positive affirmations for self love
Positive Affirmations

Positive affirmations for self love

Positive affirmations for self-love.

positive affirmations for self love

Are you searching for positive affirmations for self-love? You’ve come to the right place.

Mrsplanahead is filled with positive affirmations that are meant for work, self-love, self-care, and much more! Self-love to me is very important.

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If you’re subscribed you know that I am a huge self-care advocate. As a working from home mom of two and a homeschooling mom as well, I take mental health, self-love, and self care very seriously.

Why? Because it’s essential for my day to day life.

I don’t like being an overworked, unhappy, and stressed out mom to my girls. If I ever begin to feel this way, I know it’s time for me to seek some “me” time, self-care routines, or craft to help relax me.

Not only do I appreciate saying positive affirmations aloud but I do enjoy printing them out and putting them as reminders all over my planner. However, maybe you don’t use a planner.

That’s fine but do you use a  vision board to motivate yourself and organize your goals? You can also print these positive affirmation journaling cards out and tack them onto your vision board for motivation and inspiration.

Do you need MORE from positive affirmations? 

I don’t blame you, I’m exactly the same way. Positive affirmations help me have confidence in myself and get more accomplished. 

I went ahead and created this Positive affirmations workbook that’s filled with prompts and exercises to help you change your life NOW. This workbook will help you start your change with the help of positivity. 

Positive affirmations will help you be a more positive person and help you gain the confidence you need to have in yourself. You’ll be more successful and get more done with the help of this amazing workbook. 

Use this positive affirmations workbook to guide you in your new change of life. Don’t let negativity get you down, find a way to start looking up and making that change you’ve been looking for all your life. 

self love affirmations

Grab your positive affirmations workbook here!!

25 self-love affirmations.

We all need extra motivation in life on some days that are more challenging than other days. To me, reading these positive affirmations for self-love really helps me get into a better mindset for myself and for my family.

Helping yourself will help out your loved ones too. We are human and not perfect, we can’t do it ALL without any mental health breaks and self-care.

Taking time to heal, forgive, and take care of yourself is essential in your self-love journey. When you get into a habit of taking care of yourself mentally, everything else will fall into place.

Taking care of your body is essential to self-love and you can use skin renewing night cream to help relax you at night before bed. I only use products that are easy on my already sensitive skin.

Also, taking a relaxing bath with a cup of herbal tea. I love having beautiful teacup sets ready to use at night.

Remind yourself to be gentle with yourself and to learn to put yourself first. God loves you and wants you to take care of yourself.


When you say you are motivated and determined, you’re setting yourself up for a good day. Trust me, it’s better to say you’re motivated and determined rather than say nothing at all.

Saying these affirmations aloud will help you gain confidence and believe what you are saying aloud to yourself. Shape your life the way you want to shape it.

More positive self-love affirmations.

  • I accept all of my flaws, imperfections, and all that I am.
  • It’s easy for me to love myself.
  • I am a happy and well-rounded person.
  • Any issue that may arise, I confront with a calm attitude.
  • I am a calm and relaxed individual.

Speaking positivity into your life will only benefit you. Do you sometimes think you aren’t good enough?

Are there times when you question your value? Well, you aren’t the only one.

We all go through these tough moments in our lives where we need extra help. I seek the help I need from God and my loved ones.

Not just that, but I seek help within myself. Taking care of yourself is key to maintaining a happy and healthy lifestyle.

Self-love affirmations are important to know.

  • I am a happy and positive person.
  • When I look in the mirror, I see greatness and intelligence. 
  • I know I have the potential to succeed. 

Sometimes, we don’t have the courage to call ourselves successful. I was the same at first, a few years ago.

Well, I said I was successful for about a year when I wasn’t “technically” financially successful. The only reason I wasn’t was because I wasn’t in the positive mindset that I am now.

Now that I finally do make an income from blogging, I would call that successful. You are as successful as you make yourself out to be.

You’re as successful as you allow yourself to be. Having a positive mindset about yourself will only help you in life.

Don’t let others define whether you are successful or not. When you let what others say define YOU, that’s when the negativity will start to come in and could affect you.

God wants you to be happy, successful, and healthy. And you also want yourself to be all these things.

Which is the number one reason positive affirmations are so important for us. Make sure you’re not letting anyone take away your shine and make you feel as though you aren’t worth anything.

I’m here to tell you that you ARE worth something. And it’s a beautiful thing.

The last of the positive affirmations for self-love.

Some days, when I am saying my positive affirmations to myself (or on certain days where I am just writing them quietly to myself in the morning) I don’t quite believe what I’m saying.

And that’s okay to feel and experience. Not every day when you say your affirmations are you going to feel super confident.

However, keep in mind that repeating them to yourself often times will definitely help you gain your confidence and become what you say you are. It’s important to just keep at it as often as you possibly can.

Don’t give up on them and say a prayer for help if you need to. I like to say my affirmations with “In the name of Jesus” at the end of them.

  • Being successful comes easily to me. 
  • Organization and determination are my main qualities. 
  • I am a well-liked and respected person. 
  • Working hard each day comes easily to me. 

Make sure to always say your positive affirmations. Repeat them as often as necessary.

I hope you enjoy the free journaling cards for your own personal use. Personally, I love journaling cards to decorate my planner with.

It helps inspire me to do better and be the best version I can be of myself. Reminders give me the encouragement I need on a tough day.

It’s even better when the journaling cards are motivational and inspirational positive affirmations to read. I personally don’t have too much deco in my personal planner but I always have deco in my personal staology planner.

Honestly, I know plenty of people who don’t have or use a planner and still keep affirmation cards handy. They’re an amazing resource to have!

Free journaling card printables of self-love affirmations.

I went ahead and created these free journaling card printables of self-love affirmations for your personal use only. These are 12 journaling cards and you can get them when you subscribe down below.

They are half-letter size pdfs. Whatever I create, I use it in my own personal planners.

I find that the half-letter size is very usable and practical. Since I use B6 and A5 size mostly, these fit perfectly in my planners.

Hopefully, this size is okay for you. You can also print them and put them anywhere you can see for motivation.

Once you are subscribed, the password for my free resource library page will be sent directly to your inbox. There are many more free printables there you can print, for your personal use only.

positive affirmations for self love


What’s next on mrsplanahead. 

As promised to my subscribers, I am devoting a whole month to self-care and self-love blog posts. To create a great post filled with amazing content takes at least a full day or two for me.

I try to make sure that my blog posts are filled with content you’ll love and hopefully be able to use later on. That’s why I create free printables that can help you in your journey of self-love.

I have two more posts left to complete the month off, one self-care and self-love to go. After I finish this month up, I’m focusing on marriage for about a month.

I’m super excited about this because it’s been a while since I’ve written any helpful marriage posts. What’s really helped me organize myself is to give myself a month on my devoted topics so that I can give each my full attention.

And I am loving it! You can look forward to one more self-care freebie. Hopefully, you’re subscribed in order to access all of my freebies on my free resource library page.

There’s so much more in there! I’ve slowly built up a ton of free printables for your personal use, only.

It’s what I love to do. And to me, that’s worth it.

There will be even more on mrsplanahead coming up.

It took me a long time to accomplish my goal of publishing my first book. I’ve been wanting to work on a project for a few weeks now.

I know how much time and energy writing a book or working on a project can take. Writing and publishing a book wasn’t an easy task, but it was well worth it in my opinion.

I”m pretty sure my next project will be along the lines of self-care and self-love. Honestly, I’m still debating on whether it will be a book or a workbook.

Make sure you stay tuned for this upcoming self-care project that will be out hopefully soon this year. I’ll let my subscribers know first, as soon as it’s out.

It takes me a while to complete a project because I put everything I have into it. A lot of time and dedication goes into creating the most helpful product I can think of.

Working on projects takes a lot out of me since I do work from home yet also homeschool my children. My children often need me and I am busy taking care of them.

However, I am planning on starting my self-care project soon and hopefully completing this project over the summer break. The best part is starting a project for a blogger.

Bear with me while I attempt to get all I want to be done! But, that’s also the beauty of blogging, you can create and create yet never be done.

Stay tuned for the next blog post notification in an e-mail. God bless you.

Until next time,





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