Toddler Easter basket stuffers

Toddler Easter basket stuffers.


Are you looking for awesome toddler Easter basket stuffer ideas? I love making my own Easter baskets for my kids, so you’re going to find a lot of great ideas here on mrsplanahead.

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Toddlers are pretty picky, if I must say. And I’m not one to give my toddler a ton of candy and call it a day.

I don’t like for my children to get cavities, so I make sure to pick healthy stuff for my kids. So, here you’ll find non junk Easter basket stuffer ideas.

What do you put in a toddler’s Easter basket? Toddlers love to have cool toys to play with that also teach them something new.

Let’s face it, toddlers have short attention spans and go from one thing to the next. It’s so amazing, they’re so into learning their new world surrounding them.

Personally, I like to put educational toddler books in my baby’s Easter basket. Also, healthy snacks instead of junk candy.

I hope you enjoy these toddler Easter basket stuffers. Hopefully, you get some new ideas to decorate your baby’s Easter basket.

12 Toddler Easter basket stuffers they’ll love!

Side note: My toddler LOVES these Water on the Go pads from Melissa & Doug. She’s had just about all of them!

I love how there is one out there relating to Bible stories. What a nifty way to teach your toddler about the Lord, in a fun and creative way.

Honestly, everything I’ve ever purchased from Melissa & Doug, my children have loved! And so have I.

What can I put in plastic Easter eggs for toddlers?

Here is where I share some healthy snacks that fit inside of plastic Easter eggs. Toddlers love these snacks and it’s a huge plus that they’re healthy!

The last of the Easter basket stuffers.

These are a delicious sugar free treat for toddlers!


I truly hope you’ve enjoyed these Toddler Easter basket stuffers. Because it’s Easter, I enjoy putting more of God versus just candy and treats.

When you’re egg hunting with your little one later on Easter, don’t forget to tell them the story of Easter! God is good and so amazing.

Make sure you’re subscribed for my next upcoming blog post. It’s going to be revolving around Easter Bible verses.

I love to read about Jesus around this time, and every time to be honest. These gift guides were made because I really enjoy recommending amazing products my children and I love!


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