valentine's day gifts for girls

Valentine’s day gifts for girls

Valentine’s day gifts for girls. 

valentine's day gifts for girls

Are you looking for cute Valentine’s day gifts for girls? You are in luck because I’ve created a gift guide filled with the cutest Valentine’s day gifts for girls. 

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Valentine’s day is one of my favorite holidays to celebrate with my family! It’s a beautiful holiday that we love. 

Here’s a gift guide I created of 20 Valentine’s day gifts for your husband. It’s filled with romantic Valentine’s day gift ideas he will be sure to love. 

Another gift guide I recently made is 20 Valentine’s day gifts your toddler will love. These gifts are perfect if you’re making Valentine’s day gift basket. 

Let’s go ahead and jump into these 20 Valentine’s day gifts for girls. These are super cute ideas your daughter will be sure to love!! 

20 Valentine’s day gifts for girls. 

Valentine’s day gifts for kids are fun! 

Dressing up my kids for Valentine’s day is so cute. I have matched them in cute outfits for Valentine’s day. 

They love Valentine’s day baskets and waking up to those for the days. We also do a lot of Valentine’s day crafts together. 

There are a ton of free ones on Pinterest you can do with your littles. Don’t forget that this holiday is fun to celebrate with them too! 

More Valentine’s day gifts for girls. 

  • Pink girl’s purse. 

Valentine’s day gifts for kids are a cute idea! 

I love to celebrate Valentine’s day with my kids. Other fun ideas could be to do crafts with your kids. 

You can also put on Valentine’s day show, my kids love a themed tv show or movie to go along with the Holiday. Another great idea to do is to make Valentine’s day cards for family members. 

You can even mail them out! My kids love making holiday cards for family members depending on the season. 

More Valentine’s day gifts for girls. 

What Valentine’s day gifts are right for your daughter? 

Personally, I love changing it up when it comes to gifts in my children’s Valentine’s day baskets. I think the most basic thing to have always are coloring books, pens, playdough, and more stuff that kids love. 

Valentine’s day outfits are super cute too. Another thing you can do is you can ask your child what they’d like in their Valentine’s day basket let’s say around Christmas time, that way when February rolls around they’ll still be surprised! 

Thought those little tidbits of advice would be helpful when it comes to deciding Valentine’s day gift choices. Don’t forget to do a fun craft and make it glittery! 

Kids love that. 

The last of Valentine’s day gifts for girls. 

My daughter LOVES these gel pens. There are so many of them! Plus, they do dry pretty fast. 

Valentine’s day is more fun when it’s planned.

I don’t know about you but I’m a planner gal. Making a list ahead of time is always something I try to do before a holiday. 

I use my planner system to stay organized because I’ve noticed that when I do, I get much more accomplished. Take the time to jot down a list of stuff you need to get and everything all of a sudden becomes easier! 

I’m so glad I have a planner system that works because it truly helps me out. If you don’t have one I highly recommend creating your own. 

My planner style has changed to fit my needs as times go by. Make sure you’re changing it up when need be! 


I hope you’ve enjoyed these 20 Valentine’s day gifts for girls. I’m working hard this month on more holiday gift guides!

What’s next for mrsplanahead? More gift guides are sure to come. 

I hope you’ve enjoyed my past faith posts. Make sure you’re subscribed for more, there will be a new one for Easter coming up as well. 

I’m pretty excited about the future coming up. I’ve been creating my content calendar and working on tons of stuff for my subscribers! 


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