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Days off work for mental health

Having days off work for mental health.

day off work for mental health

Do you take days off of work for mental health reasons? If you don’t, you really should. Our mental health and well being is so very important.

It’s been such a relaxing weekend for me that was much needed. It’s so important as a blogger to have days off of work for the good of your mental health.

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Lately, I’ve been so overwhelmed trying to juggle so much at once! I have had the worst issues because of my former host, Bluehost, so much that I have permanently switched hosting companies.

Having a good hosting company for your website means less work for you.

days off work for mental health

Skystra really helped me out when my website was going so slow and I wasn’t getting any help from Bluehost in fixing this issue. I felt like I didn’t get the help I needed and I wasn’t being heard.

Whenever I submitted the request I needed help with, it took them forever to “fix” my problem and it never was fixed. I would double check afterwards too.

I’m also a very patient person so I stayed with Bluehost, even giving them plenty of second chances. I made the mistake of paying for the full year upfront and that didn’t go well.

You need a good hosting company for your website, especially if you aren’t so techy.

days off work for mental health

I’m really glad I have switched. I’ve been with Skystra not even a month and they have helped me with ALL of the issues I have complained about for over half a year. Their customer service is so amazing.

All of my questions, even the most “silly” ones are answered so quickly and I see results. Am I recommending them? Definitely.

I’ll put my affiliate link down below if you want to check them out, especially if you’re sick of your hosting company and they aren’t putting any effort into helping you solve your website technical issues.

I guarantee you Skystra will. And you won’t feel like a bother to them at all.

In all of my future posts you won’t see me recommending Bluehost anymore. I wasn’t getting the quality help I was paying for monthly.

Like I was saying, as much as I’m a “get it all done” type of person, I’m also an advocate for mental health and self care.

To me, it’s important to keep myself heathy and sane throughout my blogging career. The better I feel, the more productive I am. My website can succeed with a healthy lifestyle and of course, a great hosting company.

Self care means taking days off work for your mental health.

days off work for mental health

Since you are your own boss, you do need to remember to take care of yourself and take breaks. Sometimes, I’m working so much on my blog I forget to eat a meal or even stretch my legs.

If it wasn’t for having to drop my child off at school and pick up, I’m not sure if I’d take the time to take breaks. And that’s not good!

At any regular job, you get your ten minute breaks and thirty minute lunches. So, bloggers need to remember to take your breaks AND eat!

If you don’t take time off, you could stress yourself out.

Bloggers, I do know how difficult it is to not touch your blog. I experienced this my first weekend off. And though it may seem impossible to do, it is possible to take the weekend off.

day off work for mental healthTake it from a busy work from home mom of two, bloggers deserve a mental break. Running your own blogging business can be so stressful, if you allow it to be.

The key is to have a productive and timely schedule that you stick to. And you need to take your breaks too. It was really difficult for me to just “turn off” from my blog.

Honestly, it is hard. Even with good schedulers like Hootsuite, I still found myself tweeting about my blog during the weekend.

Although I had planned to stay off of social media (promoting blogging wise) I didn’t do that. I’m not saying that it’s easy to turn off, because it’s not. But, it is possible.

Spending present time with my children is what made me want to take the weekends off. I know that it’s not ideal, but kids grow up so quickly. Also, I don’t want to miss any milestones which was the point of working from home.

It’s important as parents to be there for your children and be present for them. You could miss something important and time flies by quick.

How to take days off from blogging work.

days off work for mental health


You need to schedule your content ahead of time and your pins (if you’re on Pinterest). I try to have two blog posts scheduled in advance, though I know many bloggers who schedule a month in advance.

Ideally, I would love to have a whole month’s worth of content all set up and ready to go. However, it takes time to create great quality posts that connect with your audience.

So, it doesn’t always happen the way I plan it out to. I’m busy enough as is, though I am finding more time to blog when my kiddos are off to bed.

Having your content and promotion scheduled will help you have time off.

days off work for mental health

Like I said, you need to have certain things scheduled in order for you to not worry about your blog while you’re taking the time off. Trust me, I will worry and won’t sleep if I don’t have things scheduled out.

A planner comes in handy in this situation and I’m coming out with a new planner system blog post very soon.

You can subscribe to get the notification when it’s out. I’m very excited to share my new planner system soon, but you can also check out my old planner system, in the meantime.

Be prepared in order to take days off work for mental health reasons.

days off work for mental health

For scheduling, I do use Hootsuite for my twitter. I just tweet links to my blog posts that could possibly relate to my followers. There’s no schedule behind that since my twitter following isn’t too big in numbers.

Regardless I do love Twitter to vent, chat about life, and meet other bloggers. If you’re a blogger and not on twitter, you’re missing out. There’s a writing community just there all day to talk to!

As for Pinterest scheduling, I use the free Pinterest scheduler. It lets you schedule up to forty pins in advance. Canva is my go to for creating pins and it’s also free.

I did have Tailwind before but I find it an extra expense when I can just manually pin or use the free scheduler. I’m sure Tailwind is as great as they say but my clicks never increased much when I had that service for quite a few months.

Building my e-mail list is what’s very important to me, too. I haven’t sent out my first newsletter, but I will this week. Mailerlite is what I’m using for my e-mail automation services.

As you can tell, running a blog is a lot of work.

days off work for mental health

Blogging is a lot of hard work. I love it because it gives me a creative yet productive outlet from home while I watch my babies grow.

There’s nothing wrong with that! Taking care of myself has become a priority though. I’ve noticed if I don’t mentally, physically, and emotionally care for myself, my website suffers and so do I, plus those around me.

Do yourself the favor and take your days off. After my first weekend off I was surprised at how much I missed my blog.

I dove right into working on it on Monday. When Friday rolled around I set out to accomplish my tasks just so I could look forward to Saturday and Sunday off.

I’m already looking forward to this weekend! It gives me a chance to clean up my home and relax with my husband and kiddos.

days off work for mental health

I hope I encouraged you to take your days off, bloggers.

I’m so relieved that I have a great hosting company now and I can relax knowing my technical issues will be handled well with Skystra. Not just that, I’m happy because I made an important decision as a blogger.

Trust me when I say, I know we all want to make money from blogging. However, it’s important as your own boss to set up the right schedule that benefits YOU.

Take the time to take your days off and relax as well. I feel so much better now and I look forward to my weekends. Now, I look forward to Monday’s too because I have a chance to miss blogging over the weekend!

Do you take days off from blogging? Let me know in the comments down below, because I’m curious. I love to compare my work routine with other bloggers.

Leave your website link too down below, if you have one and I’ll take a look! Don’t forget to subscribe for more weekly notifications for new blog posts.

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