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Planner System 2019

Planner System.

planner system

Are you in need of ideas for your planner system? I’m going to share my current planner system with you today, in hopes that it gives you inspiration to create your own.

The reason I even got into planning was because I used to be super unorganized. True story. I did not keep track of anything very well.

It’s a little embarrassing to admit, but one day I knew I had to get it together and become more organized for my family’s sake.

Receipts were always jumbled up everywhere in my purse, coins were everywhere, notebooks both used and unused laying around all the time. As a result, everything was just so messy and I was constantly loosing or misplacing important paperwork.

Does this sound like you? I sure hope it isn’t, but hey, it even happens to the best of us. My purse wasn’t just messy, so was my life.

I couldn’t even remember my kids’ doctor’s appointments. (Partly because I was overwhelmed and going through postpartum depression). But, something had to give and I started to really look into more ways on helping my life become more organized and productive.

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Cute weekly layout available with instant download.

planner system

I created this cute girly weekly layout and made it available in sizes A5, B6, and personal. You can purchase this cute weekly layout here for only $4!

Part of the joy of planning for me is creating a style in my planner that matches me. It can become tedious to plan daily and not have a useful layout that still makes you smile at the same time.

Planning is a part of my daily routine and I like to keep my planner looking beautiful so that I am more motivated to open my planner and accomplish my tasks.

The planner community on Instagram helped me.

Eventually, I stumbled upon the planner community on Instagram and I began to really organize my life and it felt great. I have met some amazing ladies there who have become my friends.

You can follow me on my planner instagram @mrsplanahead. My feed was more planner related then, but as time has gone by I’ve changed my feed to fit more of my personal life.

You’re welcome to follow me there because on my Instagram stories I can’t help but show all of my planning systems and tips weekly. So, don’t miss out.

Also, follow me on Pinterest and look out for my new planning posts.

planner system

I tend to pin a lot of planner related posts because I love planning so much. Stickers are my favorite too, but I currently do a lot of stencil and bujo planning.

Still, everyone who plans loves stickers right? You can follow me on Pinterest to see what I like currently for planning.

Chances are what I’m pinning, is what I’m using for planning.

planner system

My current planning system for 2019 (may change in the future).

Finally, after trying MANY new and different types of planners I finally settled on my planner system for 2019. I’ll go ahead and list what I use and how I will utilize them.

Also, I change my planner systems quite often as I’m sure you do as well. And if not, let me know in the comments down below.

I would love to learn how you use your planner and what has actually worked for you throughout 2019!

Daily Planning- For my daily planning, writing appointments down, forward planning, lists, weekly to do’s I use my a5 hobonichi techo.

What sold me on this planner last minute, was that it has monthly, weekly, and daily planning all in ONE planner, which is so convenient when you are a busy mom of two young children.

I was craving a planner that had it all and honestly, the hobonichi techo is a favorite among the planner community for a reason. This planner practically has it all. It’s as close as you’re going to get without going into bujo planning.

By the way, I love bujo planning and I’ve tried it out a few times. I feel like I will end up sticking to bujo planning in the near future. Any bujo lovers out there?

The hobonichi techo is pretty great, the only thing that bothers me is I don’t have space to actually plan my weekly meals, things I need to buy, and to-do’s I want to accomplish for the week.

So, that is a con, is that you can’t really add more pages to it. Keep that in mind if you’re venturing to try a hobonichi techo.

Make the most out of your planner system.

You can meal plan on a sticky note, like I do or use a separate notebook if you’d like, and list your grocery list on a separate piece of paper which I usually end up doing since I end up taking that piece of paper with me to the store, crossing items off and then throwing it away.

You don’t have to use sticky notes. Feel free to use an extra notebook, which I have done plenty of times.

You can also use your phone apps too, I just prefer paper and pen because my toddler ALWAYS wants my phone at the store. It’s crazy, she’ll cry for it too.

planner system

The rest of my planner system.

List Storage and Budget Planner- I use a chunky mini happy planner for endless mommy lists such as Christmas to -do’s, traditions, affordable meals, grocery guide to our favorite local Kroger store Ralph’s, and future online shopping orders to just name a few.

And I use a section for budgeting as well. There I keep my spending tracker.

I use the mini happy planner undated 6 month extension pack to write down all of my monthly bills and keep track of when we pay them. There’s also a place to keep track of your expenses which I break down into three categories: grocery, home, and takeout.

That way my husband and I can see where our money goes at the end of every month and know whether or not we need to pull back on spending, or to know we are doing well and staying on track.

The budget happy planner, both mini or classic size is excellent for tracking your expenses and budgeting.

Next, I also added a page in there for couponing. I write down how much I saved on that shopping trip, and I usually feel pretty good about that.

It’s there for motivation in case we are eating too much takeout and reminds me to get back on track.

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Finally what I use for Journaling- I am using the same B6 staology I have been using since 2018. In addition, I am in love with this type of paper, not too thin or thick just right.

Journaling helps me to de stress and gives me peace. About once a month I do complete journal prompts that help me check in on myself mentally and emotionally.


So, there you have it. This is my current 2019 set up for the year and I will be completely honest that for 2020 I’m looking into the bujo planning system.

Hopefully you’re subscribed to see that coming up, I’m super excited. I hope you all have an amazing 2019 year and have a great planner system that works for you!

I am working on a planner system for 2020 post so be on the lookout for that. Subscribe if you want a notification when it’s out!

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planner system

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