The Best Mom Planner

The best mom planner.


Today I wanted to share with you the best mom planner that has personally worked well for me as a stay at home mom. Too many people out there it seems like stay at home moms don’t have much to plan.

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However, that is furthest from the truth. Stay at home moms know exactly what I’m talking about. Even on your less hectic days, there are still meals that need to be planned and things that need to be remembered.

We have doctor’s appointments and dental checkup’s to remember for the kids and I don’t have a photographic memory. I feel like I am constantly on the go.

Having a mom planner helps me so much to keep my life organized with everything neatly written down for future reference.

Mom planners are necessary to stay organized.

Moms will always have many things to plan out, whether we want to believe it or not. With two kids, my planning needed to come on the road with me from grocery stores to doctor and dentist appointments.

As my family grew, I did too and I literally did not care about pulling out my little pocket planner to remind me what I came to the grocery store for.

Not only is having a pocket planner so very helpful to busy moms, but it’s also a lifesaver when I’m struggling to remember something I wrote down on my phone and my phone just died.

Seriously, my battery seems to always be running out on me.

The best mom planner should always be portable in my opinion. I think it’s smart to have a portable planner for your purse and also a planner for your desk.

With a desk planner, you can map out family vacations, plan holidays, and keep lists that you don’t need to bring with you in the car. My favorite desk planner has been the A5 Hobonichi Techo, and I have a Hobonichi review already out. 

These planners are so cute and go well with any type of home d├ęcor theme you have going on with your desk at home. Having a life planner can help your family out so much.

How do moms choose a planner?

Having a little pocket-sized planner helps me so much in order to stay on track and on a budget for my family. However, I don’t think you need just ONE planner.

The point is to actually stay organized. Therefore, I recommend keeping something in your purse that includes a monthly, weekly, and daily section and also a desk agenda for your office.

I’m the type of person that needs to write things down a few times in order to find it. There’s nothing wrong with that!

Moms don’t need to choose any old planner. We have to not just take care of ourselves but also our children!

We’re very busy and need space to write, brainstorm, plan, and think. You can pick the best planner that suits your needs and the needs of your family.

Don’t forget to read some reviews in order to stay informed and be very specific about what you want for a planner, so that you can get the most out of the planner.

The best mom planner. 

I purchased my black traveler’s notebook from Michael’s using a discount coupon. This planner’s sole purpose is for my purse.

When it comes to picking out a portable planner, I’d recommend something small in size so that you can fit in your purse and bring it along with you everywhere.

However, for desk planners, there are many great options. There’s the Erin Condren life planner a lot of people prefer and it is so beautiful and can hold everything you may need.

What I love about planners is being able to customize it to fit my needs and I do like my planners to look pretty and have pretty inserts. That way I am way more motivated to accomplish my daily tasks I know that I need to do.

Planners are so helpful.

With my traveler’s notebook, I couldn’t exactly fit 3 separate notebooks in there because there was only one strand it came with.

So, I purchased extra elastic in order to add another string and it works great. What I love about customizing a traveler’s notebook planner is that you can always add more in.

You can also get a cover from Foxy Fix, those are very customizable and hold more space to add more into. There are many more options on Amazon, too.

A portable planner is ideal for moms.

What I have in the front of my pocket planner is this 2 year monthly Mead calendar that I purchased from Walmart for only 2 dollars.

Think of it as 2 years’ worth of monthly inserts already printed out for you for only 2 dollars! Quite a catch and all I had to do was simply trim it down to size and it fits perfectly into my pocket traveler’s notebook.

The best mom planner

Benefits of a small mom planner.

The benefit of having a 2-year monthly insert in your pocket planner is that you can jot down EVERY upcoming event there. Usually, I cross off my days as they go by.

However, I don’t just write down scheduled appointments or important events in there.

Sometimes, I write about what I did that day. The reason I do this is that I want to keep track of the summer activities my kids are participating in this summer in order to ensure they are having a great summer.

Inside this little 2 years monthly booklet I keep important lists on sticky notes in order to trash the used sticky notes afterward. That way I can replace the sticky note with a new one in order to reuse the section again.

Sticky notes are really amazing. I always have many at my desk because you don’t need to necessarily waste the space you need with something you’re going to end up throwing out. It’s a nice planner hack to know about.

The best mom planner.

The best mom planner.

As for the planner I actually use inside of my traveler’s notebook, I use an Exceed pocket-size notebook that I bullet journal in. This cute little notebook was found at my local Walmart for $4.99.

It is the perfect size for the pocket traveler’s notebook that I got from Michael’s. However, I’m not a huge fan of printing my own inserts mainly because I am so busy lately.

Basically, I bullet journal inside of the notebook. Bullet journaling is so nice and convenient when you need to brain dump and don’t need to have something printed out.

Having more than one planner is great for moms.

What I find the most helpful from a pocket traveler’s notebook is the portability. It literally fits perfectly in whatever purse I carry.

Often I go day by day and set up my monthly pages prior to starting my dailies. In addition, I change whatever pages I have according to what I need for that particular month.

Generally speaking, I always set aside two pages for the month for a gratitude log, positive affirmations, small wins for the day, and also highlights of my day.

Reminding myself daily of what I am grateful for, especially on those draining exhausted mama days is so necessary for me. Not only does it help my mental health, but it is also self-soothing.

As a mom, you have to choose the best planner for yourself.

Picking the right planner is key for a stay at home mom. That’s why I like to add pages to my bullet journal, according to whatever I’m feeling at the time.

The reason I keep a positive affirmations page is that it truly is necessary for me.

Writing positive affirmations daily makes such a difference in my outlook for the day and speaking them aloud sets a motivating and encouraging tone.

Keeping these monthly positive affirmations close and nearby at all times gives me a lot of self-confidence and it’s nice to pull them out of my purse and read them when needed.

My small wins monthly page is necessary for me only because I list my blogging wins daily there for self-motivation. We all know how draining it can be to be a mom blogger and even though I truly love and enjoy it, I constantly like to motivate myself to keep on keeping on.

Some days, when I take a break from blogging I actually list my parenting mom wins there as well. I remember once writing “drank my coffee before it got cold.”

There’s never too small of a win for anyone and looking back on it can truly make you smile from time to time.

The best mom planner.

Highlights of my day are for the memories I have with my kids that I like to look back on and I don’t necessarily want or have the time to go back and journal in.

As much as I love journaling, as a busy mom, I truly don’t get enough of a chance to journal out my feelings as therapeutic as it is. However, keeping these highlights always gives me something to look forward to reading when looking back on these entries.

Menu planning is a big deal for me in my pocket traveler’s notebook. Here’s why: it’s so necessary for me to meal plan.

I LOVE looking back on these weekly menu pages and I’ll provide some pictures down below. It’s so great to look back on what you fed your family the week before in order to change up the menu a little bit.

Tabbing off the weeks is a very helpful way to organize your bullet journal up and an easy reference to look back on.

The best mom planner.

The best mom planner


As functional as this planner is, at times I will add a cute inspirational quote on a beautifully decorated page like so because it’s important to me to be able to craft and decorate my pages for my own personal happiness:

The best mom planner


This pocket planner is truly so helpful.

Occasionally, I will add a goals page. Planner tip: You don’t need to plan all at once.

This can be your doodling pages while the kids are napping and you need to organize your thoughts, schedules, and routines out on paper. I also love using stickers for my bujo daily layouts.

The best mom planner

The best mom planner


The point for my pocket traveler’s notebook is I like to stay motivated and organized. Motivated for being a wife and mother because we all have those trying days.

Organized because there’s always so much to do and running a website is a lot of work. I love planning and you can see more of my weekly planner layouts on Instagram @mrsplanahead.

Mom planners come in all shapes and sizes.

My main goal is to be a great stay at home mom and wife first and secondly, my website is my passion. With organization, it does all work.


What helps you stay motivated and keeps your organization on point?

Planning helps me with my busy and chaotic life and to keep my blogging website afloat. It takes A LOT to run a website and hold it down. So, planning keeps me so organized. 

Let me know in the comments below what best mom planner fits your needs and what has worked for you in the past.

Until next time,



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