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Prayers for husband

Prayers for your husband.

prayers for husband

With so much going on daily in our lives, I like to say prayers for my husband all throughout the day. Are you looking for prayers for your husband?

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You’ve come to the right place. I’ve designed a free prayer printable that includes the prayers in card form so that you can put them in your planner or on your fridge, wherever you may need them to be.

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Whenever my husband goes to work every single day I say a prayer for him because I want God to keep him safe and well protected. A lot can happen in a day.

Once my husband had a work injury and that really scared us. So, I don’t just pray for my husband once a day anymore like I used to.

Now, I feel like I pray for him more than ever. My prayer journal comes in handy whenever I want to write these prayers down instead of saying them aloud.

10 prayers for your husband.

Dear Lord, please protect my husband while he’s out there making money for our household. Please keep him safe and well protected, Lord.

Bless him in the name of Jesus. Please make sure he gets home safely to his family each and every day.

Guide him in all of his ways Lord and make sure he walks in the path and direction you want him to walk in. Lord, please take care of my husband today.


I like to pray to God to keep my husband safe. One of the things I learned when my husband had his awful work accident, is that things can go wrong and very quickly.

Also, there’s nothing you can do about it. And that causes me to want to pray to God for his mercy and protection now more than ever.

Praying to God over my husband helps me calm down my nerves and anxiety. I also have learned to take refuge in the Lord and to trust him over things I know I cannot control.

Are you anxious because of everything on Earth that could possibly go wrong? Well, you aren’t alone, sis.

I am too. Eventually, we have to let go and let God take over. But, praying for our husband’s safety and wellbeing is never a bad thing.

It’s the absolute best we can do for them.

How should your prayers be for your husband?

That’s a tough one. We all pray differently.

Just make sure you’re in a clear and peaceful headspace and that your heart is filled with appreciation for the Lord. You want to be in a good state of mind when praying for someone else.

I’m sure that you know God takes care of your husband, you, and your family. There’s a lot to thank God for each and every day.

But you want to make sure you have respect for the Lord when praying over your husband’s day, peace, and safety for the entire day. I like to pray over him in the quiet of the morning when making our tea for the day and breakfast.

Do you what you feel is right, but remember that prayer for your husband should really be daily. Once you get into the habit of praying over him, you’ll feel much better-letting go of that anxiety when he walks out that door to start his long day.

Yes, you’re in the comfort of your home but he’s out there working pretty long hours. You can also pray for his health, mental health, wellbeing, and much more.

Keep prayer cards in your planner or around the house and pick them up to pray for him. I guarantee you that you’ll feel much better about things you cannot control.

Because we can’t do much about the outside world. All we can do is pray to God that he keeps our husbands safe and be able to come healthy and well to us home each day.

Sometimes, it helps to have prayers around your house to remind you of God’s grace. This beautiful wooden prayer for marriage is a reminder of God’s love.

Prayer to God for your husband’s health.

A lot of times I worry (because I am a natural worrier) for my husband’s health. You can pack all the healthy snacks and water because, at the same time, you want to make sure your husband is around as long as possible.

Pray for his health and encourage him to take care of himself. When he’s out there working, he also needs to be drinking water and eating healthy to keep himself hydrated and healthy.

I try to be a good wife for my husband by cooking him a healthy breakfast and packing him a healthy lunch. When he’s up every morning I chat with him and let him know I’m interested in the work he’s going to do today.

Dear Lord, please keep my husband healthy and motivated today. Let your light shine on him and keep him happy and confident during his workday.

Please help him take good care of himself and to stay hydrated throughout the day, Lord. Keep my husband healthy and strong.


My husband works in hard labor and I’m always worried about him during summertime, mostly on hot summer days. That’s when I seem to nag him an extra bit on taking his vitamins on time, drinking enough water, and eating plenty.

It’s okay to worry about your husband and want the best for him. It shows that you’re a kind and compassionate wife.

Prayers for your husband will help.

YES. Praying for your husband makes a world of a difference. To him and to you. 

First of all, it means a lot to him because you’re expressing your love for him by asking God to watch out for him and get him home safe to you. And it means a difference in your life because it’s calming down any anxieties you may have by placing your faith in the Utmost high, God.

You’re blessing your husband in the sense of praying for him. Praying to God for his safety and to take care of him is asking God to bless him.

Whenever I tuck my girls into bed at night, we always say our nightly prayers each night. We always include our family, loved ones, and friends in our prayer.

I read my girls this bedtime story Bible that helps them learn more about God. They love it.

Of course, we want to pray for Zach (my husband) and we ask for God to keep him healthy, strong, and safe out there while he works. Our prayers truly DO make a difference. 

God always tells us to just PRAY. In Psalms 6:9 the Bible KJV says, “The Lord hath heard my supplication; the Lord will receive my prayer.” 

God hears your prayer for your husband and he’ll receive it. All you have to do is pray it with an earnest heart and have faith in Him.

Prayer for fatherhood.

Since my husband works such long hours while I work from home and homeschool the girls, there seems like there aren’t enough hours in the day to keep us all spending quality time together.

We do set aside a full day out of the week to spend time together, but I like to pray to God for my husband to be a good father. I pray for him to be a good father the same way I pray for myself to be a good mother. 

Dear Lord, please help my husband be the best father that he can possibly be. I know he’s working long hours and it seems like there aren’t enough hours in the day, God.

Please don’t let time away affect the family negatively. In fact, help this bring us all closer together as a family and love each other more.

Please help my husband be a great dad to the kids and most importantly, be happy. Thank you for blessing us with Him and we pray for his wellbeing today.


Praying for your husband to be a great father every day is so good for your family. I always want my husband to be a good dad and to be happy, too.

Don’t forget that while he’s away working 40+ hours, the kids are missing him. And while you’re holding down the fort it can get a little overwhelming.

Praying to God for your husband to remain a great father despite working away for long hours is a great thing to do. I hope that those daily prayers have a positive impact on your life.

More prayers for your husband.

It’s important to pray for a good marriage every day when your husband heads out through that door for work daily. You want to make sure you ask God to bless your marriage, no matter where you both are at.

In the Bible KJV it says in Ephesians 5:23, “For the husband is the head of the wife, even as Christ is the head of the church: and he is the saviour of the body.” 

God lets us know in the Bible that our husbands are the head of the household. I like to pray to God to make sure my husband is keeping our marriage in mind daily, just like I am too.

Marriage is sacred and important, so we should be treating it as such. To pray for your marriage is one of the best things you can do for your husband and yourself.

Dear Lord, please help my husband keep our marriage in mind throughout the day. Please bless our marriage and keep it going strong and happy as always.

Help us communicate well with each other and be able to express ourselves to one another. Please continue to bless our marriage in the name of Jesus.


Prayer for finances.

In a marriage, it’s beneficial to have two people who know how to save and take care of their hard-earned money. Saying a prayer to God about this can help your finances and marriage stay on track.

As much as we all like to have nice things, it’s still important to save your money and not spend it all at once. With both of you practicing self-discipline and saving your money, you can be very successful together.

The fewer money issues you have, the fewer marital problems you will have with each other. God wants you to work together in a partnership like a team.

Work with one another instead of against each other. Keep that in mind while you’re both trying to decide how to manage your money monthly together.

Dear Lord, please help my husband make good and wise choices when it comes to our money. Please help me keep track of our money well and for us to both save it, too.

Lord, I pray for us to take care of what is ours and to work hard every single day, as it pleases you, in your eyes. Thank you Lord for our abundance in wealth and please continue to bless us.

In the name of Jesus,


Even more prayers for your husband.

When I pray to God for my husband to have respect, I also mean for him to have respect for God. It’s really important to me that my husband respect, love, and value God throughout our marriage.

To be respectful is a quality we can forget at times to have. I’m not saying I am 100% a great person, but I do try to be a good one.

In the Bible KJV it says in Ecclesiastes 7:13, “Consider the work of God: for who can make that straight, which he hath made crooked?” 

Dear Lord, please help my husband respect me and respect others today. Keep him calm and level headed as he goes about his day, Lord.

Please protect my husband and guide him in the path you want him to follow, God. I ask that you help my husband be respectful and in good spirits for the day. Amen.

Prayer for love and patience.

I like to pray for my husband and ask for a lot of love and patience in our marriage. Marriage isn’t easy, it’s a lot of hard work.

To me, praying for love and patience daily is one of the best things I can do for our marriage. Keeping God first in our marriage has helped us a lot throughout these 8 years.

In the Bible KJV it says in Colossians 3:19, “Husbands, love your wives, and be not bitter against them.”

It’s easy for husbands and wives to get into arguments. But it’s worth it to make a compromise and learn how to live together peacefully and happily.

Wives tend to nag a lot (am I right?) especially when we are also busy with work, raising our children, and keeping up with everything else. I really like that bible verse because it’s meant to remind husbands to not be bitter against their wives.

Dear Lord, I pray for love and patience towards my husband. I pray that I understand him and grow to cherish him more and more each day.

Please give my husband and me patience with each other as we navigate through the day. Please protect him and keep him safe.

Give us the patience to deal with each other in a happy and positive way. Please keep our marriage happy and well balanced.


More prayers for your husband.

Mental health is a huge part of our lives. It’s important to practice self-care routines for ourselves and keeping our mental health strong and happy as well.

Your husband goes through a lot, the same as you. Make sure you’re praying for his mental health and for him to have a positive outlook on life every single day.

What really helps me with my mental health is to make time to use my planner and to decorate it. Another thing that really helps me is to do my own nails from home.

Dear Lord, please help my husband be mentally strong and happy today. Help protect his mental health, Lord.

Please help him protect his heart and mind. Let anything that goes in there be a blessing from you, Lord.

Watch out for him and keep his mind healthy, Lord. Praise be to you.


Prayers for your husband’s outlook on life.

The way we look at life really can change our moods. If you are constantly negative, then it’s more than likely your outlook on life is negative.

That’s not helpful for our happiness. I make sure to pray to God for my husband to be positive, though, for the most part, he’s usually more positive than I am.

Dear Lord, please help my husband remain positive and happy during his day. Help remind him that you love him and cherish him.

Keep my husband’s spirits high and positive, Lord. I pray that he has a good day and others treat him kindly and with respect.

Let him have a good day and thank you, Lord.


Last of the 10 prayers for your husband.

Courage and confidence are important to have every single day. I can’t tell you how many times not having enough courage as a blogger affected my day.

And it only affected my day because I let it. It’s a nice gesture to pray for your husband to have courage and confidence.

Dear Lord, please help my husband have the courage he needs today. Let him be sure of his actions and make the right decisions today.

Please help my husband have the confidence he needs today to be the best version he can be of himself at work. Give him the courage and strength to be all that he can be.

Thank you, Lord, for taking care of him and I pray he has a good day.

In Jesus’s name, I pray, amen.


I truly help these 10 prayers for your husband have helped you pray for your husband. Praying for my husband helps me feel better throughout my day.

Just having faith that God will take care of him, me, and my children help give me a lot of inner peace and I pray it does for you as well.

I hope you enjoy the free printable (for personal use only). What’s next on mrsplanahead?

As promised for this month, I have two more marriage blog posts coming up. I’m really enjoying creating more marriage content, as you know it’s been a while since I did last.

Stay tuned and God bless.

Until next time,



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