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Positive Affirmations

20 Positive Affirmations For Women

20 Positive Affirmations for women.

positive affirmations for women

Are you in need of hearing positive affirmations today? I wanted to sprinkle some positivity and happiness into your lives, so these 20 positive affirmations for women I have complied down below for you are near and dear to me, being a woman as well.

We all go through difficult and trying times in life and it’s nice to be able to say aloud positive affirmations to make ourselves feel better, when we are down.

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Do positive affirmations actually work?

In my opinion, positive affirmations DO work. I have dealt with postpartum depression and depression throughout my life.

Nothing has lifted my spirits up more than saying my positive affirmations every single day, aloud even when I don’t want to.

I am not claiming to be an expert on depression, but I am speaking from my personal experience. I want to share what has helped me overcome depression, as a stay at home mom to others.

Why are affirmations so powerful and life changing?

Positive affirmations do work, if you believe. I always say my affirmations and end with “In Jesus name, amen.”

Because I believe God really wants me to say these words of encouragement and actually believe them for myself. This is why affirmations are so life changing. Because you are believing in yourself.

Taking care of yourself is self care and loving yourself. Don’t forget to put yourself first and never run on empty.

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positive affirmations for women

Maybe your spouse is going through a difficult time and isn’t being there for you like usual.

Your best friend could be very discouraging and negative towards you because they are going through a tough situation and they are taking it out on you.

It could be that your own mind is being negative as well. Life can become pretty depressing if you begin to doubt yourself and let the negativity run your life. 

Do you deserve to do this to yourself?

No, no, and no once more. Likewise, I’ve gone through a difficult last couple of weeks. I began to feel that depressed feeling come back over me and try to stay around awhile.

Consequently, the old me would have allowed that depressing feeling to wash over me and pull me back into bed and under the covers.

However, I refuse to do that to myself anymore and I am here to say you really do not need to do that to yourself either.

First of all, don’t let depression win.

positive affirmations for women

Practicing positive affirmations daily help.

Next, start affirming your worth.

The number one thing that HELPED me change my life was speaking positive affirmations INTO my life.

In addition, you can read more on positive affirmations impacting my life here:

Positive Affirmations

Finally, speaking positive affirmations into your day is so beneficial. This helps your MIND and your whole entire being.

You are speaking your worth out into your life. And you are in control of that.

It was so strange saying my positive affirmations aloud daily, at first. When my husband heard them, I felt self conscious. He was listening and it seemed like he liked to hear them.

I say them now on my own time, mostly with my daughter. It helps her remember to say hers daily too. She really believes all the great stuff she says about herself and I do too. It does wonders for your self esteem.

At first, I felt self conscious when my daughter heard them! However, I quickly turned that feeling around. Now my daughter and I now say our affirmations daily, no matter the weather. Here is more on my morning routine here:

My Morning Routine

I know you are going through a hard time right now. We all go through different situations in our lives.

So here’s a list of 20 positive affirmations for women.

20 Positive Affirmations For Women

*Remember to say these aloud. Reading them to yourself is fine, but speaking them aloud is the first step to actually believing these affirmations and applying them into your life.

I highly recommend to say these to yourself while looking in the mirror, staring at your reflection. Believe in yourself. That’s the first step.

Download your free printable for 20 positive affirmations for women down below:

20 Positive Affirmations For Women (1)

positive affirmations for women


Say your positive affirmations aloud.

These 20 positive affirmations for women help if you say them each and every day. Say them when you’re looking into the mirror, getting ready every single day and every night before bed.

And I know what the negative side of you is saying, “This isn’t going to work.”

Well, don’t let the negative voice win or convince you. These affirmations will work and positively influence your life if you ALLOW them to. If you actually want them to.

One day I was grumpy, tired, hadn’t gotten much sleep and was annoyed at the mountain to-do list I needed to get through. Boy, was I sick and tired of running errands.

Regardless, things have to get done no matter how I feel. Gas needs to be pumped into the car, groceries need to be bought, and food doesn’t prepare itself!

However, I was determined to not let my grumpy mood win. In spite of the negative grumpy mood, I spoke my affirmations aloud for the next two days.

Two grumpy days passed and the next day (after plenty of much needed rest) I was in a much better mood! I remember cleaning up my home and saying aloud, “I am a great mom.”

And actually believing it. That same day I was complimented by my husband and a friend saying I was a great mama.

positive affirmations for women

I felt good then and now because I believe it. Don’t underestimate positive affirmations.

God loves us and wants us to speak positivism into our lives, and turn away from the negativity. Try your hardest to do so. You got this mama, you can do this.

Until next time,



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