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Self care workbook

Self care workbook. 

self care workbook

Are you looking for an amazing self care workbook? You’ve come to the right place. 

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Do you find yourself overwhelmed, overworked, anxious, and stressed out? It could be that you aren’t taking the time to put yourself first. 

I get it because it happens to me too. As a busy full-time blogging mom that also homeschools, it’s easy to put me last and forget to take good care of myself. 

I’ve been there. Trust me, I know how you feel. 

Wouldn’t it be amazing if you could feel well-rested, balanced, efficient, and happier? My self-care workbook is designed just for that reason. 

This self-care workbook will help you put yourself first, take care of yourself, and be a happier you. I designed this self-care workbook with the sole intention of helping you take the time to appreciate and value yourself. 

You can’t help others if you can’t even help yourself. Overworking yourself won’t help you be your best self. 

This self-care workbook is so amazing. 

Honestly, I love this self-care workbook and I use it all the time. The design is something I just love. 

This 16-page workbook includes: 

  • Instant digital download
  • Daily self-care page
  • Daily self-care check-in
  • Positive affirmations
  • Monthly self-care goals
  • Self-care calendar
  • Self-care journaling cards
  • Self-care check-in
  • Weekly reflection 
  • Self-care worksheets

Grab your self-care workbook here!!

Why is self-care so important? 

Making time for yourself is essential to a well balanced and happy life. In life, we go through so much daily. 

Sometimes, I go through many busy seasons and I do feel rundown. This workbook is so very helpful for me to have in my planner. 

Just having this workbook inside of my planner reminds me to take the time to put myself first by checking in on myself. We’re used to leading busy and productive lives. 

But, sometimes it is necessary to take a breath and take a break. If you aren’t reflecting on your life and taking note of your progress, that’s not good. 

There needs to be time to practice self-care and to take note of your progress. It’s also a good time to remind yourself of what you need to work on. 

This workbook helps you do just that. That’s why I find it so helpful.

That and there’s a ton of inspiration in it as well. 

This self-care workbook is life-changing. 

Having a self-care workbook honestly helps to put things into perspective. To me, having this on paper just makes it more real.

Just like anything on your planner, you’re going to want to check off that task. Sometimes, that’s all the push we need to get up and actually get started on our self-care routine. 

There have been times where I just sit there and think about having my nails done but I feel a little lazy and won’t get it done. The self-care workbook will remind you of the benefits of putting yourself first. 

A lot of us know that self-care is popular and we like the cute images and all. However, we don’t commit to practicing it and that throws our self-care and well-being off track. 

I’m going to share some of my self-care ideas with you so you can get more of a sense of the importance of self-care. Don’t forget that the more you put off your self-care, the worse it is on your well being. 

The purpose of this self-care workbook. 

As a busy work from home mom, I know I need to prioritize self-care. However, I wasn’t doing it! 

I was so busy doing ALL the mom and work things that I wasn’t prioritizing self-care. What I did realize was that every time I put something in my planner system, I checked it off.

Since my planner system helped me so much I decided to create the ultimate self-care workbook. It took me a while to make and I put everything I wanted and could think of for self-care.  

Having these pages printed just helps remind me that my self-care time is important. You can’t do all the work and mom things without taking the time to relax and recharge. 

One of the ways I enjoy self-care is through using relaxing face masks and treating myself to an at-home manicure. I also treat myself to a cute outfit and boots once in a while. 

Generally, a warm and relaxing cup of tea will soothe me very well. I like to collect beautiful mugs to drink my tea out of and it gives me happiness when I do that. 

I hope you enjoy this self-care workbook. 

Honestly, I do love this workbook and I’d love to hear back from you if you did too. Feel free to comment down below or e-mail and tell me what you think! 

I will be coming out soon with another self-care product. I’m not sure yet if it will be an ebook but I’m leaning towards another workbook just because I love creating my own printables so much. 

Not only are printables super useful but they’re beautiful to look at. You can check out my planner printable shop if you want more beautiful printables for your planner. 

I use all of those printables in my own planner! Feel free to follow me @mrsplanahead on Instagram for more planner inspiration. 

God bless and until next time,





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