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Top marriage problems

Top marriage problems.


Are you here looking for solutions on top marriage problems? You’ve come to the right place.

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Here on mrsplanahead, I do not claim to be a marriage expert, but I do use my personal experience of 8+ years of marriage in hopes of helping others. Struggling through marriage problems is very common at some point or another in your marriage.

I feel like marriages go through phases. That’s why so many refer to the newlywed phase as the honeymoon stage because it’s the “best” time in your marriage.

No marriage is the same. However, there are common marriage problems that can occur.

There isn’t a perfect solution to handling these problems, but I do share my own tips and advice. Let’s go ahead and jump into 20 toxic habits in your marriage you need to quit now.

Marriage workbook.

I went ahead and created my Marriage Workbook for married couples wanting to better their relationship. This marriage workbook is super helpful and meant to help you identify the issues you’re having in your marriage.

This is a fillable marriage workbook meant to help you have a happier and healthier marriage. This fillable workbook is packed with prompts and exercises meant to help you have a happy marriage with your significant other.

Use this marriage workbook to help better your relationship with your significant other. Don’t wait, download your workbook now!


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20 toxic habits to quit in your marriage right now.  

  • Looking for any excuse to argue over every little thing.

Ladies, this does include household chores! I know because I’ve been there.

Sometimes, when we tend to be unhappy we lash out and look for any excuse to argue with our significant other. That’s not good.

That’s a toxic habit that really has to go. Nobody can be happy in that type of environment.

Instead of looking for an excuse to argue, make a list of what you’re unhappy about in life right now. I use my planner system to help me identify any issues I may be having.

Sometimes, it’s more clearer to see everything written out and on paper. Once you see what you’re unhappy about in life, you’ll see why you’re projecting onto someone else and arguing all the time.

  • Comparing yourself to other couples. 

I call this toxic habit, the very annoying toxic habit! I’m pretty sure every married couple has gone through this at some point in their relationship.

It could be that you’re friends with the “perfect couple.” First off, no couple is perfect. 

And yes, some people are genuinely happy together. But, don’t forget you go through happy phases with your husband also.

Don’t compare yourself to other couples. DO: Take note of each other’s flaws and difference, and be grateful for them.

You’re unique as a couple and not like anyone else! That’s something to be grateful for.

It’s not fun to be just like every other “happy” couple. And don’t forget, some people really aren’t as happy as they seem on Instafamous accounts.

More top problems in marriage.

  • Making your husband feel unimportant. 

DO: make your husband feel treasured and valued. Don’t forget: he needs to help you feel the same way!

Here are 10 simple ways to remind your husband you still love him. They’re super helpful and simple tips you may need to read up on again.

  • Not making time for one on one date nights. 

Date night in ideas are super helpful to have especially if you have kids and can’t get a babysitter. Make time for your husband and have special one on one date nights.

They make so much of a difference! Just because you can’t go out, doesn’t mean you need to give up your quality one on one time.

  • Not showing your love or affection.

It’s so important to show each other love and affection in your relationship. Here are 10 ways to show your husband you love him.

Showing affection is important in every relationship. If you’re having a tough time showing affection, make a list of everything you love about your significant other.

That will help remind you of why you love him so much. Sometimes, a simple list can truly help.


  • Not learning each other’s love language – or worse, knowing but not expressing yourselves with it. 

Take the time to learn each other’s love language. Everyone is different.

Some, express their love more verbally and others are more affectionate than others. What’s your love language? 

That’s so important in your marriage to figure out. If you haven’t done this already, you really need to.

What’s most important in a marriage?

Trust, communication, love, and respect. These four things are super important to have in your marriage.

Make sure to spend time nurturing your relationship. Spending time with your spouse is essential to the wellbeing of your marriage.

Most importantly, take the time to review your marriage. Check in with your spouse every now and then to make sure you’re both on the same track.

If you don’t pay attention to your marriage, you’re doing your relationship more harm than good. We’re all busy but that shouldn’t get in the way of personal relationships.

More toxic habits to get rid of.

  • Nagging constantly. 

DO: Lift each other up. Don’t put yourselves down constantly.

You need to be each other’s number one fan and support system. Nagging will only cause you two to drift apart.

I’m honest when I say, nagging helps no-one. Focus on each other’s good qualities and strengths.

  • Lying to each other when you’re unhappy.

DO: Be honest about how you’re feeling. If you’re unhappy, let each other know.

You need to fix the problem and at least, hear each other out. Keeping unhappy feelings to yourself won’t help strengthen your marriage.

  • Hiding feelings from each other instead of expressing them.

Tell each other how you really feel. When you don’t express your feelings, you keep them bottled up inside.

That doesn’t help your marriage thrive and grow.


  • Not being considerate of each other.

Practice being considerate. Do sweet things for your spouse.

Make him his favorite lunch for work, or phone him to tell him how much you love him on his lunch break.

Whatever it is, just practice being kind and considerate. If your husband is tired, show consideration and help him out with his daily tasks.

Same goes for him too. He should be considerate of your feelings as well.


  • Not helping one another with everyday tasks.

It becomes tedious to work, take care of kids, and do all the household tasks. A marriage is a partnership and should be treated as one.

Help each other with everyday tasks and be kind to one another. Don’t let mundane tasks overwhelm you or create a bad vibe in your marriage.


  • Putting limits to your communication.

DO: open up the lines of communication. Talk about anything and everything with each other.

Create a safe space where you can discuss your marriage. Make a time in your schedule for conversation.

  • Putting each other down.

DO: Build each other up. Build yourselves up and love each other.

Instead of wasting all your time putting one another down, you should be lifting each other up. Take the time to love each other and make each other feel special.

Last of the bad toxic marriage habits you need to let go of.

  • Ignoring each other.  
  • Calling each other names.

DO: be respectful and courteous. There’s no need for name-calling in a marriage.

Refrain from calling each other bad names. Make sure you’re respectful even during arguments.


  • Critiquing each other too much. 
  • Not being loving or kind. 
  • Putting kids first in your marriage will lead to resentment and possibly divorce. 

Take the time to spend time with your husband. Waiting to spend time with each other “when the kids grow up” is a sorry excuse in a marriage.

Raising children is hard and you should be doing that together, as partners. You shouldn’t feel alone, you should be helping one another and still having a loving relationship.

  • Making your spouse feel like less. 
  • Not supporting each other’s goals and dreams. 


I hope these 20 toxic habits you need to quit right away in your marriage, has helped strengthen your marriage. Take the time to work on these bad habits and let them go right away!

They aren’t benefiting your marriage at all. God bless you and I hope your marriage is successful and long lasting.

Until next time,



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