Wedding anniversary gift ideas for him

Wedding anniversary gift ideas for him.

Is your wedding anniversary coming up and you’re looking for wedding anniversary gift ideas for him?

A wedding anniversary is such a special time to celebrate the time you’ve spent learning and growing together in marriage.

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I’ve had a few years go by when I didn’t know exactly what to get my husband as a gift. But with a bit of research, I have figured out what good anniversary gifts are for him.

The key is to brainstorm a few lists out. You can have a list for the gift items you think he may like and then another list for the ones he ended up liking.

From there, you can have a list where you brainstorm new gift item ideas for him.

That’s what I’ve done and it’s worked pretty well.

Brainstorming in my bullet journal planner has helped me so much when creating the best gift list ideas for family members and loved ones.

My bullet journal planner is my personal planner and I use my Kikki K for my work planner.

I went ahead and came up with 10 wedding anniversary gift ideas for him.

These are all amazing products and great gift ideas that you can use not just for wedding anniversaries, but also for birthdays, etc.

10 amazing wedding anniversary gift ideas for your husband.

  • This neck and back massager really helps sore muscles release tension.

My husband works in hard labor and this is the perfect thing to help sore muscles!

If you haven’t gotten this already for your husband, I highly recommend you do.

Personally, I love to gift my husband’s cologne and stuff that smells good. It’s a nice and thoughtful luxurious type of gift to receive.

The best types of gifts to get your husband.

Getting your husband gifts can be hard to pick out. It wouldn’t be a bad idea to just save some of these gift ideas to your cart.

I’ve found it so helpful to just keep an ongoing list so that when an anniversary or birthday comes up, it’s just so simple to pull it out from there.

Hopefully, you find these gift ideas helpful and refreshing.

You can always let me know in the comments down below if you tried out these gift ideas for him and what you thought about it!

Amazon prime is super helpful to have, I have it.

My husband LOVES all Dove men products and I do too. I almost always use the woman’s Dove rose body wash daily.

Dove just has a way of leaving your skin smooth and soft after using it for a while. Not just that, but the smell is AMAZING.

More wedding anniversary gift ideas for him.

Surprising your husband can be pretty hard to do. Don’t get him the same thing every year!

Think outside the box at times. For example, do you usually get him colognes and body washes?

Then maybe it’s time to get him a really great book he’s been wanting to read or you’d think he likes to read.

One thing I used to always get my husband was wallets.

Sometimes, I’d get him a belt or some slippers.

Whatever the gift may be, just surprise him occasionally so that the gift-giving doesn’t get too boring!

  • This really beautifully engraved pocket watch for him. 

This beautiful pocket watch has “To my husband” engraved in it.

It’s such a beautiful and thoughtful gift any husband would love.

Wedding anniversary gifts are meant to be special.

What really helps me when thinking up awesome gift lists is the planner system that I use daily.

Since I use a Bujo planning system, I can add as much to my planner as I want the months that are especially busy.

I make a lot of lists in my planner and it comes in handy when I need to get my husband a special gift.

This planner system even helps me out more than a regular planner because I do journal in it daily or just write down little tidbits of information.

For example, if my husband really likes a certain place we go visit for the first time or a gift I gave him he just loved, I’ll make sure to write it down in my planner.

Also, I do save them and I can flip back and look back at what he liked from there.

Does your husband like to grill? My husband loves to grill a day out of the week.

This is the best grilling BBQ set out there, in my opinion. He’ll be sure to love this!

More wedding anniversary gift ideas for your hubby.

Personally, I love the message that’s engraved on the wallet card.

Unfortunately, you can’t customize this message but I think it’s thoughtful as is.

  • Toolset box that’s perfect for around the home repairs.

My husband loves tools because he works a lot with them. There are all types of tools you can order off Amazon.

This is a great toolset box your husband will be sure to appreciate if he’s a fan of tools. It comes in a nice case too.

Men like to be pampered too, just like we do on our anniversaries. This is a pretty thoughtful gift.

The last of the wedding anniversary gift ideas for him.

It’s always helpful to have a car organizer in the first place. This one is durable and has great reviews.

A car organizer comes in handy if you take camping trips and also for emergencies.

You can keep an emergency car kit in there in case your car breaks down.

You can grab all of your treasured wedding photos and write memories down for you two to keep. This is a very sentimental and sweet gift, perfect for a wedding anniversary!

Wedding anniversary gifts are pretty important.

I know birthday presents are important too, but I like to think that wedding anniversary gifts require a little more thought and sentiment.

Plus it’s even more fun for you to pick out since you’re a part of the gift.

I truly hope these wedding anniversary gift ideas have helped you in one way or another.

How can you surprise your husband as a wedding anniversary gift?

There are a lot of ways, to be honest. You can plan a special wedding anniversary camping trip or just a trip to go sightseeing.

Ask your husband to tell you where is a place he’s always wanted to go and go there.

Trips are super memorable because they are made to capture memories.

Another great idea to surprise your husband is to make him his favorite homemade dish for your wedding anniversary dinner. This is such a kind and thoughtful gesture.

Lastly, you can surprise your husband with your wedding anniversary gift by making him a playlist of all of the special songs you share together.

Having a wedding anniversary playlist is always a good idea.

My husband and I will be celebrating our eighth wedding anniversary coming up this year. I already have his gift picked out!

It’s crazy how fast the years just pass on by.

That’s why it’s so important to spend time picking out the most thoughtful gift and celebrating each wedding anniversary together with lots of love.

Wedding anniversaries are meant to be celebrated with a lot of love. It’s a time to cherish, every year that goes by in your marriage is considered a milestone!

Picking out the best wedding anniversary gift for him.

It can be hard, like I said before, to pick out the best anniversary gift for your husband. Like I mentioned before, keeping a planner is very helpful in these situations.

Hopefully, this wedding anniversary gift list has helped you out too.

If you are still having trouble thinking of something your husband might like, you may want to try asking him at a random time what he may like.

As wives and moms, it’s important to have our listening ears out when it comes to the kids and husband! Seriously, moms have a superpower when it comes to listening.

We get first dibs on all that goes on around the house! So, keep your listening ears out and you may catch your husband comment on something he would really like as an anniversary gift.

You can also ask him a few months ahead and make a note of what he may want in your planner.

These are just some more helpful tips and ideas for picking out the perfect wedding anniversary gift for your hubby.

It never hurts to ask around to loved ones and family members to pick their brain for great gift ideas.

Sometimes, great gift ideas come to me from a chat with my mom over the phone!

Other people have awesome ideas when it comes to giving people special gifts and it could come from family members too.

It never hurts to ask someone for gift-giving advice!


I truly hope these wedding anniversary gift ideas for him has helped you out.

Leave a comment down below if it did!

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