spring cleaning checklist

Spring cleaning checklist

Spring cleaning checklist. 

spring cleaning checklist

Are you looking for the best spring cleaning checklist? You’ve come to the right place. 

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Spring cleaning is a must in busy households and when April comes, that’s when spring cleaning begins. However, I always need a list to glance at to really tackle my cleaning chores. 

Cleaning for me is not a fun task and it’s something I dread doing! Even though I am a full-time blogger and homeschooling mom, I still make myself tackle my cleaning chores with my undated weekly schedule that goes right into my planner.  

First of all, if you’re a busy mom and you don’t have a cleaning schedule let me stop you right there. Cleaning schedules are mom gold in my book! 

I fumbled around quite a bit until I finally got into a weekly cleaning schedule I liked and needed. Of course, it differs every week.

That’s why I made my own undated weekly cleaning schedule. That way I can change out my cleaning tasks every single week depending on what’s going on. 

Spring cleaning checklist bundle. 

Here’s this beautiful and functional Spring cleaning checklist. This bundle also comes with an undated weekly cleaning schedule.

Organize your life with this amazing spring cleaning checklist bundle. It’s important to have a cleaning routine down! 

spring cleaning checklist

Grab your spring cleaning checklist bundle here!!

Why spring cleaning? 

Spring cleaning usually begins in April and can generally last up to a week. The reason being is because you want to clean your entire house and that takes a few days if done right. 

In my household growing up, “Spring cleaning” was right before the New year. Which makes sense to me, if you want to kick off the New year with a clean home. 

However, spring cleaning in April is also super nice. It’s refreshing to clean your home during the beautiful and breezy months of spring. 

Spring cleaning is uplifting in my home and we like to tackle all the cleaning chores. Make it a fun family activity and get everyone to pitch in cleaning. 

Turn it into a game and have the kids help! You shouldn’t have to clean everything on your own. 

What’s included in spring cleaning? 

Generally, cleaning all areas of the home is included in spring cleaning. There are plenty of people I know that even go through old photos and fix up photo albums during this time. 

Me. I’m one of those people. 

Here’s where you may want to include all of the chores you’ve been putting off and dreading. It’s a good idea to get those pesky chores done during spring cleaning. 

Also, many people clean out their garages and go through old boxes to declutter during this time. You may want to do the same.

A lot of tasks are included in spring cleaning that can be done yearly. This is the time where I do my least favorite chores. 

Make a list of your least favorite chores and you’ll soon see why they’re spring cleaning! Because you only want to do those chores once a year. 

Spring cleaning checklist. 

I came up with this spring cleaning checklist by making a list of absolutely every chore I could think of that involves deep cleaning. Whenever I clean my home, I do try to deep clean. 

Sometimes, that doesn’t happen. For example, I deep cleaned my bathroom once a week for about 5 weeks. 

One week I just did not want to deep clean again. My back was hurting and I didn’t want to do the extra cleaning steps. 

So, I only did the necessary cleaning which was light and essential. This saved my back a lot of pain that week! 

It pays to deep clean constantly so that it’s not so hard when it comes to actually scrub off stains on surfaces. My favorite cleaning supplies for the bathroom include Scrubbing bubbles grime fighter for my toilet surfaces, tub, and any other area in the bathroom that’s smelly to clean up. 

I can’t say enough good things about Scrubbing bubbles. This product truly helps keep my bathroom from getting moldy and smelly. 

Another favorite cleaning product of mine is Mrs. Meyer’s surface cleaner. The smell is so nice afterward when I’m all done cleaning my bathroom. 

More helpful cleaning products. 

I’ll mention a few more of my favorite cleaning products. For scrubbing walls, I enjoy using Mr. Clean’s magic erasers. 

My toddler can sure draw on a few walls! This magic eraser is the only thing that’s worked to scrub off those multiple stains.

For cleaning my bathroom and sinks I always use Ajax. This is the best quality cleaner I’ve ever used and for many years. 

Those are my must-have cleaning products off of the top of my head. I have many more but those stand out to me the most. 

Spring cleaning can be easy if you have the right supplies. Make sure you’ve got all of your cleaning supplies ready to go before you start spring cleaning. 

I’ve tried spring cleaning before and it was an epic fail until I slowly gathered up all of my favorite cleaning products. I mean, yes ultimately it is important to save a buck or two but sometimes you need good quality products. 

In order to get the cleaning done right, you may have to invest a few extra dollars in good name brands. That’s what I noticed after a few Dollar tree products I didn’t like too much. 

Spring cleaning checklist. 

I hope you enjoy my spring cleaning checklist bundle. Don’t forget that the undated weekly schedule is very useful to have. 

I can’t tell you how much having a blank page to write out JUST my weekly cleaning chores helped me. Sometimes, you just need a paper dedicated to cleaning in order to keep your home tidy. 

I know some people that even have cleaning chores written down for their kids! So, having these lists are super helpful and will keep you organized.

What’s next on mrsplanahead? Plenty of faith in God posts that I hope you’ll enjoy. 

Make sure you’re subscribed, I’d really appreciate it! Leave a comment down below what your spring cleaning plans are looking like. 

God bless, 

Until next time, 



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