simple self care ideas
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Simple self care ideas

Simple self-care ideas. 

simple self care ideas

Are you looking for super simple self-care ideas? You’ve come to the right place. 

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On mrsplanahead, you’ll see I have many self-care and self-love posts throughout my site. Why? 

Because I am an advocate for mental health. I believe in the importance of it and making time for yourself. 

Making time for yourself is key in order to lead a happy and healthy life. Check out these amazing super simple self-care ideas and learn to put yourself first

You can be more productive when take the time to rest, relax, and pamper yourself. Don’t put yourself 2nd, 3rd, or 4th for the rest of your life. 

It won’t do you any good! You’ve got to rest, recharge, and rejuvenate yourself in order to be the best version of you that you can possibly be. 

Let’s jump into these simple self-care ideas. 

The Ultimate Self-care workbook. 

simple self care ideas

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20 super simple self-care ideas.

These cozy and simple self-care ideas are perfect for wintertime. Since it’s FREEZING during the winter I like to get super cozy and stay warm. 

Sometimes, I’ll get back pain and need even extra self-care time! That’s why I love these self-care ideas. 

I can’t wait to share them with you! 

  • Make yourself a relaxing hot cup of your preferred tea and add a bit of festive whipped cream to the top of it. 

This is the best time to be in your warm pajamas with the heater on and looking outside the window. Focus on centering yourself. 

Honestly, I love to do this as soon as I’m up, except that’s in bed because that’s a better view of a window than my living room. Drinking a warm cup of tea is the best way to relax AND start your day. 

  • Make yourself the best comfort breakfast. 

For me, this is almost always my easy French toast recipe. I love warm comfort foods during winter like French toast. 

Don’t forget to drink up your orange juice. A fresh glass is always best and helps boost your immune system. 

I like to have plenty of fresh fruits and veggies during the winter season. There are so many tasty recipes on Pinterest you can check out! 

Even more simple self-care ideas. 

  • Social media detox. 

At one point or another, almost everyone needs a social media detox. To me, looking at the screen too much can tire out my eyes. 

For others, there’s a lot of negativity that can be on social media that affects people. That generally doesn’t happen to me, but it has happened before. 

Taking a screen break is so helpful to your mental health and for your eyes. Give yourself a break from constantly refreshing your IG feed. 

Take a moment to stop tweeting and sharing Facebook posts. Give yourself time to change up the apps, perhaps focus on a good Bible app and catch up with God. 

You can even download free devotional apps that can help you remain positive. Just take a break and know that helps your mind rest and recharge so much! 

  • Focus on the positives and write down what you’re grateful for. 

Making a list of everything you are grateful for right now in your life is the best type of self-care. Whenever I do this, I feel so much better and humbled by everything God has given me. 

You want to make sure you’re focusing on the good in your life and all the positives. That alone can do wonders for your spirit and is a good form of self-care practice. 

  • Read the Bible and start praying. 

Honestly, how much time are you dedicating to God? Well, it should be even more than what you thought of.

I’m also guilty of not making enough time for God! But, all we can do is keep trying to prioritize more time with the Lord. 

Open up the Bible and start praying to God. Make sure your faith is strong and well for the busy days ahead. 

Self-care means taking care of yourself. 

Who doesn’t workout enough? Sigh. 

I’m also guilty of not working out as much as I should. What can I say, I’d rather do other things than a workout but I know that it’s important to stay fit for your health. 

  • Workout for at least an hour. 

Make it a point to work out. Whenever I feel overwhelmed, overworked, and stressed out I do go on a walk with my kids for about an hour and a half. 

Getting fresh air, exercise, and the sun is so important for our mental health. I don’t like to work out indoors! 

Something about the fresh air and breeze plus the sun makes me feel so much better. 

  • Add a gift to your cart for a family member or loved one. 

Wintertime means Christmas time! Take care of your shopping list and de-stress with online shopping. 

For me, in-person shopping is the exact opposite way to distress. I much prefer to add to my cart from the comfort of my couch and warm tea in hand. 

I love shopping for others because it takes my mind off of me. Shopping for loved ones gives me the chance to find them a gift that makes them happy. 

I created these gift guides that will help you shop during the holidays: 40 gift ideas for your husband and 40 best selling gift ideas for women. 

Also, I made two more, 30 gift ideas for toddlers and 30 gift ideas for girls. 

More simple self-care ideas to try. 

  • Relax with your favorite movie list and binge-watch. 

During wintertime, I love to get through my Christmas movie list. Watching Holiday movies puts me in the Holiday spirit! 

You can also just pick a show and binge watch it on Netflix. I did this the other day with Sister, sister! 

Sometimes, work does cause stress and I was feeling it! Decompressing with that amazing show helped me relax and put me in the mood to workout and then get back to work! 

Do what works for you, but try. The key is to try. 

  • Treat yourself to something nice and pamper yourself. 

I just did this today! When I was loading up my cart for pickup from Target, I got myself a cute shirt from A New Day for $12.00. 

I also got my daughter’s 2 cat & jack shirts. There was so rhyme or reason, I just wanted to grab something new and cute to wear. 

You work hard and getting yourself something new can boost your mood. Go for it and treat yourself. 

  • Skin-care is so important and you should treat yourself in order to maintain your skincare. 

A facial cleansing brush is necessary when you’re using makeup daily. I use makeup a lot and it can be hard to just wipe off with plain old makeup remover wipes.

In all honesty, it’s not good for your skin either so a cleansing brush is necessary. Rubbing your makeup off without one isn’t a good idea for your skin. 

More of the 20 super simple self-care ideas. 

  • Read a book you’ve been waiting to read. 
  • Bake yourself a pie with a new recipe you’ve been wanting to try out. 
  • Light some delicious smelling scented candles to relax and unwind. 
  • Read blog posts from your favorite writers. 

Reading blog posts is such a nice thing to do for the blogging community! We all have our favorite bloggers that we love to check on and see what’s newly posted. 

When you have some spare time, reading up on their blogs is a must! I’ve done this various times to show my support for the blogging community. 

Liking and sharing can also keep a blogger going. It truly helps a blogger whenever you do this!

  • Make yourself a crockpot chicken noodle soup. 

This is a cozy and delicious way to treat yourself while your home and wanting some comfort food. I like to check out Pinterest for more cozy comfort food recipes and make a list. 

There’s nothing like comfort food for a cozy and relaxing self-care day. Honestly, whenever it’s cold I make a list of crockpot foods to whip up. 

The last of the simple self-care ideas to do at home. 

  • Take a stroll around your neighborhood and admire all the festive decorations.

My daughters and I love to do this during wintertime. It’s nice to see everyone decorate their homes for display and we just love to go outside and admire during our walk! 

That’s it for the simple self-care ideas to try out. I truly hope you’ve enjoyed these ideas. 

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