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Scavenger hunts for kids

Scavenger hunts for kids.

Scavenger hunts for kids are so much fun and entertaining! My children absolutely love them and it keeps them on their toes with something to do while we’re out enjoying some fresh air.

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Whenever we are stuck at home or even just on a walk, I like to pull out a scavenger hunt that I’ve printed out to keep them entertained. I’ve noticed on some of our more repetitive walks that my babies seem to want to chatter and start to complain about how they need a break (even though we just started walking).

I’ve tried many different ways to keep my children entertained during our walks. Lately, it’s been hard to keep them happy since we do much of the same routine Monday through Friday.

You see, that’s how I get most of my steps in when I’m outside. Simply by walking. As a work from home mom, I don’t get as much exercise in as I’d like.

When I’m not busy watching my kiddos, I am definitely working on my website or creating new products. Either way, I do like to be outside with the kids and it is a positive experience.

My children don’t always want to walk mom’s boring old normal walk routine. I do have a preference for where I like to walk. So, compromises must be met!

When your children need a new activity!

I have made my kids their own scavenger hunts for many years. However, we love using this.

My kids love them and it’s so convenient to be able to use a dry erase board marker to be able to reuse them. Seriously, it makes life so much easier.

I hope you enjoy them. The other day I had my headphones in and my girls and I were going on our normal route for a walk.

This time I noticed my oldest seemed very bored and we hadn’t even started walking yet. Ella doesn’t really get bored because she’s still little and just enjoys looking around.

I thought to myself that it was time to make these walks a little more fun and enjoyable for Eva. When Eva was little I used to hand-draw her scavenger hunts all of the time.

She didn’t really like them hand-drawn for some reason, which is why I prefer to grab these ahead of time and use them instead. Kids can be picky and let’s be honest, my drawing skills aren’t the best.

It’s important to pay attention to your children’s needs.

Mom guilt is real. Whenever I am working on my blog, I often worry that I should be playing with my kids.

Of course, whenever I’m working on my blog they are busy with their tasks. Still, we all know kids want their moms doing all the tasks with them too (surprise, not).

My oldest is usually busy with homeschooling and my youngest is entertained by her toys. Still, the working from home mom guilt can be strong.

I will be coming out with a blog post soon about that. Don’t forget to subscribe to receive a notification when that one is out!

Mrsplanahead is where I focus on marriage tips, activities for kids, parenting posts, blogging mom tips and ideas, and much more. Lifestyle blogging is why I enjoy blogging because of the variety.

The reason that I love being a work from home mom and homeschooling is that it gives me more time to spend with them and to notice when my children get upset. And I do try hard as I can to keep them happy.

Scavenger hunts for kids are fun but there are so many more activities out there!

I know many parents who struggle to keep their children entertained when stuck at home or on a rainy day. Though the iPad and other electronics are a go-to, I love to think of many creative games.

Screen time in my home is limited. Though I used to let the television play in the background, ever since our journey into homeschooling began, I quit doing leaving the T.V. on.

Having the television on in the background really limits my children and prevents them from fully focusing. They don’t complete their chores or tasks that they need to accomplish.

Rather than fight them on it, I realize even I have trouble completing a work task if the television is still on. Who can complete a blog post when Friends is on?

Exactly. Plus, you save on your electric bill. Win/win, am I right?

My children love to play Guess Who, card games, do puzzles, and much more. It just takes a little extra time to plan out these fun activities.

As fun as it is to play with your kids, you are only human. If you’re a work from home mom that homeschools also, we know how hard it can be to ALSO include hours of playtime with your kiddos.

So, keep in mind that it’s wise to set time limits. That’s why I set a rule with my oldest. Exercising is always an hour and so is fun activity time with mom.

For example, with the scavenger hunt printables, I printed two copies and saved the outdoor scavenger hunts for future walks. Not only that, I ask Eva on Sunday nights what fun activity she wants to do daily (with a time limit of an hour) and also a fun P.E. activity.

Planning ahead for the week is so helpful to just refer back on during the day. I’m usually busy with all I have to do, I need to have everything written down to help my day go by smoothly.

Create new scavenger hunts with your kids and draw out other new games.

When Eva was younger, she went through a tic tac toe phase. She was so into that game!

I remember I found it pretty redundant but I still enjoyed playing with her. We used to play for an hour over and over again.

Children go through phases. Now, playing tic tac toe bores her. But, playing tic tac toe only required me to sketch it out on paper.

No money, no extra-ness. All she needed was my time, attention, and effort. Chances are that’s what your child wants all of the time.

Not only that, but she went through a workbook phase. She loved doing extra work with me at home. Now that she is homeschooled, she doesn’t enjoy that as much as she did back when she was younger.

Both my girls now love me reading them chapter books right before bedtime. They used to love me reading short stories and many of them. But they changed their mind and now enjoy me reading them longer stories daily.

This is the storybook I recently got my girls. And another I have used before that we have been using for years!!

My youngest is going through a Fancy nancy phase! But for the most part, they love all things, Disney.

Kids change constantly, so just know that when you take the time to pay attention to them, though it seems tedious, it’s well worth it. You’ll find yourself looking back at those memories with a smile on your face.

All games don’t need to be purchased from the store, you can sketch them out. Don’t forget there’s “I spy” and other verbal games too.

Spending time with your children is most important of all.

Honestly, God is good. I know I’m blessed to have my children even though it can be challenging to keep them happy and content at times.

Keeping your kids entertained at home is a good thing, as long as you’re spending time with them. The reason I like to think of creative games with them like scavenger hunts is that it allows me to have more time with them and it is fun for them.

Being a mom gives me so much happiness inside. I struggled at first being a stay at home mom when Eva was born and I go into more detail in my book: It takes a Break.

You can purchase it down below if you’re a stay at home mom struggling to find happiness within and are searching for your purpose.

Being a stay at home mom takes a lot of patience, time, attention, and love. It’s difficult to always be “happy mom” and try to find ways to keep our children and spouses happy.

This isn’t an easy job we signed up to do and I’m here to tell you that you don’t need to feel bad if you can’t accomplish everything you wanted to do at all. You deserve a break, mama.

Nobody expects you to be perfect. Take deep breaths when you feel like you need a break. And just to let you know, everyone needs a break.

Even moms. I love my kids but sometimes I need time to myself and an outlet.

This is why I blog, write, and do what makes me happy for a living. I encourage you to do the same because life is too short to not love what you do for a living.

God appreciates all the hard work you do, mama. Even if it seems like nobody appreciates you, understands you, or gets you, He does.

Don’t doubt the love God has for you. Also, know that your spouse and children appreciate you so much for what you do daily for them.

Fun activities for kids are a must and scavenger hunts never hurt!

Even though you’re a busy parent, don’t forget that your children love to have fun! I mean, education is important, I know this.

However, kids need some fun time and I have so much fun playing with my kiddos! Even if you’re not one to play with your kids, you can always try.

There are times when I don’t want to play with Eva when Ella is napping. Why? Because I’m tired, need to do something for my blog, or create a new product for my Etsy shop.

That’s not good for kids though! And I do want her to remember mommy as someone who played with her even though dolls do not entertain me.

I notice some parents are REALLY good at playing with their kids. My husband is like that. He likes to have fun and play around.

I’m more studious and quiet, and just plain old boring to my kiddos. So, it does require effort on my part but I do it anyway because I sure do love them!

Just try playing with them even though you don’t really want to. You’ll cherish the memories afterward, I promise. And it will all be worth it.


You guys, I know it’s not easy being a mom. We all have our hard days and our great, amazing, and fun days.

It never hurts to have a support group to vent to through your journey as a mother. Are you a mom blogger that wants to be apart of a supportive mom community?

Not just a community that talks blogging (though that’s what we have in common) but a community that also supports one another. A community that knows how tough it is to be a work from home mom and still run a business from home.

If this sounds like you, go ahead and join my new Facebook group for bloggers:  bloggers support group. Trust me when I say, you won’t regret it!

I’m trying to build this long-lasting community up and hopefully form friendships in the process. Women should help one another out, not tear each other down!

I hope this blog post helped you think of some new activities to do with your children while at home! My next blog post will be up soon, subscribe in order to get a notification of when it’s out!

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  1. A scavenger hunt it such a brilliant idea to keep the kids entertained and active, it’s great that you can do this indoors and make your own lists too! Thank you for sharing! Hope you have a lovely day <3 xx

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      Aw thank you, so kind <3 have a great day too!

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