable.

I’ll even put on their favorite Fancy Nancy show and set out their favorite snacks. Even if they are the MOST comfortable and relaxed, still there comes the inevitable, “Mommy! Look. Mom, listen. Mom-“ and it continues.

During those times, I do put my foot down and say, “Mommy’s working. Quiet time.” You can have a box of activities at your feet and it will still occur.

To me, it’s easier to just plan out our days. I use my everyday personal planner (separate from my work planner) for that. What helps my girls have a more relaxed day, is always outside time.

My kids enjoy their water toy, sandbox, hula-hoops, and chalk time outside whenever we need a break. They love going outside for a few hours!

Fun learning activities never hurt either. The point is, they need a structured schedule in order for there to be fewer tantrums, bad moods, and unproductiveness. When you take the time to take care of your children, it’s that much easier to get your work done.

Art studio sets really help keep my kids entertained. This may help you out.

Working from home mom.

Being a working from home mom isn’t for everybody. And there’s no sense in sugar-coating it! I’m not going to sit here and tell you there’s an easy formula.

Because there’s not. It’s a lot of work and dedication. You also need a lot of patience and understanding in you.

You have to be willing to work with your children and keep them happy, all while running your business. That’s for a lot of moms!

I even know some awesome moms who even homeschool their kids AND work from home. I’m also one of them and it was a recent decision.

Remind yourself to give yourself time to grow your successful business. This is a long journey and it may feel overwhelming at times and like you’re all alone.

On the other hand, when you hit your first milestones, you’ll feel like doing cartwheels! There’s no better feeling than actually accomplishing your goals after all that hard work!

And there’s plenty of communities you can join so that you don’t feel so alone. I’m on Medium (I do enjoy blogging there), there are tons of bloggers on there and they have a Facebook group where you can chat and ask questions.

Facebook groups will become your best friend once you begin your blogging journey! I get some of the best advice from there, too.

Here’s your free printable for your planner!

For my planner system, I do like to review my week and take notes on areas I need to focus on. Grab your freebie down below and remember to hit “double-sided” when you print it out!

There’s a weekly prayer on the backside. I truly enjoy praying every week to set my week off right.


There ARE ways to be a working from home mom. It’s not always going to be easy, but I believe it’s very well worth it.

Working from home gives me purpose all while being able to watch and educate my babies. I’m incredibly grateful for that because that’s all I’ve ever wanted to do.

Owning your own website IS a lot of hard work, it’s certainly no picnic, and you may feel stressed out at times. But, if you love to write and want to blog, you’ll do this year after year happily.

Next, opening up an Etsy shop is a great idea. Research Etsy shop success stories and watch a few free tutorials that are available on YouTube and Pinterest.

Chances are that you’ll find something you may want to do and that you will enjoy it. There is a huge variety of different types of Etsy shops.

Lastly, don’t underestimate yourself. You’re a mom and a great one at that. Especially if you want to work from home and be close to your children.

I know it isn’t an easy decision to make, but I’m proud of you! If nobody has said it by now, I am! You’re going to do great and leave me comments if you need any advice.

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When you’re subscribed you’ll be the first to receive a notification when a new blog post is out and also any new e-books, printables, or new products firsthand!

God bless you and your beautiful family, mama. I’m so excited for you to start making money working from home.

Until next time.





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  1. Hello, nice to meet you! I loved the article. I’m starting a blog now, it’s my first blog, I’m a mother and housewife and I started now, let’s see if it works. If you can take a look and give me some tips, thank you 🌸

    1. Congrats on starting your new blog! That’s a big step. I hope you love blogging!

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