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Schedule for homeschool

Schedule for homeschool.

schedule for homeschool

Are you struggling with creating a schedule for homeschool that actually WORKS? You’re not alone! I’ve been on the struggle bus too, mom.

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These last few weeks I’ve been struggling between creating the perfect schedule for my first grader and it being able to work with my toddler. It’s been hard because Ella fusses and cries because she wants my attention and Eva needs mine too in order to get her school work done.

Sibling squabbles have occurred and I’ve had my share of headaches from breaking these up! Still, I put on my positive mom’s face and figured out their best homeschool schedule.

I thought long and hard before creating this post because no schedule or routine is perfect. There are some that work and some that don’t, so it’s important to test them out first.

What’s helped me start everything out is my favorite planner, where I have plenty of space to write out all of my personal tasks and my daughter’s assignments.

Mrsplanahead is meant to help all moms out there. So, let’s dive deeper into this schedule.

Creating the perfect homeschool schedule isn’t easy.

Let me tell you, it’s hard to create a great homeschool schedule for multiple kids. However, I’m here to let you know it’s not impossible.

I had a lot of fun testing out different homeschool schedules and I finally found the one that works for my children. I’m sharing this homeschool schedule with you in hopes that it helps you create one (or copy) for your child.

I’ll go ahead and include a free printable that you can download and print. You’ll be able to edit this and customize it as your own if you want.

I’m going to make the printable super basic because we all have different aged children. I really hope this homeschooling printable helps you, busy moms, out.

Tape it to your fridge to see it daily as you go about your day. I always need to see a schedule out in front of me to remind myself what to do while rushing about preparing snacks and lesson plans.

Working from home AND homeschooling IS possible.

Any work from home moms out there right now? It’s HARD isn’t it? Or is it just me?!

What if I told you that there’s a way to actually homeschool your child, take care of your fussy toddler, AND get all of your work done? Guess what?

It’s true because I do this Monday through Friday. I do share the importance of having days off work for your mental health. To me, it’s necessary to have the weekend off in order to recharge and clear my mind.

Also, it helps to be a hundred percent for my family. And that’s KEY for you busy moms. Setting a schedule is exactly what you need to do!

Can’t hold yourself accountable? Do you find yourself unable to actually finish your to-do list? Because same.

Start setting those alarm clocks. Timers need to become your best friend.

Setting alarms/timers keeps me on track. My timing may not be perfect each and every day, but it does keep me on schedule and that’s what matters most.

This is my favorite watch that helps me stay on track and on time. I also like to use this to write out my daughter’s day on her desk.

Working from home is perfect for homeschooling moms.

Working from home gives me a chance to take care of my children and still make an income from home. It helps me mentally to feel productive and still contribute to the household financially.

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Schedule for homeschool.

First off, make sure to subscribe below for your free printable for this daily homeschool schedule:

schedule for homeschool

It’s pretty self-explanatory what we do on Monday through Friday looking at the schedule above. I was following my morning routine pretty much on the dot before recent events took place.

However, I do have some extra tips and why I found this schedule great that works for my family. And why it’s important to plan fun activities for your kids and schedule them breaks throughout the day.

Picking what works for your child is best.

Not every child is the same. I’ve been seeing a ton of suggestions on blogs for a homeschool routine lately.

Though they were very helpful, I had to create my own to fit both of my children’s needs. Which is what you should do.

This printable isn’t editable, unfortunately. My advice is to have a reading and a learning activity first. The morning right after breakfast is the perfect time to read.

Reading fluently is very beneficial for kids. I like to read often to mine but first thing in the morning after breakfast, reading is great to get done first.

When you have a younger child make sure you’re able to still keep them entertained while the oldest has a quiet place to learn.

That’s key. What works for Ella is limited screen time, participating with us during reading time, and having plenty of toys to play with while we get some learning done.

Getting fresh air daily can help your child learn better.

I noticed Eva’s least favorite subject is writing (currently, because every year it tends to change). In order to help her, I’ve noticed when I take her outside for fresh air, a chance to run and stretch her legs, she does much better in coming back in ready to learn more.

Make sure you’re paying attention to what your child’s favorite subjects are and their least favorite ones. That way when you create their schedule you know which times are best to do those subjects.

I highly believe having a rest break at least once helps your child’s mood. If you notice they’re annoyed or frustrated, chances are they need a break.

We all need breaks, even as adults. Just like we get rest breaks and lunch, they need them too. Even if they are just at home.

For an outside time, you really don’t need to go ALL out or do anything extra. Think practically.

A walk outside, chalk time, bubble time, gardening, and so much more! Split their activities up every half an hour and make it only an hour.

Don’t forget you are homeschooling and it’s not a weekend day. They need a regular P.E. schedule.

About that daily extra activity, IT HELPS!

I know plenty of parents who don’t think extra activities are necessary daily with their kids. Some days, Ella’s terrible two’s come out and I’m done for the day.

My oldest can tell when Ella has worn me out, which is why I try to avoid that from happening daily. Being a stay at home mom can be rough so it is important to take care of your mental health daily.

Still, I try as hard as I possibly can to set aside a fun hour for Eva daily because homeschooling can be tough. There aren’t other children to play with besides her little sister.

It’s not always fun to play with your little sister who’s teething. Cut your kids some slack if some days they are acting way too silly or giving you attitude.

Here are some fun options to have for your daily extra activity. Not every day has to include a Pinterest activity.

There are other options and fun items to have on hand at your home. We love playing puzzles, board games, card games, and more!

Have patience with your children when homeschooling.

Be kind to your children and realize this is hard on them too. Try to make their homeschooling experience one they’ll appreciate you later in life for.

Every Sunday I let Eva pick a fun activity. This makes her so happy! Not only can she pick out craft projects she’s been waiting to do but it gives her something to look forward to every day.

Have your child write down their choice of fun activity on the family calendar hanging on the wall. This makes them feel like their “fun time” is important and means something to the family.

Give them a break too, when you feel like they need it. Whenever I see my kids getting frustrated I will stop and put on their favorite movie.

Not just that, I’ll give them cuddles and some attention. Half the time the girls just want to play tea party with mom first and THEN they’ll stick to the routine after.

You have to be supportive and kind. Make sure you’ve got a ton of patience with this homeschooling routine.

Feel free to change your schedule for homeschool whenever.

You really can’t confine a schedule to a growing child. I make changes to our schedules and routines all of the time.

Ella used to nap early in the mornings for about two hours. Now that she’s two, I’ve pushed her nap towards a late one because she doesn’t want to nap in the morning anymore.

It’s not ideal for everyone to be quiet around the late afternoon, but honestly, I don’t mind it! Without a nap, toddlers can become cranky. However, my oldest quit napping at age one.

Every child is different. And siblings can be a little harder to deal with but if you help them get along, it’s actually a lot of fun to have more than one kid in your home!!

There is freedom that comes with homeschooling. If anyone tells you otherwise, I’d say that’s false.

You do have more time to spend together as a family. A LOT more time.

You will have more than enough time to spend with your children. Planning family trips just became a whole lot simpler.

That being said, homeschooling isn’t for every family. I’m just sharing my thoughts and personal opinion on it.

It just happens to work for my family. Not every day is easy, though.

Plan your homeschool schedule when the kids are asleep.

I highly recommend planning out your schedule for homeschool when your kids are sleeping. Why?

Because sometimes you need a clear mind and no tiny voice calling, “Mommy, mommy, mommy” in the background. When they’re asleep I like to review the day and pinpoint any areas I need to cover.

Taking notes in your planner doesn’t hurt either. I will make a note with any breakdowns, tantrums, or any difficult times.

I will forget otherwise. I’ll look back on these notes at the end of the week and see if we need to make any changes to our schedule.

Or I can figure out a way to help my child out so they have a more positive homeschooling experience. Taking notes and creating this schedule during naptime was how I came up with this schedule for homeschool.


I hope this post helped you in your homeschooling journey, mama. Remember to have patience and don’t forget that it’s okay to take breaks.

Your child may need them and so will you! Just breathe in and out during the hard times and say a quick prayer to God.

Praying to God really helps me during meltdowns and temper tantrums. I couldn’t do homeschooling and work from home without Him!

Don’t forget that a schedule for homeschool will help you out so much in the long run. You need to have one (printed and taped to the fridge) and try your hardest to stick to it.

Consistency is great for your children to learn from you. With that being said, cherish all the memories that come with homeschooling.

So, have fun planning out your homeschool schedule!

Let me know how it goes,

Until next time,





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