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Positive Affirmations.

I’m here today to share the impact that speaking positive affirmations into my life has done for me. When you have dealt with negative Nancy’s around you for most of your entire life, it’s no wonder you aren’t the most positive person in the world. I don’t blame you. In addition, I haven’t been a positive presence for most of my life. It was hard to admit because I didn’t like to admit my flaws aloud to myself or to anyone.

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The day I decided to speak aloud my worth, my value, that is the day I felt alive again, I felt like God woke me up. I felt so brand new. I was so angry I remember for a whole entire week, the anger and stress was real. I felt as if I had a huge stress ball down in the pit of my stomach. I was mad at everyone and everything. In addition, I felt worthless, like I couldn’t do anything right or I wasn’t doing enough.

Something had to give. I downloaded audio books onto my phone one day after watching one of my favorite youtubers speak about positivity.

A simple book can help in so many ways. 

After listening to a pastor’s book while I was cleaning, taking care of my two young girls, always busy so audio books felt like a logical choice instead of trying to find quiet time to read. In addition I felt something that I haven’t felt in a long time. Peace. I opened my mouth and spoke, “ I am worthy. I am beautiful. I am confident. I am a child of God. I am blessed.” I felt a little spring come back in my step. A smile light up my face. As a result, my husband noticed a change and that shocked him. However, I know I am a work in progress, but I won’t stop trying.

Try something. Speak aloud. In your regular voice. Say, “I am amazing, I am ME. I am a daughter of the Lord. I am blessed and well liked, with a great reputation. I have many loving and helpful friends.”

I promise you, it works. However, there are always trying days, life isn’t easy. But, some days ARE.

Don’t let the negative thoughts win. 

You could really think your relationship with your spouse is over. In addition, the thought can cross your mind: this is it. Or you could realize it always helps to start loving yourself.

First of all, you could start to see that taking care of you before trying to take care of others helps. It helps you open your heart to someone else. Therefore it helps you forgive and move on. Finally your days will become peaceful. However I am fairly new to speaking aloud positive affirmations, but I haven’t been this happy and free in many, many years and it feels so good.

For all the times someone told you that you can’t do something or are a loser, my biggest piece of advice is to stop speaking to them. In fact, I find it best to cut the conversation off completely. The longer you allow negative energy in your life, the more you’re allowing negative energy in your life, the more you’re allowing those thoughts to take over and spread in your life. WHY?

Why let these negative thoughts consume you? What good does it do to you and FOR you? Why not help yourself? If you don’t help yourself, who will? God loves you and I so much, unconditionally. He just wants you to see it and speak it into your life.


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    These are great affirmations!

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      Thank you !!

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