positive affirmations for work
Positive Affirmations

Positive affirmations for work from home moms

Positive affirmations for work.

positive affirmations for work

Are you in need of positive affirmations to motivate you for work? As a work from home mom of two, I need some weekly motivation to hit my website goals from home. Blogging requires a lot of work and patience.

My disclosure is here.

It’s sort of difficult being your own boss because since you work for yourself, you can slack off more than you originally intended. That’s why it’s so important to keep yourself motivated and ready for your weekly routine.

Working from home is a blessing, to be honest. I like setting my own hours since I’m busy raising my kiddos at the same time.

However, it’s a little hard to hit your weekly goals if you aren’t motivated. You need to be motivated and stay motivated for quite some time.

That’s why it’s so important to do what you have to do in order to be successful working from home. You can try tidying up your workspace, setting pretty décor around yourself, or simply saying your positive affirmations right before you get to work.

The possibilities are endless, you just need to start from somewhere. Keeping yourself motivated as a working from home mom is so very important for your mental health.

Everyone knows working from home as a mom is really not as easy as people think it is. It’s actually pretty difficult.

You need to have a positive mindset when it comes to working from home. Thankfully, I’ve learned how to do just that thanks to saying my positive affirmations aloud.

What I tell myself when I need encouragement.

Sometimes, it can be overwhelming working from home because of all my to-do’s just staring at me in the face. So, I set myself up with a productive morning routine that really helps me do my work from home.

This new morning routine really simplifies my day and I really enjoy it. However, I do also have a summer morning routine that’s for when my children aren’t in school and still allows me to get my work done.

Working from home requires routines and lots of them! I even have a night routine that allows me to be productive and set up for the next day.

Working while having my kiddos playing in the background can give me some anxiety. That’s why I constantly try to keep myself motivated for work.

Whenever I’m finding myself in need of encouragement, I pray to God for the encouragement. I ask God for peace and tranquility in my heart and guidance on how to go about my day.

Then, I say my positive affirmations to myself, because I know I really need to hear them. Every single morning, I say positive affirmations with my daughter on our way to school.

And let me tell you, I’ve been thinking about that lately and I actually want to start saying them with her before bedtime too. Looking at the mirror when you say them gives you an extra boost of confidence as well.

I sincerely think that positive affirmations aren’t said enough as children. If I had said all these affirmative and positive things about myself daily as a child, I’d feel on top of the world.

It can help build up their confidence and self esteem. It’s important to say your affirmations with your children.

Positive affirmations are a must.

Positive affirmations motivate me to do my very best. When my confidence is super low, it actually helps lift me back up.

There’s nothing more beautiful than believing in yourself, especially if you’re going through a hard time. Working from home can be very tedious, lonely, and all the pressure is on you to do everything exactly right.

Not only are you your own boss, but it’s up to you daily to motivate yourself to be the very best you can be at your job. You have to make yourself get up early and on time with so much to do piled up onto your schedule.

It’s not easy at all! And it’s not time to pretend like it is when we know in our hearts that it isn’t.

Don’t lose encouragement, momma. I prepared 15 positive affirmations you can memorize and repeat to yourself daily.

It’s important to repeat them right before you start your work! Personally, I always add a positive affirmation to my planner every single day and that keeps me so motivated.

My Ebook, 30 days of positive affirmations are finally out! These 30 days of positive affirmations are completely life-changing and perfect for you to continue your journey with positive affirmations.

This Ebook will help empower you and help you grow the confidence you need in life. 30 days of positive affirmations will help you discover your true potential and be happy with life!!

Get your affirmations here!!

Positive affirmations for work from home moms.

  • I CAN do this.
  • I am an amazing multi-tasker.
  • I CAN make a steady income from home.
  • I am strong.
  • I am independent.
  • I am intelligent.
  • I am wealthy.
  • I am a hardworker.
  • I never give up.
  • Working from home comes easily to me.
  • Money is flowing towards me, in the name of Jesus.
  • I am capable of growing my own business correctly.
  • I am a great mother and a great worker.
  • I make money daily.
  • I am a positive and happy person.

Saying these truths to yourself each and every day will help you accomplish your goals. Just don’t give up when the going gets tough.

And believe me, when I say, it gets tough. Your kids could get sick and you too, while you have a ton of blog work coming up that needs to be edited, scheduled, or just plain old finished.

So, yes it gets very hard sometimes. Still saying your affirmations will help you get through your days and still be happy inside.

Working from home was never meant to be easy. Hard work is part of the process of any job, honest.

Learn to embrace it. Whenever someone asks me if I think they should start a blog I always say the same thing, is writing your passion?

Because that makes working from home as a blogger so much easier. Love what you do because that makes any job in general, easier.

You need affirmations since you’re working from home.

I’ve been working from home for two years now. And it’s not a walk in the park.

There will be days you really just don’t want to get your work done. On those days, I highly recommend scheduling days off of work for your mental health.

There are certain things I do to keep myself extra motivated for another long day of work. Usually, I like to do my makeup and get dressed daily.

This helps remind me I’m on the clock and when my “shift” is over, I can change into my pajamas and do my night skin care routine. Another thing that helps me is to stay hydrated.

After my morning tea (that has caffeine), I fill up my water bottle and hydrate myself. It’s important to stay healthy because when you’re behind the screen for many hours of the day working on your website, you easily forget to stay hydrated.

Another tip is to always have a clean workspace. My work space is always next to my kids, no matter the weather.

I like to keep an eye on them all the time because I want them to be safe and play nice together. Since this is usually in the living room I will always keep that space clean.

Sometimes, I’ll wake up to my husband having cleaned it up for me, which I love. Another tip is to be present when you’re playing outdoors with the kids.

My kids hate when I’m blogging while they’re playing outside. I LOVE being in the backyard, so I like to put my electronics away so that I can focus on playtime with my kids or working out.

Blogging as a busy mom takes time to master.

I’d be lying if I said blogging from home as a mommy is easy because it’s really not. I actually had an annoying case of bronchitis that landed me in the E.R., while my youngest got sick too.

I had all my work planned out starting on Monday, but due to bronchitis and not being able to get through it as quickly as I was hoping, I actually had to postpone Monday’s work. With that tough case of bronchitis, I needed to focus on getting better.

That really bothered me. But, my babies are the priority and when they’re sick, I need to take care of them and I had to take care of myself too.

Us moms know how hard it is to watch our babies get sick, while we are too. It’s all still possible though.

And it became easier once I started to really believe in myself. Saying my affirmations for a year has gotten me to where I am now!

Two years ago, if you had told me I would be a money-making blogger with two Ebooks out, I wouldn’t have believed you! But, it’s true and here I am.

It just takes time and patience to master blogging as a mom and you can do it too. On mrsplanahead, I do share a lot of blogging tips and tricks as I learn.

When you say your positive affirmations, you’re affirming to the universe that good things are headed your way. You’re keeping a positive mindset and it’s only helping your life and helping you to be more successful in life.

Don’t underestimate the power of affirming good things directly into your life! You have to keep believing, no matter what.

Just keep going and don’t give up!

It would be so easy to give up when it gets hard working from home. I would know because I actually did give up on my website once.

The problem is, I missed blogging and I went back to it as soon as I could. My advice, say these positive affirmations to yourself when you’re feeling unmotivated, or even when you are and don’t give up!

Success doesn’t come overnight and when it comes to blogging, it can take a while. Whatever job you work, you’re still working from home, and saying your positive affirmations aloud can really help you out.

Just be patient with your kids, with yourself, and talk to God about it. You deserve it.

You’re working so hard! And your views will pay off in the end.

And if you’re tired of waiting for the views to pile up, you need to do your research. Get some blogging help and don’t be afraid to ask!

There’s so much free online advice on blogging and making money from home, that it’s silly to not read up on everything and educate yourself. A few classes can’t hurt either.

I’ve actually taken a few free ones and purchased some. Which classes have you taken online that have helped you with your online business?

Any favorite bloggers? Leave them in the comments down below.

It doesn’t matter what job you’re working from home, the point is working from home with kids can be hard. Especially with smaller children.

That’s why I highly recommend saying your positive affirmations daily. This will truly help you in the long run.

What’s coming up.

I’ve been working on mrsplanahead tirelessly and putting in my all Monday through Friday. And let me tell you, hard work is paying off!

Now that both of my Ebooks are out, I’d like to start on my 3rd one! I’m very excited for this project coming up.

One thing is for sure, blogging will keep you so busy. You’ll always have something to do and look forward to as a blogger.

Every month on mrsplanahead, I change the topic I write about. I like to really focus on one subject (blogging, lifestyle, marriage, etc) so that I can get a lot of good content for a whole month.

I also release at least two new freebies per month for my subscribers. Make sure you’re subscribed to access my free resource library page.

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