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When You Know It’s Time For A Social Media Break

Why Social Media Breaks Are Necessary,  self care

Sometimes you can get so wrapped up in trying to have it “all together” according to social media. Instagram is letting you know how your home should look like with or without children. All these different social media outlets are letting YOU know how your world should look like, what are the latest trends, and how your life should be. I personally love looking at it all, the images can be truly breathtaking, but I don’t want my personal life to suffer because of it. Social media can get to be a bit too much.

Social media can drain you mentally sometimes faster than it can drain your battery.

When the feeling of being overwhelmed takes over, it may be time for a social media break. If you find yourself staring at your phone until it dies, recharging it, and going back to scrolling on it, I do believe it’s time for a break.

Some of us work from our phones or computers, so it’s difficult to take a social media break. But there are ways to JUST work and not scroll around for leisure.

You can schedule times when you need to be on your phone. Is it necessary to be plugged in all the time? I know for sure that it’s not. Working a certain amount of hours daily is apart of everybody’s routine. It’s important to not be on your phone or computer all the time, because you begin to neglect your “in real life.” I’m guilty just as much as anyone when it comes to being on my phone alot. Now that I blog and write, it’s even more trickier to “turn off” when I unplug from my phone. It is taking loads of discipline to leave social media be.

Being on your phone too long can put a strain on your personal relationships. You’re scrolling and engaging online, that’s fine and all, but look around you. Is there anyone nearby who’s needing your time and attention? Chances are, there are. Putting the phone down can be the best thing you can do for yourself and your loved ones. Spending time in person is always better than liking and scrolling away.

I understand the need for a blogger to blog. After a while, it’s not even about the money, it’s about the outlet. But, your personal life comes first. Because in the end, being a blogger is a job.

Take a deep breath and prioritize. There’s no need for your life to be all over the place. There are so many organizational tools at our fingertips. It’s time to use them! Creating a schedule to limit your screen time is possible, even if you work with screens all day long. Limit yourself to 8 hours a day, at least! Everyone needs a schedule, that’s the best and most productive way to live. I personally use the Hobonichi Techo for my daily planner use. You can check out my review here Hobonichi Techo Review 2019

Social Media is addicting. How can it not be? It’s all absolutely mesmerizing. I log on for what I promise myself to be for 10 minutes and it turns into an hour. Limits are apart of life though. You can’t eat ice cream for every meal, you need your fruits and veggies too! You need vitamins and sunshine outdoors. What I’m trying to say is, we can’t let social media become more important than our actual personal lives. Work related or not, we have priorities that should come first. Spending time with our loved ones should be our priority, along with taking care of ourselves first.

I used to catch myself on my phone in the morning, scrolling before even brushing my teeth and getting ready for the day! I found that eliminating that from my daily routine is the most productive thing to do. Sometimes, I can’t even believe I used to do that because I’m so much more happier not checking my phone first thing in the AM.

Why Social Media Breaks Are Necessary,  self care

Social Media is distracting, to say the very least. There are so many more things you can be doing instead of being on social media, just to be on it. You could be experiencing life IRL, working out, cleaning, reading a great book, or catching up on phone calls you need to catch up on. The possibilities are endless because that’s what we used to do before the “digital age.”

Life is so beautiful. God gave us the best gift ever, to experience life to the fullest. I don’t mean it’s not nice to catch up on social media daily. But for hours on end? We have a beautiful life to love & a beautiful world to explore. Let’s make the most of it and put our cell phones down.

I hope this motivated you to take a break from social media. Breaks are great for everybody. It gives us time to clear our minds and focus on something else for a change. God bless.



Why Social Media Breaks Are Necessary,  self care

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