Weekend Prayer

Weekend prayer.

weekend prayer

Are you in need of a weekend prayer for the end of the week? It’s such a beautiful Saturday morning and I am just feeling so very blessed to be doing what I love the most for a living, which is writing on my website as a work from home mom!

It’s been a long and trying journey but God has been there for me through thick and thin. God has helped my family and me to be very blessed and I want to make sure I make time to thank Him after a very busy work week.

God is so faithful, loving, patient, and kind to us! Some days I am so busy that I lose track of time and don’t even remember to pray to him.

Life just zooms on by us and we forget to thank the highest for all of his mercy and kindness. It just amazes me how forgetful we all can be, but he is still ever so faithful hearing us, whenever we need him.

Today’s topic is going to be a weekend prayer message meant for the end of the week. Most importantly, we are going to focus on a great self-help prayer and on thanking God for his many blessings he gives us.

Making prayers weekly can really help strengthen your faith. Reading your Bible or a daily devotional can help you out too.

Praying to God is important for your faith.

Praying to God, especially on the weekend has become more routine for my family and I. Not only am I more appreciative of my blessings than I have ever been before, I know I need to acknowledge God more and more as I get older.

I’m learning more and more as I grow older and I do want to teach my children the importance of prayer and the weekend is the best time for in our busy schedule for that. I’m not just a work from home mom, but I also homeschool my children where I do get the opportunity to teach them about God every day.

Still, there’s so much to be done throughout the busy week. I’m talking about schoolwork, working, cleaning, and cooking, so it’s nice to have a prayer ready and meant just for the weekend.

Not only that, but I do like to pray every single week for the start of the week. It’s just as important to thank God for starting your new week as it is to enter the weekend.

Prayer for the end of the week.

Do you know what can really strengthen your relationship with the Lord? It’s a prayer for the end of the week because you’re giving thanks to the Lord and sending your worries all to him.

God takes those worries and he helps you with them. He helps take away all that tension, anxiety, and stress wrapped up around you and makes it disappear with a simple prayer message.

Praying to God is a place where I like to pour out my worries from financial to personal. I like to have a quiet time to pray and praying with my children means a lot to me too.

The weekend is finally here and that means it’s a break from school and work, and it’s family time. Time to focus on ourselves, self care, faith, and building up family memories while spending some time with the Lord.

God always wants us to cherish time with our families and be happy. He wants you to enjoy your weekend and REST because life is not meant to be so stressful, especially when you trust in the Lord, your God.

Despite all the constant stress and headaches life throws at us, it’s important to realize we are not superhuman! There’s only so much we can take and it’s nice to refuel with the Lord and spend some time enjoying worship and prayer.

Making time for weekend prayer is essential.

I love spending quality time with my family which includes making memories on the weekends. However, weekend prayer time makes praying to God all the more special.

You can pray with quiet worship music playing in the background and with time and patience if you are praying with your children. Having more time is key to strengthening your relationship with God and can only make things better for your faith.

Since we are so busy throughout the week, I am always homeschooling, cleaning, working on the blog, or cooking (not to mention spending time with my girls) and my husband is super busy with working long hours and doing even more computer work when he gets back, it feels like there’s no REAL time to just sit down and focus on praying.

Am I right? Even though I usually say morning prayers with the girls and bedtime prayers, there’s something about making time for a heartfelt, long prayer message to God.

Spending more time with God is helpful to your faith.

Spending more time praying to God helps build a better connection between you two and gives you more peace of mind by placing your worries onto him. He’s also someone you can always pour your heart out to and share your joy about how great your life is going.

Some things are personal in our life and can feel better sharing them with God, instead of others. I like to share personal accomplishments with God and thank him because I know some people don’t really care about things I care about.

This makes sharing my accomplishments (even tiny ones) with God all the more special. I know God cares about my accomplishments and yours too!

The great thing about having a close connection with God is that you don’t feel like you’re taking to the air and also you have someone you can talk to about every single little thing.

Honestly, I have a lot to say. And that makes me grateful for my connection with God and so happy I have God to share my life with.

Prayer to me is important and I’m hoping with daily routine prayers, the girls will pick up on that and always pray. I even try to read them books about God that have prayers in them and they love that.

The weekend just gives us more time to catch up with the Lord with a prayer for the weekend and to relax. Make sure to subscribe to mrsplanahead for more future prayers and inspirational posts.

Weekend prayer message.

Reading from the Bible is so important in your journey with God.

God is truly so good for all of his blessings. I can’t ever thank Him enough.

Also, I get so emotional thinking about His grace, mercy, and all He’s helped me within this lifetime. You can check out my latest post on gratitude here: Saturday Coffee Break: Gratitude

Here’s a Bible quote from 1 John in the Bible that relates to how I feel about prayer with God:

1 John 5:14

This is the confidence we have in approaching God: that if we ask anything according to his will, he hears us.

God has been so faithful in my life. I’ve gone through many tough experiences in my life and he’s always helped my family and I out during difficult times.

Has God ever helped you during your time of need? Have you ever been so happy that the first you thought to thank was God himself?

Trust me, I’ve been there and felt all those ways before too. God is good, he is amazing and generous.

Place all of your faith onto him before anything else. Because he loves you and he cares for you greatly.

There’s nothing that can’t be done by the grace of God. With his love and strength, we can find strength within ourselves to live our best lives and be happy.

Make sure your prayer comes with a message to God- a prayer message.

First of all, I don’t pray as often as I really should. Hence this is something I definitely need to work on and keep building on.

Furthermore, sometimes I am so busy with writing or on my website, my children, and husband, I feel like I don’t get enough prayer time with the Lord. As a result, I am missing God and the connection I have with him.

Self-care to me means nurturing my faith because it helps me have less stress and worry in my life. Not only that, I feel more connected with God and filled with ease once I share my worries and give them to him.

I love praying to God, not just verbally and during quiet time, but also when writing in my prayer journal. Writing to the Lord in my prayer journal truly helps me center myself and focuses my attention solely on Him.

It’s a nice quiet break from the usual chatter going on daily in life and more about getting down exactly what you feel on pen and paper. To me, as a writer, there’s honestly nothing better than that.

Whenever you pray to God, make sure your prayer has a message. Yes, it has to have meaning because it’s supposed to have meaning for YOU.

God wants your prayers to him to mean something (everything) to you. Otherwise, it’s not helping your faith because you aren’t really believing.

Think of some things before praying to God that are very important to you in your life. Pray about these things, ask for help, or bless them.

You need to make the effort when praying to God because He knows how much this prayer means to you. Take the time to make it worth your time.

Setting time aside to pray for weekend is useful.

There are constantly so many daily distractions going on in life. Usually, for me, it’s my fussy toddler going through a toddler tantrum and I need to spend time helping her and teaching her.

Same goes for my oldest, though she doesn’t throw as many tantrums now, of course. What I’m saying is, life is always filled with distractions and things to do.

You have to be consistent in setting time aside for the Lord. And as a busy mom of two, I know that can be very difficult to do. But, as long as you’re trying that’s what matters most.

God cares about what’s inside of your HEART. He cares about the effort and time you put into something you love, like praying to Him.

If you’ve been neglecting time with your family, now’s the time to reach out and make an effort. Call your siblings and chat with them.

Spend some time with your parents and your children. Make time for your husband, who you’ve been neglecting due to your personal reasons.

Just make an effort to spend time with your loved ones and hope you can pray together. Praying as a family is always essential to keep your family unit strong.

Does your heart feel like giving? Go buy a family member a gift they’ve been wanting or needing out of the kindness of your heart.

God cares about your heart and the good things you do for others, too. Not just because you’re helping someone else out in need, but also because your heart is the one gaining all this love inside of you by helping others in need.

Prayer for the weekend is important.

Reflection is so important, especially when you’ve had a busy and eventful week. Did you get everything you needed done?

Sure, you may have accomplished your task list, but did you spend any time with God? I always feel so bad when I get EVERYTHING I needed to get done, but I didn’t even pray.

What?! How is that possible? Weekend prayer is an awesome time to pray for me, but because often I get so caught up in my to do’s for the week, that I neglect my time with the Lord.

That’s really not good. But, I can’t get negative and down about it.

We’re all human and make mistakes. No sense in making yourself feel bad about it, as long as you try to change that.

I just have to remember to make time for God, because He makes all the time in the world, for me. And that’s something to cherish and love.

So, why am I not putting in more effort to talk to God? That’s the right question to ask yourself if any.

Family prayers are just as important.

Why aren’t you? 

Whatever your answer may be, it’s still no excuse. Let’s take the time right now, to pray together.

Because God loves us and wants us to make time for Him. And I don’t know about you, but I’m missing God.

It’s been a busy week and I crave time with the Lord to just get my feelings out. And I enjoy praying with God as a family together because it strengthens and unites us.

Family prayers are so important to me, but I need someone on one-time prayer with my Lord. Still, making time to pray with your family is something that God loves to see.

Don’t forget to do that and to teach your children the importance of prayer. My kids have really learned with daily teaching and I’m so happy that I took the time to do this and make it routine.

Weekend prayer message.

Dear Lord,

Thank you for this beautiful and amazing week. Thank you for helping me get through some of the rough patches that came with this week.

There have been trying times and some great times this week too. And I want to thank you for every one of these as they are teaching experiences for me in my life. 

I know you love and care for me and everything you do is meant to teach me and help me grow, everyday. Every lesson you send my way, I take to heart and I am learning daily from them. 

I’m so sorry I haven’t been making enough time to pray to you and tell you how my day is going. Please help me get better at that.

I only want to grow closer to you and build a better connection between us, Lord. Please help me spend more time with you and make it a priority, instead of pushing it to the side. 

Another, I ask for forgiveness for my imperfections. I’m sorry if I’ve disappointed you and if I haven’t treated others as well as I could have by spending more time with you and believing in you.

I’m working on becoming a better version of myself, Lord. And I take that very seriously, God.

I’m trying to catch up with you with this weekend prayer message because you mean so much to me and I know I should be making more of an effort to talk to you. 

Because I love you, Lord. And I know you love me and miss hearing from me. 

Above all Lord, I ask you for more patience, guidance, and help to be a better version of myself.

I love you Lord. In Jesus name I pray, 


Prayer messages are vital for your faith.

Don’t just pray this weekend, it’s time to pray all of the time. God wants to hear from you and he misses you SO much.

You need to make time for daily prayers, if possible. Prayer messages are so important for your faith.

And you need to make time for your faith in order to grow your relationship with God. I really hope you get there and achieve that peace you are seeking.

Because I know we all want that peace and tranquility that comes with trusting the Lord as our savior. I’ll be praying for you.

Don’t ever forget that. I’ll be praying for you if you need it.

Leave prayer requests in the comments down below. We’re all in this together, this journey through life.

God bless.

Until next time,



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