tips on how to break a toxic cycle in your life

Tips On How To Break A Toxic Cycle in Your Life

Tips on how to break a toxic cycle in your life.

tips on how to break a toxic cycle in your life

Have you ever wanted to break a toxic cycle in your life? We’ve all gone through difficult times in our lives and it’s important to always stay healthy and happy.

God wants us to guard our hearts, minds, and eyes. Toxic cycles DO occur and it’s best to stop them early if you can.

Now, I am NOT claiming to be a mental health expert, I am just sharing what’s worked for me in my life, in hopes of helping others.

Breaking a toxic cycle isn’t easy.

how to break a toxic cycle in your life

It’s never easy to break a toxic cycle. The one I’ve had to deal with for quite a while was gossip.

In short, I’d let what other people said about me, get to me and take over. That’s no way to live. It wasn’t until I started saying my positive affirmations daily that my life changed completely and forever.

You don’t need to live unhappily. Living your best life is better to do because we only live once! Having to deal with gossip and worrying about what others thought of me really wasted my time.

Not only was I dealing with anxiety but I was very unhappy. I no longer wanted to live this way so I stopped.

I wanted to show my daughters the good and happy parts of life that God wants us to enjoy.

how to break a toxic cycle in your life

Tips on how to break free from a toxic cycle in your life.

I know it’s tough to battle with a toxic cycle. Even so, you need to put yourself first.

How can you live a happy and healthy life helping others? You need to be able to help yourself in order to be there for the people you love and care for.

Don’t let what other people say get you down and upset you. It’s time to be free and happy, without letting all of the negativity get to you.

God loves you and wants you to break free from that toxic cycle. I pray you’re able to do so, in the name of Jesus. God is an amazing Father and protector.

Make sure you are praying daily and at his feet. God loves you for who you are and just wants the best for you.

God wants you to live a happy and healthy life.

how to break a toxic cycle in your life
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Here are some helpful tips on how to break a toxic cycle from your life.

how to break free from a toxic cycle in your life

If you are trying to break free from the toxic cycle of constant negativity, you really need to read this book. 

This book by Joel Osteen literally changed my life forever. With God’s help, I read this book and began my positive affirmations daily.

Reading Joel Osteen’s book, “The Power Of I Am.”

I highly recommend listening to this book in the audio version, especially if you are really busy. For me, I’m listening to this book a second time.

As a busy work from home mom, I find it difficult to read books and find the time to do so anyway. Reading the same book twice is actually better for you to understand it better, in my opinion.

Joel Osteen does an amazing job in helping you realize you are WORTH everything and it’s time you acted like it.

Saying Positive Affirmations Aloud.

how to break a toxic cycle in your life

This tip has probably given me the most results. When you say your affirmations ALOUD, daily, believing it, breathing it ,you are setting yourself up for success for the entire day.

Therefore, I highly recommend saying your positive affirmations every single morning, as soon as you wake up. You can read more on that in further detail here. 

A positive and waking mindset can help you break free from toxic cycles. 

how to break a toxic cycle from your life

My sister and I were discussing the other day how drinking coffee daily has been making me so much more productive. It’s true.

If coffee isn’t your thing there are plenty of healthy choices you can blend for energy as well. Having energy is key to trying to be positive, active, and healthy in life.

You can’t get tasks done if you are constantly sluggish and tired.

Break free from the negative toxic cycles trying to get in your way. 

how to break free from toxic cycles in your life

  • Don’t answer those pestering calls. 

If someone wants to involve you in their negative drama, it’s best to not give them access to do so. I’ve put my phone on airplane mode quite a few times when this occurs.

It’s just not worth it in my opinion. Those long phone calls of pure negativity are doing nothing beneficial for your life. Neither does gossiping about one another.

You need to clear your mind and break away from all the negativity that’s trying to interfere in your day to day routine. Make sure you aren’t answering negative phone calls.

Also, if this is a family member that really wants to involve your in their drama, try your best to not engage. Engaging will only encourage behavior that isn’t doing you any good. 

More tips on breaking free from a toxic cycle in your life.

tips on how to break free from toxic cycles

Don’t feel guilty because you block them! I felt guilty for a long time, thinking to myself, maybe they NEED me. Maybe this isn’t a good idea.

Trust me, even blocking off social media for a while is beneficial as well. In addition, this gives you time and the space you need in order to clear your mind and be at peace.

Take a Break from Family Events. 

I enjoy this tip a lot. Taking a break to gather your thoughts and take a few deep breaths is good for anyone.

We are only human, there’s only so much we can take. If taking a break from family gatherings is the space you need to breathe, feel free to do so.

Also, I am going to assume your family will be trying to get you to show up various times. However it’s best to take a break when you need one. It’s good for your mental health.

I hope these tips help you in your journey to breaking a toxic cycle in your life! Make sure you’re subscribed for in order t0 receive my freebie and get notifications when a new blog post is out!

Xoxo, mrsplanahead

how to break a toxic cycle in your life

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