Valentine’s day decoration ideas at home

Valentine’s day decoration ideas at home. 


Are you looking for beautiful Valentine’s day decoration ideas at home? You’ve come to the right place.

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I absolutely love everything about Valentine’s Day. It’s a beautiful holiday filled with love and a reminder to spend time with your loved ones. 

To celebrate Valentine’s day, I created a Valentine’s Day gift guide for your husband that he’ll love. Also, I made two more gift guides for Valentine’s day gifts for your daughter and gifts for toddlers as well! 

As you can tell, I truly love Valentine’s day and celebrating it with my loved ones. My husband and I always try to do something special. 

With my kids, I really enjoy making them Valentine’s day basket whenever I can. Also, we love doing Valentine’s day crafts and we have so much fun with that. 

Decorating your home during the holidays is therapeutic. The reason I like to do this mainly is for my children. 

It gives them something to look forward to and just changes the atmosphere in the house. They get excited about the new holiday and that makes me happy with something to look forward to. 

20 Valentine’s day decoration ideas at home. 

What’s the best way to decorate your home for Valentine’s Day? 

That’s a really good question. Sometimes, when I start to decorate my home I like to sit down first and look around the room. 

Then, I’ll close my eyes and try to visualize the main pieces I want in the room. I did this when I decorated my daughter’s bedroom for the first time when my second was born.

Suddenly, we needed a more practical room to fit two children! It was a lot of fun to design their room. 

I like to do the same for Christmas as well. When you’re decorating your home for Valentine’s Day make sure you visualize what you want to do specifically first.

Search the items and write them down to not lose track of them. From there, go ahead and check them off.

This method helps me decorate my home easiest. 

More decoration ideas for your home. 

What are some good ideas to celebrate Valentine’s Day? 

I have so many good ideas! Celebrating Valentine’s day is a fun holiday to plan out. 

My husband and I usually get each other a thoughtful gift. I have made many gifts for him in the past.

One of my favorites was a coupon book. There are many more other DIY gift options all over Pinterest if you’re in need of great ideas. 

You can celebrate Valentine’s day with a romantic dinner date and a cozy movie afterward. Celebrating Valentine’s day doesn’t need to be just that day. 

You can make Valentine’s day celebration week out of it. If you have kids, you can make Valentine’s day cards for loved ones and drop them off! 

Not just that, you can also do Valentine’s day crafts with your kids. Also, you can gift them Valentine’s gift baskets as well. 

The rest of Valentine’s day decorations. 

Beautiful Valentine’s decorations are worth it!


I hope you’ve enjoyed these Valentine’s day decorations for your home! Let me know in the comments down below if they’ve inspired you in any way! 

What’s next on mrsplanahead? One more post left for Valentine’s day. 

From there, I’m going to be working on my next Ebook. I’m super excited about this project coming up so I will be very busy!

Regardless, it’s what I love to do. I hope you have a lovely Valentine’s day with your family and your loved ones. 

Don’t forget to take plenty of pictures for memories! God bless you. 

Until next time, 



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