Valentine’s day presents for her

Valentine’s day presents for her. 


Are you looking for the best Valentine’s day presents for her? You’ve come to the right place because I’ve created a gift guide for the best Valentine’s day gifts for women. 

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One of my favorite holidays is Valentine’s day. And I know it can be tricky to pick the perfect gift out for her on Valentine’s day. 

I’ve created plenty of other gift guides like Valentine’s day gifts your daughter will love and gifts your toddler will love

There’s even one for Valentine’s day gifts your husband will love. As you can see, I love Valentine’s Day. 

My husband usually gets me chocolate and roses on Valentine’s day. However, the basic standard Valentine’s day gift for women can get repetitive. 

Here are some amazing Valentine’s day presents for her that she will love. These are the best gifts, they can be for your wife, mom, grandma, and any other loved one! 

Without further ado, let’s jump right into these Valentine’s day presents for her. 

20 Valentine’s day gifts she will love. 





More Valentine’s day gifts she’ll appreciate. 

A 24k gold dipped rose. What a beautiful and thoughtful gift! 

The beauty of gift-giving on Valentine’s day. 

Valentine’s day gifts are amazing to receive. Every time my husband gives me a gift, I love it! 

Occasionally, my oldest will draw up the card. So many Valentine’s day gifts and days, I’ve lost count! 

Don’t forget you can also do fun Valentine’s day crafts with your children. My kids absolutely LOVE doing this with me. 

I’ll either print a fun craft from Pinterest for them or I will get them crafts that I order. Just have fun with this Holiday! 

More Valentine’s day presents for her. 

How to know what’s a good gift for your loved one? 

That’s a good question! Honestly, I haven’t ever had an issue with picking out gifts for my friends or family. 

One thing I have done is listen during my conversations with loved ones and friends, to what they SAY they like. So, I’ll usually jot it down in my planner. 

My planner system helps me be super productive and helps me keep track of practically everything. Another great idea, if that doesn’t work, is to google search great gift ideas. 

Sometimes, I’ll use Pinterest. What I have found the most useful is to look it up on Amazon when I’m searching, I’ll put in their age and popular gift ideas to narrow it down. 

They also sell great gift baskets, if all else fails. I like a gift to be personal so I’m not really into gift baskets.

However, I think gift baskets are the best for people that are neighbors and not so close to you. They make great gifts for teachers and coaches, they’re the best for that. 

The last of Valentine’s day gifts she’ll love. 

I LOVE my YETI mug. What I love the most about this mug is the lid. 

It helps cool down my tea (I am not a huge fan of super hot drinks) slowly and gradually. The best! 


I hope you’ve enjoyed this Valentine’s gift guide for women! Hopefully, this gave you plenty of ideas for your loved one’s gifts. 

What’s next on mrsplanahead? A few more cute Valentine’s day pieces are coming up. 

I’m so excited to write them up and I hope you enjoy them! Make sure you’re subscribed if you want to receive a notification for when a blog post goes live. 

I hope you’re doing well and pray that God’s been blessing you so much. Until next time and God bless, 



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  1. Emily says:

    I love this post, so many great gift ideas!! Especially the LumiSpa – I love mine so much, a great gift idea for any lady!

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