Valentine’s Day gifts for husband

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Valentine’s Day gifts for husband.

Happy early Valentine’s day lovebirds, I’m here to share 20 Valentine’s day gift ideas for your husband. I love Valentine’s day and everything about it. What I like the most is the home décor at Target that comes out. I know, I know, I said it. Who doesn’t love matching coffee sets with your husband?  Even the kid’s target dollar spot is filled with cute goodies you can get at a reasonable price for their class. I also appreciate the cheap Valentine’s day washi and stickers I will get at times for my planning hobby. It’s just lovely to me to celebrate the day of love. What are you doing this year for Valentine’s day? Hopefully, you have special plans and it goes wonderfully. Leave me comments down below sharing your Valentine’s day plans!

Picking out gifts for my husband is tricky.

I’m really not the best gift giver around, for sure. I’m great at picking out toys for my kids, but everything else not so much. My husband is very picky when it comes to what kinds of gifts he wants but I still came up with 20 gift ideas for even a picky husband to share with you. He may be picky, but some gifts can still be wonderful for even the most picky husband. The key to giving your husband a gift he loves is to actually find out what he loves. Does your husband spend time on your Valentine’s day gift? Have you been married for many years and it’s pretty much the same gift every single year? I’ve seen that quite a few times.

No worries, though. Maybe this year you’ll want to switch it up a bit. Either way, focus on something your husband likes and get him that. You can’t go wrong with that. Even though I always feel like I fail miserably at gift picking, I find that the letters I write my husband out of sentiment are his favorite. He keeps them all, even about eight years later.

Trying to become a better gift giver.

Isn’t it silly that this is one of my goals? For some reason I want to excel at gift giving for the year 2020 so I will definitely be watching some fellow youtubers for inspiration and ideas. Have you ever noticed that some people just have a knack for gift giving? They seem to turn even the most basic gift into something beautiful. #Goals, am I right? Even if you spend extra time on the packaging it makes the gift seem better than it actually is. I’m not the most attention detail oriented person so I will be working on that. Let me know if you have any favorite youtubers that are really good at gift wrapping and picking out gifts. Any goals that you’re working on for 2020? Leave me comments down below and share.

20 Valentine’s day gift ideas for your husband.

  • A sentimental letter with his favorite candy attached to it. I really thought this was a cute idea, very sweet, and personable.
  • Purchase your husband the LoveBook to put all your photos together in a book filled with memories. He’ll appreciate how much of a thoughtful wife you are with the sentiment behind this. You can read more on how to be a thoughtful and caring wife here. Create Your Own Personal Love Story ‘Just Because’ You Are In Love
  • The Dollar Tree has cute coffee mugs where you can write your hubby a personal message. I’ve seen them all black and all white. I have yet to see any come out in red which I think would look really cute for Valentine’s Day. Hopefully they come out with that soon! I think a personalized message is very thoughtful to have on your coffee mug every morning. Free Shipping to your Local Store

Put a little extra thought into your Valentine’s day gift for him.

Your husband will love little DIY type of gifts or purchasing something more of sentimental value versus just something generic right in the Valentine’s day aisle. I have noticed that my husband appreciates a little more thought and effort towards his Valentine’s day gift. Even getting them something that you would have gotten them on their birthday is a cute way to say I love you too. I always feel like our life is about his work, my website, and the kids. It’s nice to just be able to celebrate a holiday reminding us of our love.

In the past, I’ve gotten my husband those Valentine’s day gift sets they put out front in the stores. He didn’t seem to like those. So, I’ll let you know what I end up getting him but right now I’m trying to decide between a really great book of prayers for men or perhaps a really nice shaver cream set. Why? I know he appreciates a good book that’s of value and nice shaving sets. So, we’ll see!

Valentine’s day gifts for husband.

  • A new wallet seems to be something my husband always needs. He likes durable and long lasting ones that are a simple shade of color.
  • Spa day with your husband.
  • Leave love notes in your lunchbox, car windshield, in front of the coffee mug to anticipate later.
  • Romantic movie night on Netflix with a bowl of popcorn and hot chocolate made.
  • Shaving cream set. My husband prefers these sets because they’re just nice to have. He likes to shave his beard with something nice.
  • Hair gel.
  • Tool for his toolbox from Home Depot. This is such a perfect gift for those construction working husbands out there! You know you can never go wrong with buying him a tool for his tool set!
  • Breakfast in bed.
  • Romantic dinner.

The last of the Valentine’s day gift ideas.

  • New hubby and wife pillows. Sometimes it’s nice to see new décor on your bed after a long day of work. It’s the thought that counts.
  • Cologne.
  • Pray for him with him.
  • Ask him what he wants for Valentine’s Day.
  • Put the kids to bed early for an in home date night.
  • New pair of shoes.
  • A scented candle set.
  • A prayer book for men.

I hope these cute Valentine’s day ideas inspired you to make/get your husband a thoughtful gift filled with love! Marriage is hard work and meant to celebrate. Don’t let this Valentine’s day pass by without letting your husband know you love him. Thank God for him too.

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