self care sunday
Self Care

Self Care Sunday

Self care Sunday.

Se;f care sunday

Are you looking for a self care Sunday routine you’ll love? You’ve come to the right place.

It’s such a relief when the week is finishing out and on Friday I always thank God for blessing me with yet another week.

Everyone loves the weekend and I am no different. As a busy work from home mom of two, I look forward to resting from all the carpool and waking up early.

My children get tired too throughout the week. So, I have a few great ideas on how to spend your self care Sunday.

I have also included a free printable. Let’s go ahead and dive in.

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15 Ideas for Self care Sunday.

Download your free printable here: 

Self Care Sunday

  • Listen to relaxing music on Pandora and make your bed slowly, AFTER sleeping in. 

self care sunday

Personally, I don’t want to wake up early at all during my self care Sunday. This can be very difficult for me to do as a mother of two, but I do try my best to sleep in and at least rest in my bed an extra hour or so.

My kids LOVE hearing Pandora stations while I make beds and get them ready for their day. There’s just something so relaxing about listening to music when you first wake up.

  • Drink a glass of water to hydrate. 

Part of self care means to take care of yourself. I’m a huge advocate for self care, if you don’t know that already. Drinking water is very important to stay hydrated.

I’m not a fan of drinking water and I do make a little tracker daily in my planner that reminds me to try to fill in those bubbles as I drink water throughout the day.

You can also slice up a lemon, add ice, and make your water a little more bearable to drink.

Pampering yourself is essential for a self care Sunday.

self care Sunday

  • Apply a face mask.

I’m picky about which face masks I use, but Target has awesome and affordable ones that I love to use. They’re usually around three dollars.

You can also opt to check out some home made face mask recipes that are all natural and healthy, and do those too.

  • Clip your nails and give yourself a manicure.

There are times when I love to just paint my nails with simple polish and a coat of shine, but there are also times where I love to apply fake nails.

You can purchase these amazing great quality fake nails from Red Aspen here:Pop on, pop off, reuse and customize your mani with Red Aspen Nail Dashes! Shop our champagne glitter Nail Dashes now!

  • Update your journal and spend some time doodling. 

Journaling is my creative outlet where I can express myself and can put down illustrations I have in my head on paper. There’s nothing like a good creative brain dump on a self care Sunday.

When I journal, I don’t tend to keep it boring. Some days I prayer journal and other days I print out photos of that day for memory.

Sometimes, I just doodle quotes or cut out some scrapbook paper and write my favorite Bible verse.

More self care ideas for a Sunday.

  • Read your Devotional.

Reading your Devotional on a Sunday is a great idea. If you don’t have a Devotional or a Bible, I highly recommend you get one.

I like to keep my faith in tact by reading up on God’s word. If you are in need of an affordable Bible or Devotional you can purchase one here

  • Write a new blog post and share it. 

If you’re a blogger make sure you’re sharing your posts! And catch up on social media sharing and even if you AREN’T a blogger you can always update your status on Facebook and let your friends and family know how you’re spending your self care Sunday!

  • Take a bubble bath. 

self care sunday

  • Update your planner.

Updating your planner is key for the upcoming week.

self care Sunday

To me, updating my planner weekly reduces anxiety and the clutter going on in my head for the upcoming week. I’m a planner girl and I need to have my weekly meal plan ready.

Basically, my schedule needs to be planned out. And I use a bullet journal system currently, but that can be overwhelming at times.

Sometimes, it can be easier to have a planner just ready to go, especially if you’re a busy bee. The Erin Condren life planner is a great planner.

Also, there are so many different types of planners, too. She has such a great variety, purchase your Erin Condren life planner here :

  • Do a light clean up of your room. 

This is a great time to pick up laundry off of the floor and clean up your desk. Toss old paperwork away and clean up a little.

Make sure you open up your room and let the sunshine in.

The rest of the 15 self care Sunday ideas.

self care Sunday

  • Take a nap. 

On very busy Sunday’s, my husband and I will take a nap. My oldest will be drawing and coloring next to us while my youngest naps.

However, this doesn’t usually happen! They love being up on the weekends ALL day long. Enjoy your nap if you can! I know I would on a Sunday.

  • Delete old and unwanted emails. 

Does anyone ever get annoyed with ALL those unread and unwanted emails? I sure do.

Do yourself a favor and slowly start deleting! You’ll feel better checking your email throughout the week and getting rid of unwanted emails.

  • Text and call back your friends and family members.

I love catching up on Sunday’s. Also, I’ve noticed a lot of my friends and family members do too.

However, even just a happy five minute conversation can really brighten your day.

self care sunday


  • Pray.

Remember to thank God for letting you have such a great Sunday. Honestly, so many times we forget to thank God.

And we really shouldn’t. Say a prayer of thanks and don’t forget to pray for your loved ones to God.

He loves you and wants to hear from you.

  • Go outside and enjoy nature.

self care sunday

Everyone is always running errands throughout the week, I know I am! Why not spend some time admiring nature instead?

God made this beautiful world and we should take some time to appreciate it. Go on a walk, run, or just sight seeing.

Take a break from looking at your phone and enjoy the fresh air for a change.

I hope this post has helped you relax on your peaceful Sunday. God bless and until next time,



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