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Saturday Coffee Break: May Wellness Check In

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Hello, all!

May wellness check in.

Welcome to another Saturday coffee break: May Wellness Check In. Thanks so much for stopping by. I hope you have all had a pleasant week. I sure have! It’s finally the weekend and as a busy mom I am looking forward to unwinding. We are nearing towards the end of the month of May and I absolutely can’t believe it! It’s crazy how fast this school year has flown on by.

May wellness check in

I can’t believe this month is almost over!

May has always been my favorite month because it’s my birthday month. However, for today’s topic I wanted to do a wellness check in. May has been a busy month for me. Between drop off’s and pick up’s, I’ve also had lots of dentist and doctor appointments in between for both kids! Not to mention myself. I’ve been a busy bee and also an exhausted one. It’s super hard putting the kids to sleep by myself night after night! My oldest is no problem at all, however my youngest is currently teething. She’s also headed straight for the terrible two’s. Pray for me!

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Regardless, even moms need a wellness check too. How have you felt lately? Have you made time to see an old friend and enjoy a refreshing cup of coffee together? If you haven’t, I know how that feels. However, I still make time to chat with my family despite the busy and hectic days. Of course, not everyday allows time to chat but it is definitely worth a shot. Just because you’re so busy with the kids, doesn’t mean you don’t need to check in on yourself!

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Summer vacation is almost here!

I am looking forward to summer break with my children and it’s RIGHT around the corner! Hooray! I’m very excited for this. I have some fun days planned with the family. I am also looking forward to much needed rest and a chance to breathe without such a timed schedule!

We could ALL use a summer vacation, am I right? Time to rest up and enjoy life. Plan some fun activities if you haven’t already. Do you have anything planned for yourself and your family? What are you looing forward to most this summer vacation? Or are you able to take a summer break at all? Let me know in the comments down below. Have a great rest of your weekend and get that sunscreen ready!

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