Valentine's day gifts for toddlers

Valentine’s day gifts for toddlers

Valentine’s day gifts for toddlers. 

Valentine's day gifts for toddlers

Are you looking for cute Valentine’s day gifts for toddlers? You’ve come to the right place.

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I love celebrating Valentine’s day with my kids so creating this gift guide was so easy!! Valentine’s day is a fun holiday to spend with your kids and craft. 

Valentine’s day baskets for kids are super popular and I’ve done this every year as well. Down below are the cutest ideas for a valentine’s day gift basket for your toddler.

My kids love Valentine’s day baskets however, I don’t always do baskets. Sometimes, I’ll do a simple craft and get them a teddy bear each. 

Do what fits you and your family. Just have fun with it! 

Valentine’s day gift ideas for others. 

I love to get my husband romantic Valentine’s day gifts. Here are 20 Valentine’s day gift ideas for your husband

You can also make homemade cards with your kids for him. There have been many Valentine’s days in the past where we have made my husband a card. 

All of these sentiments are so appreciated. Don’t forget that these memorable keepsakes last a lifetime.

I don’t know about you but I do enjoy making homemade gifts for others. 

20 Valentine’s day gifts for toddlers. 

These are super cute Bingo cards! You can play these with your toddler or if you have another child at home, play with them both. 

This would be a great time to teach your toddler how to play Bingo as well! 

I LOVE Melissa & Doug’s toys. My kids have so many of their cool toys. 

The crafts are a must to do with your children. It’s awesome! 

Having cute toddler pajamas are a MUST have. There are some adorable pajamas for every season! 

More Valentine’s day gifts for toddlers. 

Kids love stuffed animals. Mine both do. 

You just can’t go wrong with stuffed animals! One Valentine’s day, my husband got my oldest daughter the biggest stuffed elephant ever! 

I still have that picture, she was shocked! Still can’t believe they make such big stuffed animals nowadays. 

It was a super cute and thoughtful gift. Your child will love a stuffed animal, that’s for sure. 

These Valentine’s day gifts are so cute. 

If you’re interested in making Valentine’s day gift basket for your toddler, that’s a great idea. This red woven basket is a great place to put all your items in there. 

You can also make your toddler your own homemade Valentine’s day card. I love making my own DIY cards for both my kids, for any occasion. 

More Valentine’s day gifts for toddlers. 

Adorable outfits for Valentine’s day. 

Some other great outfit ideas for your toddler are to have them match with their siblings! I always do that with my kids, as often as I can. 

I had them matching in adorable Valentine’s day outfits and I took a picture. It was so adorable. 

Bows, headbands, and cute earrings are another great idea for your toddler also. Don’t forget to take pictures for memories. 

Time flies by so quickly with your kids, you want to cherish each moment. Before you know it, they get older so quickly!! 

More Valentine’s day ideas. 

Something my children love to do is read Valentine’s Day books together. They also love coloring sheets for Valentine’s day you can find anywhere on Pinterest! 

Lately, we’ve been using for even more awesome printables that are season and holiday-themed. You should try that out! 

We also listen to youtube videos, there are so many amazing storytime’s on there for kids. There are more awesome ideas on Pinterest! 

The last of Valentine’s day gifts for toddlers. 

These are so amazing to use! My oldest loves these paintbrushes. 

I remember when I got her very first set. These are definitely on the list for my toddler! 


I hope you’ve enjoyed this post on Valentine’s day gifts for toddlers! Use these cute ideas to make Valentine’s day gift basket. 

What’s next on mrsplanahead? More Valentine’s day gift guides to come! 

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Leave a comment down below if you’ve enjoyed this gift guide! Let me know if you created a cute gift basket for your toddler for Valentine’s day. 

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