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Stay at home mom morning routine

Stay at home mom morning routine.


Are you looking for a good stay at home mom morning routine? You’ve come to the right place.

Although I am a stay at home mom, I’m also a homeschool and work from home mom. Us moms wear a lot of different hats!

I went ahead and listed my most favorite habits that help me be a happy and successful stay at home mom. It’s my hope that these habits will help you better your life and help your morning routine.

Sometimes, it can be a little tricky being a stay at home mom and finding happiness. Let’s be honest, one stay at home mom to another- our job is really hard.

Not to start the complain chain here, but being a stay at home mom is often overlooked by many. People simply think stay at home moms have it super easy.

Well, breaking news: we don’t and it’s not. That’s why I decided to compile a list of my favorite morning habits that help me be a happier mama every single day.

I highly encourage you to put these habits into your morning routine. There’s no set timed schedule here because not all of my days are exactly the same.

Nor do I want them to be. It’s great to have a timed routine, but it’s also great to be happy and knowing which habits to incorporate into your morning routine is essential.

10 important morning habits as a Christian stay at home mom.

  • Pray BEFORE you get up and start your day. 

Let all of your troubles go before you start your busy day. When you have pent up frustration as a stay at home mom, it affects all members in your family.

Being frustrated as a stay at home mom leads to:

-Children being sad. 

-Husband feeling frustrated, unhappy, and sad that he can’t make you smile. 

Solution: Praying helps release all those bad feelings you have pent up inside. The stress melts away as you have conversations with God ALL day.

You’re letting God into your world and letting Him help you. That does wonders for your stress levels.

  • Have a clean living room and kitchen. 

Clean up if you didn’t the night prior. I don’t sometimes, after making a huge meal I tend to get tired!

Take joy in your cleaning routines. Thank God that you have a home to clean. 

Learn to look at the bright side of things. Stay at home moms need to be able to do this.

  • Start your necessary morning cup of coffee or tea to conquer your day. 

I drink black tea and I look forward to it so much every morning! Having a bit of caffeine wakes me up and helps kick start my day.

  • Hydrate and have your cup of water filled up.

I used to get a lot of morning headaches and fatigue before I started hydrating myself. Having a cup of water by your bedside truly helps.

Drink it as soon as you open your eyes and also throughout the busy day ahead.

How can a stay at home mom get it all done?

Don’t put so much pressure on yourself, mom. It’s so hard to get every little thing done.

However, I will share what has helped me get things done the most. After much trial and error, I figured out what has worked best for me.

I’ve been a stay at home mom for 8+ years now. Having my planner system easily accessible to me has helped me tons.

When I have my planner out with me throughout the day, I find myself getting more and more accomplished. Don’t underestimate the power of a planner! 

Thanks to my planners, I am super organized now and I’m most likely to get my work done. Another thing that will help is to follow the morning habits I’m listing.

These habits will help you get through your day! Always have a positive attitude because you can be a stay at home mom that gets it ALL done.

More morning habits as a stay at home mom.

  • Plan out your day and all of your pending tasks. 
  • Have a family morning prayer. 

Praying with my daughters every morning really gives me a sense of peace. It reminds me to keep God first and to do the best I can do.

I’m no superhuman but I want to try the best I can everyday. And praying with my family really helps me out.

  • Get dressed for the day and do your makeup. 

A simple BB cream is all I use. Some days, I truly don’t need a ton of makeup on.

I always put on simple clothes and brush my hair out. However, I do prefer to use a BB cream and simple eyeshadow.

Sometimes, I’ll add highlighter and blush.

  • Cook yourself and your family a good hearty breakfast. 

Our breakfast menu rotates throughout the week. Some days, I make scrambled eggs with toast.

Other days, my husband makes pancakes or cream of wheat. Whatever it is that we make, I like to make sure it’s healthy to help me feel good throughout the day.

  • Check your e-mails, answer texts, and calls. 

I usually schedule any appointments at this time. I’ll call my mom at this time and anyone else who I want to chat with.

Honestly, I prefer to chat early because I do have a busy day ahead and I like to get rest when I can. Occasionally, I will nap when my toddler naps.

  • Read your morning devotional. 

What’s the best schedule for a stay at home mom to follow?

There’s no great schedule that will magically change your day. YOU have to create your own schedule that best fits your family’s needs.

Only you know what you need every morning. My best advice is to track your habits.

That’s how I created my best morning routine. When I track my habits, I see which ones are the best and incorporate them into my morning routine.

Don’t be disappointed when your schedule doesn’t work out for you. A few didn’t work out for me and I just kept trying.

Eventually, I found the best one and they change seasonally. So, always be ready to put in the work to create your perfect morning routine.


I truly hope you’ve enjoyed my 10 morning habits that can benefit every stay at home mom. These morning habits have really helped me out to get through my days.

I wasn’t always a super organized and happy stay at home mom. That took time and years of patience.

Trial and error, for the most part. Just don’t give up, you’ll find that happiness and productivity you’re looking for.

I have faith and pray that you will.

Dear Lord, 

Please help me take these morning habits into consideration. Let me be able to be a productive and happy stay at home mom, Lord. 

Give me strength, hope, and encouragement. I need this to continue on and accomplish my goals. 

Thank you Lord, I love you. 

In Jesus’s name I pray, 


Until next time,





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