women of faith quotes

Women of faith quotes

Women of faith quotes.

Are you seeking women of faith quotes that will inspire and uplift you during hard times? You’ve come to the right place on mrsplanahead. 

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One thing I enjoy doing is to inspire women of faith to be their best selves. I know how hard it can be to be a good person all of the time and still have a million and one things to accomplish before bedtime.

God loves us so much and he shows us in many different ways. You’re truly blessed, even if sometimes you feel like you aren’t.

You really are. One thing that truly helps me stay in sync with God is keeping up with my prayer journal

Talking to God personally gives me more faith and patience to go about my busy day. I’m a work from home mom who also homeschools and I always need all the patience.

I am a woman of faith and I do believe in God. My husband and I love God and we have taught our children likewise.

God has shown me so much kindness, love, and mercy throughout the years. My life has changed so much thanks to him and I will always be grateful for that.

I like to have reminders of God in my home, everywhere. From my coffee cups to quotes on my walls from God.

The more I have of my God in my home, the better I feel. My faith is important to me and the lifestyle I live.

Inspiring and uplifting women of faith quotes.

As you know, on mrsplanahead I like to come up with my own personal quotes for my subscribers. I have so much to write about and I truly enjoy sharing my thoughts with my audience.

All of these quotes are mine and I created them. To me, it’s easier to create my own quotes because I’m constantly trying to better myself and be a more positive person.

I love positive affirmations and I like to write them daily in my personal size ring planner.

  • As a woman of faith, I try my hardest to be kind, forgiving, and to put God first. God has changed my life in so many ways and all I want to do is honor him.
  • I am a daughter of God and I’m so thankful that I am. God always gives me second chances, never gives up on me, and doesn’t leave me alone. Thank you, God.
  • Are you feeling overwhelmed? Bow your head and pray. Your God is a big God. He will help you, you just need to believe.
  • There’s no place I’d rather be than here with you, Lord. Praying to you has helped me feel close to you and not so alone. I trust in you with all I’ve got.
  • God, you’ve given me all the strength I need for today. I’m strong today because of you. I don’t fear what’s ahead because I know you will take care of me.

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women of faith quotes

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More women of faith quotes.

Prayer has a lot to do with keeping your faith strong and alive. I pray constantly.

To me, praying for my family members is essential. I enjoy praying for my husband every day and also pray for myself for guidance and protection.

I like to wear Christian t-shirts with beautiful and inspiring messages on them. The jewelry I wear usually has a cross on it and it reminds me of the love God has for us which makes me happy.

  • Be brave and serve the Lord. Don’t let other’s negative thoughts and energy discourage you from your faith. You know what’s true and what’s right. Believe in God and believe in yourself. 
  • Be kind and gentle. You are a woman of God. God wants you to lead with a gentle and humble spirit. 
  • Use your gifts to serve God humbly. He’s given you many talents and wants you to talk about Him to your loved ones. Open up your heart and serve the Lord with a grateful heart! 
  • Don’t worry about God not accepting you for who you are. Work on your relationship with Him. He will open your eyes and heart to be the person he wants you to be. Have faith. God works miracles. 

God’s love is precious and forever.

A lot of mornings I wake up in awe of how amazing God really is. We may be unhappy with where we are at times in our lives, we all are at some point because we aren’t perfect.

However, if you sleep on it and open your eyes the next morning, you could be surprised to discover that you’re truly super blessed. Often, we take so many things in our lives for granted.

I try hard to not take anything in my life for granted because I’m grateful for God being there for me every step of the way. He’s been there through my hard times and for my good.

Remember to love God and to honor him. Don’t forget that God’s love is precious and lasts forever. You never have to fear that God will stop loving you one day.

Because he’ll never stop. Trust in Him and read his Word.

I have a beautiful Bible I open up a lot, that my husband gifted me. Reading God’s word gives me the assurance I need in my life.

We teach our children about God daily too. This children’s Bible has helped them learn so much more about God!

The last of the women of faith quotes.

Even though I am constantly busy, I make time for God and you can too! Say your prayers every night with your babies and your husband.

Read the Bible and your Devotional to keep your faith strong and alive. Stay strong in the Lord and don’t lose faith in Him.

  • Don’t despair and lose hope in the Lord. He loves you and he’s got you! You just need to recharge and pray to him. Ask him for the help you need. Wait and he will deliver it. 
  • She’s confident in the Word of God. She doesn’t fall down but keeps trudging on, despite life’s struggles. YOU are SHE. You can do this! Keep going. 
  • Don’t let setbacks set you back. God wants you to keep going and stronger than ever. Take a deep breath and trust in the Lord. It’s time to keep going. 
  • This world can be cold and cruel. God is your refuge when you’re feeling low. Rest in the Lord and have peace in your heart now. He’s got you. 
  • You’re a woman of God and that’s a high title to hold. It doesn’t come without tiredness, sadness, or pain. God gave you this title because he knew you could handle it. 
  • Do everything with God in mind. Be more like Him and set an example that He’ll be happy with. 


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Writing to honor God gives me a lot of joy and brings contentment in my life. I can write about all the lifestyle things forever, but not a lot of time goes by before I start missing sharing my faith in God.

There’s one more faith post left to complete the month of God. I hope you’ve enjoyed the freebies so far.

God has given me so much and I feel like it’s only right to share more about Him and talk about him more. I hope he’s blessed you today with reading this post.

As we all know, fall is right around the corner. So far, I have a free fall self-care checklist you can grab here. Also, I have four free fall coloring pages for kids you can get too.

I will be creating more fall content and working on holiday content as well. Bear with me as I attempt to create a lot of new content and freebies in the upcoming days.

What’s next for the following month.

Next month’s topic will be focused on planning. I’m pretty excited to get into discussing planning because I am now in a new planner system!

You can check out more on that on my Instagram @mrsplanahead. I will be discussing my new planner system and how I use it section by section to give you planner ladies inspiration for your ring planners.

As I got busier, it became more and more necessary to have a ring planner system in place. It helps me get my hectic life organized and still have time to decorate by printing pretty dashboards and inserts to help keep me motivated to continue to write.

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I will be creating free dashboards in the upcoming month and also my first free new planner inserts. I’m nervous about those but hopefully, I can do it!

Thanks so much for following me along on my journey! God bless you,

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