Valentine’s day dinner ideas at home

Valentine’s day dinner ideas at home. 


Are you looking for Valentine’s day dinner ideas at home? You’ve come to the right place. 

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Valentine’s day is truly one of my favorite holidays to celebrate with my loved ones. My husband and I always get each other a gift and I’ve come up with the best Valentine’s day gifts your husband will love

My children love it when I make them Valentine’s day baskets each. So, I’ve come up with Valentine’s day gift guide for toddlers and also a gift guide for your daughters that are a little older. 

Not everyone has the luxury of booking a fancy dinner for Valentine’s day. My husband and I aren’t always able to get a babysitter last minute so we’ve gotten used to celebrating at home.

There is plenty of romantic Valentine’s day dinner you can make quickly and easily at home. You just need to put a little heart into your cooking and thought. 

Thoughtfulness counts a lot in a relationship. I’m sure your significant other will appreciate the thought you put into the meal that you’re making. 

10 Valentine’s day dinner ideas at home. 

  • Salmon, mashed potatoes with gravy, and asparagus. 

Pair with sparkling apple cider in beautiful champagne glasses

Dessert: Angel food cake. My husband loves this meal! 

  • Steak, roasted vegetables, and a side of spiral pasta alfredo. 

Dessert: Croissants. 

  • Breakfast in bed Valentine’s day idea. Here’s my easy french toast recipe you can make, eggs, bacon, and a fresh cup of tea or coffee. 

Don’t forget to use a breakfast tray and this is the electric tea kettle I use all the time. I’ve used coffee makers before, my favorite has been Mr. coffee but I recently made the switch to tea as it’s healthier for me.

  •  Crockpot chicken pasta alfredo with broccoli alongside some buttered bread. 
  • Homemade pizza with his favorite toppings. 

Make each other’s own pan pizza and pair with a salad with cucumber. And for dessert, fresh cinnamon rolls paired with a favorite glass of wine. 

How to make a romantic dinner for two? 

Make sure you’re adding romance to the menu. Decorate your table with Valentine’s day decor and you both can also dress up for Valentine’s day. 

Wear a new dress and heels. Put on makeup! 

It’s never a bad idea to even get a card. I’ve written my husband all of his Valentine’s day letters but just recently switched over to e-mail. 

There’s so much sentiment in a handwritten letter. They’re also very romantic.

Make a list of how you can make your special Valentine’s day dinner romantic. Then, do them! 

Decorating and lighting candles is always a nice romantic gesture. Writing a love letter is also a nice sentiment.

The last of Valentine’s day dinner ideas. 

  • Shrimp pasta alfredo paired with a salad. 

For dessert; strawberry cheesecake. 

  • Another Valentine’s day breakfast idea:

Heart-shaped fluffy pancakes with syrup. Pair these delicious pancakes with strawberries dipped in chocolate. 

  • Homemade Mexican enchiladas. 

For dessert: pan dulce with a warm cup of decaf tea or coffee. 

  • Glazed turkey breast, green beans, and mashed potatoes. 

For dessert: homemade donuts. 

  • Lasagna paired with garlic breadsticks. Also, make a tasty salad to go with it. 

For dessert cheesecake. 


There you go, I hope you’ve enjoyed these Valentine’s day dinner ideas you can make at home. Simply put thought into it and make it a romantic Valentine’s day! 

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