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4 Tips To Become More Confident

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I’ve had a pretty “off” week.

First of all, I have felt a lot of negative energy about my writing, my passion for it, and the decision to become a blogger coming from others. It was not a good week, to say the least. However, I don’t let the negative energy get me down for too long.

Becoming a blogger took a while.

Choosing to become a blogger took many years. Not because of how difficult it can get to come up with new content, that wasn’t it. Not even about learning ways to monetize your blog, or even about the money. Actually, it was lack of confidence. 

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I just didn’t feel confident. I worried about what others who know me in real life would think of me. Would they find everything I wrote to be awful? Would they disagree more than agree with what I wrote? Would it just end up sounding like mumbo jumbo? Would what I wrote be forgotten within five minutes? As a result, I felt insecure for many years.

It’s all good now.

Now that I am blogging, my website is up, and I’ve been steadily cranking out content twice a week despite being a busy stay at home mom and wife, I feel good.

Like really good. I’m sure you blogger ladies know what I mean. 

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I felt like I FINALLY DID IT. Furthermore, I took a leap of faith and started my own thing with the love and support from my husband. However I’m still riding on this rollercoaster of emotions though. Being insecure about posting about your life doesn’t just go away. Certainly it’s something I need to work through.

Confidence is essential.

This requires confidence. 

I remind myself that blogging is my passion, because blogging requires you to WRITE. Whatever I write and post on my website, on medium, on social media, anywhere that’s my voice. I like to share my voice because I want to help. Above all I want to help make a difference while I’m here. Isn’t that what everyone wants? 

Being confident has always been difficult for me. It certainly didn’t come easy. But, guess what? Confidence is KEY. Most noteworthy you need it in your everyday life.

Confidence means you’re sure of yourself and whatever you’re doing in life. You’re sure the path you’ve chosen to be on is the RIGHT one for YOU. Nobody else, for YOU. When you’re confident you KNOW yourself well enough to pick and choose what benefits you, what you need in life, and what makes you feel good.

Top four ways to increase self confidence

Confident people are beneficial to be around.

Have you ever talked to or been around a super confident person? I have. They’re so sure of themselves, they know it all, and they’re going to get from Point A to Point B, C, and D because they KNOW they can. I always wanted to be like that. I’ve been confident about different things or situations in my life, but never about what I wanted to do steadily as a profession.

Consequently I used to envy the sure tone and confidence these people had in themselves. Like they knew whatever situation came up, they’d have a solution. Woah, talk about knowing yourself well enough to even FEEL like you can handle whatever life hurls at you!! I feel like being that confident requires loads of self esteem, don’t you?

Now that I KNOW what I want to do in life, I’m feeling pretty good. I know it’ll be hard, but what journey isn’t?

Certainly just knowing I want to be a blogger has been enough to raise my confidence level up a notch. Why? Because now I’m not wondering anymore. As a result, I’m at peace because of this knowledge and acceptance.

Top 4 ways to increase your confidence

How to be confident:

To be confident you need to:

  • Trust yourself. Trust that you have your best interests at heart and you will make the right choices for yourself in order to take care of YOU.
  • Sound SURE of yourself. Even when you’re not and you feel like the most uncertain person on earth, just by SOUNDING sure of yourself it helps you to believe ultimately you’ll make the right choices in life.
  • Walk with confidence in your steps. Having good self esteem and a good mentality on who you ARE as a person will begin to show if you’re walking with confidence in your steps. You’re not letting insecurity bring you down and you’re going from one place to another to be more productive and successful.
  • Don’t put yourself down. The more negative you talk about yourself the less likely you are to believe in yourself. You’ll be going two steps backwards instead of forward.
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I hope these 4 useful tips help you in your journey to become more self confident. I’m really happy I’ve found my voice and hope you do too! Wishing you all the best as usual.


mrsplanahead <3

Top 4 confidence boosters

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  1. Love this! I think a lot of bloggers/writers are introverted people, which makes putting ourselves Pitt there much more difficult. Always good to be remiinded to stay confident.

    1. Yes so very true!

  2. Wonderful; I think a boost in confidence is something most people need! Fabulous post.

    1. admin says:

      Thanks so much and thank you for reading!

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