self care sunday
Self Care

Self Care Sunday

Self-care Sunday.

self care sunday

Are you looking for a self-care Sunday routine you’ll love? You’ve come to the right place.

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It’s such a relief when the week is finishing out and on Friday I always thank God for blessing me with yet another week. I look forward to the weekend so much!!

Everyone looks forward to the weekend and I am no different. As a busy work from home mom of two, I look forward to resting from blogging all week long and homeschooling my girls.

My children get tired too throughout the week. So, I have a few great ideas on how to spend your self-care Sunday pampering yourself and focusing on YOU.

I have also included a free printable you can print out for yourself and place in your planner to remind you to take some time for yourself. Let’s go ahead and dive right into these self-care ideas.

Amazing self-care workbook.

self care sunday

My self-care workbook is filled with 16 pages dedicated to your self-care needs. 

This 16-page workbook includes: 

  • Instant digital download
  • Daily self-care page
  • Daily self-care check-in
  • Positive affirmations
  • Monthly self-care goals
  • Self-care calendar
  • Self-care journaling cards
  • Self-care check-in
  • Weekly reflection 
  • Self-care worksheets

I designed this workbook with the sole purpose of helping you put yourself first. Make sure to grab it, you’ll love it!

Grab your self-care workbook here!!

15 Ideas for Self-care Sunday.

  • Listen to relaxing music on Pandora and make your bed slowly, AFTER sleeping in. 

Personally, I don’t want to wake up early at all during my self-care Sunday. This can be very difficult for me to do as a mother of two, but I do try my best to sleep in and at least rest in my bed an extra hour or so.

I’m always on the go every day of the week. Making sure I take my time on the weekends gives me a little relief that works in favor of my mental health.

My kids LOVE hearing Pandora stations while I make beds and get them ready for their day. There’s just something so relaxing about listening to music when you first wake up.

You can also choose to listen to a podcast. I love to listen to country music or podcasts in the morning to start my day off right.

  • Drink a glass of water to hydrate. 

This is the cutest mom water bottle ever. Drink your water with this super cute mom life water bottle!

Self Care is important for your body.

Part of self-care means taking care of yourself. I’m a huge advocate for self-care if you don’t know that already.

Drinking water is very important to stay hydrated. I always have a cup of tea brewing as soon as I am up.

This is my favorite YETI mug to drink out of with my tea. My favorite color is coral for my YETI’s at home!

What I do now is I fill up a big glass of ice-cold water (in a water bottle) right next to my tea. This helps me remember that even though tea has water IN it, I still need to drink more water to keep myself hydrated.

I have a tendency to not like to drink plain water. Sometimes I buy flavored water too, depending on the season.

I’m not a fan of drinking water and I do make a little tracker daily in my planner that reminds me to try to fill in those bubbles as I drink water throughout the day.

You can also slice up a lemon, add ice, and make your water a little more bearable to drink. I’ve gotten used to drinking water and it’s helped me to lose weight.

As long as you keep trying and get used to drinking water and staying hydrated, you will be doing yourself a huge favor. My skin has also cleared up and I am not as hungry as I usually am during meals.

Pampering yourself is essential on a Self Care Sunday.

I’m picky about which face masks I use, but Amazon has some awesome ones that I love to use. Honestly, I prefer to get the ones in packs to last me a while before ordering again.

You can also opt to check out some homemade face mask recipes that are all-natural and healthy, and do those too. I have been wanting to try that for the longest time!

  • Clip your own nails and give yourself a manicure/ pedicure.

I do my own gel nails at home and I love my pink UV nail dryer because it works so well! Not just that, but I have had a good experience with the Rosalind nail polish set. 

My polish took so long before starting to chip! The best gel polish I have used so far is this OPI nail polish.

I’ve recently gotten into doing my own gel polish nails since I’m constantly typing. As a full-time work from home mom, I feel like I’m always washing something and rushing to type.

You can get your own gel polish kit and a UV light to save yourself some cash! I love painting my own nails.

  • Update your journal and spend some time doodling. 

Journaling is my creative outlet where I can express myself and can put down illustrations I have in my head on paper. There’s nothing like a good creative brain dump on a self-care Sunday.

When I journal, I don’t tend to keep it boring. Some days I prayer journal and other days I print out photos of that day for memory.

You don’t have to journal a ton if you don’t want to. I love to have a pretty journal to write in.

Sometimes, even note-taking can be a form of journaling. You can even just jot down a few thoughts.

If you need journal prompts to help you start writing, I can help. I have gratitude journal prompts and self-discovery journal prompts. 

On my planner, I’ll constantly have some side notes going on or a memory written in there. Since I love planning and keep all of my planners, I find myself looking back on them quite frequently.

Sometimes I’ll just doodle quotes, whatever comes to mind, or cut out up some scrapbook paper and write out my favorite Bible verses.

More self-care ideas for a Sunday.

  • Read your Devotional.

Reading your Devotional on a Sunday is a great idea. If you don’t have a devotional or a Bible, I highly recommend you get one.

You can also download a free Devotional app to your phone and read it from there every day. I use Daily inspirations and it includes a daily free devotional with a journal to answer a prompt.

Just go to your app store on your phone and search for free devotional Bible apps. I’m sure it will pop up!

  • Write a new blog post and share it. 

If you’re a blogger make sure you’re sharing your posts on Facebook or Twitter. And catch up on social media sharing and even if you AREN’T a blogger you can always update your status on Facebook and let your friends and family know how you’re spending your self-care Sunday!

Make sure you’re sharing your blog post onto Pinterest. Creating new pins helps so much to get you more page views and subscribers!

  • Take a bubble bath. 
  • Update your planner.

I use a bullet journal planning system and I absolutely love the staology’s that they sell on Amazon. Since I use so much paper I go through these quite often.

I try to get 6 months into one 365 day staology but sometimes, I can only fit five months into it. This staology is absolutely amazing to bullet journal in!

To me, updating my planner weekly reduces anxiety and the clutter going on in my head for the upcoming week. I’m a planner girl and I need to have my weekly meal plan ready to go.

Basically, my schedule needs to be planned out. And I use a bullet journal system currently, but that can be overwhelming at times.

Sometimes, it can be easier to have a planner just ready to go, especially if you’re a busy bee. It’s helpful to keep a small monthly calendar in your purse to not forget important dates.

  • Do a light clean up of your room. 

This is a great time to pick up laundry off the floor and clean up your desk. Toss old paperwork away and clean up a little.

Make sure you open up your room and let the sunshine in. A darkened room can’t let the sunshine in!!

Free self-care Sunday printable down below!

Download your free printable here. Make sure to subscribe and you’ll get the password you need to grab this free printable sent directly to your e-mail: 

self care sunday


The rest of the 15 self-care Sunday ideas.

  • Take a nap. 

On very busy Sundays, my husband and I will end up having to take a nap. My oldest will be drawing and coloring next to us while my youngest naps.

However, this really doesn’t usually happen! They love being up on the weekends ALL day long.

Enjoy your nap if you can! I know I would on a Sunday.

  • Delete old and unwanted emails. 

Do you ever find yourself getting annoyed with ALL those unread and unwanted emails? I sure do.

Do yourself a favor and slowly start deleting! You’ll feel better checking your email throughout the week and getting rid of unwanted emails.

Make sure to unsubscribe to places you want to and keep forgetting to do so! That has happened to me way too often.

All that leads to is a ton of extra e-mails you’ll have to delete later anyway. Get a head start on it now.

Keep your mind and heart clear of negativity.

There are a lot of negative people out there who can try to ruin your peace. It’s important to keep your mind and heart clear of all that negativity.

You don’t need any negative vibes around you when you are trying to recharge, relax, and focus on YOU. Because you do matter, despite what others may think or say.

  • Take the time to text and call back your friends and family members.

I love catching up on basically everything on Sundays. Also, I’ve noticed a lot of my friends and family members do too.

However, even just a happy five-minute conversation can really brighten your day and the day of your loved ones. They miss you too during the work week!

  • Pray.

Remember to thank God for letting you have such a great Sunday. Honestly, so many times we forget to thank God.

And we really shouldn’t. Say a prayer of thanks and don’t forget to pray for your loved ones to God.

He loves you and wants to hear from you.

  • Go outside and enjoy nature.

Everyone is always running errands throughout the week, I know I am! Why not spend some time admiring nature instead?

God made this beautiful world and we should take some time to appreciate it. Go on a walk, run, or just sightseeing.

Self-care means enjoying yourself.

Take a break from looking at your phone and enjoy the fresh air for a change. Putting away your phone is key to enjoying nature and relaxing.

I can’t enjoy my kids or the weather if I’m constantly checking my phone. Being on your phone 24/7 may seem very appealing (I know I find it addicting) but honestly, you need to clear your head every once in a while.

To me, being off my phone at least once a week is so refreshing. I find myself able to recharge. This makes me so happy afterward.

Quite often when we are out and about, I take pictures of my kids. Sometimes, I am so focused on getting the perfect picture that I’m kind of ruining everyone’s good time.

That’s something to take into consideration. Just because you want to be on your phone all of the time, doesn’t mean others enjoy that!

I’ve learned to snap a quick picture but not focus too much on it. It’s more important than my family and I have a good time and get to unwind, rather than get the perfect picture.

I truly hope this post has helped you relax on your peaceful Sunday. Remember, self-care doesn’t need to wait for just every Sunday.

You can definitely have self-care days more often than just once a week. In fact, if I could I really would! 

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