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Planner System.


Are you in need of ideas for your current planner system? I’m going to share with you my current planner system with you today, in hopes that it gives you the inspiration to create your own helpful planner system.

Why does one even create a planning system? The reason I even got into planning was that I used to be super unorganized.

True story. And I was getting tired of not having everything I needed to be written down and accessible.

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I’m sure that I did not keep track of anything very well. Honestly, I was mostly losing appointment cards all of the time and having to call the office to get the appointment date again!

It’s a little embarrassing to admit, but one day I knew I had to get it together and become more organized for my family’s sake. I’ve always wanted to be super organized and on top of it.

Now that I am a work from home mom and a homeschool mom, I obviously needed a functional planner system that would help me out daily.

You can also check out my other planner system. The beauty of planner systems is that you don’t need just one forever.

They are meant for you to use and change around to fit your planning needs. The planner posts on mrsplanahead are meant to inspire you and motivate you to find a planner system that works for your lifestyle.

What is the best planner system?

Receipts were always jumbled up everywhere in my purse, coins were everywhere, notebooks both used and unused laying around all the time. As a result, everything was just so messy and I was constantly losing or misplacing important paperwork.

Does this sound like you? I sure hope it isn’t, but hey, it even happens to the best of us. My purse wasn’t just messy, so was my life.

I was very eager to get rid of this lifestyle and try something new. Thanks to planner Instagram, I got plenty of ideas on how to create a functional planner system.

Daily Planning- For my daily planning, writing appointments down, forward planning, lists, weekly to do’s I use my a5 Hobonichi Techo. I saw this a lot on planner Instagram and there were only amazing reviews for it.

I can’t lie, the A5 Hobonichi Techo is one of the very best planners out there. If you want to be super organized, get everything planned out, then this planner is for you.

You can check out my A5 Hobonichi Techo review If you want more information on this planner. I share my thoughts on it.

I used the dated version. To me, it was easier to have dates already on there.

The monthlies and weeklies are in the front section. Honestly, that’s how I prefer my planners.

The size is just amazing. I favor sizes A5 and B6 the most due to how much room there is to write in.

Pocket size and I just don’t get along! Maybe for just my purse, it would be nice.

There’s just a lot more writing room for me in an A5 and I have so much that I need to write daily. The A5 size of the Hobonichi Techo is completely worth the purchase and trying it out.

This daily planner is the best type of daily planner out there, in my opinion. The paper feels exquisite.

The planner community on Instagram helped me so much.

Eventually, I stumbled upon the planner community on Instagram, and I began to really organize my life and it felt great. I have met some amazing ladies there who have become my friends over the years.

You can follow me on my planner Instagram @mrsplanahead. My feed was more planner related back then, but as time has gone by I’ve changed my feed to fit more of my personal life.

Not only that but on my Instagram is where I announce new blog post freebies and new printables shop listings. You can also subscribe down below because I do send exclusive freebies to my subscribers.

My free resource library page has plenty of beautiful freebies you may want to check out. You’ll also get first notice when my blog posts go live and when a new freebie is out.

Also, you can follow me on Pinterest @mrsplanahead and look out for my new planning posts. I tend to pin a lot of planner related posts because I love planning so much.

Anything that I pin, I love, and you’re welcome to follow to get some new planning ideas. Let me know if you found me in this post!

Are planners worth it?

100%, planners are worth it. Do you have goals you want to accomplish?

Then planners will help you organize your life out. Sometimes, we do need that.

I keep track of as much as I can in my planner system because I truly need to. If you’re a busy mom who also works from home, then investing in a planner should be on your top priority list.

Don’t wait to get organized, but get to it! Things don’t get done unless you do it.

My current planning system for now (may change in the future).

Finally, after trying MANY new and different types of planners I finally settled on my planner system for now. I’ll go ahead and list what I use and how I utilize these items.

I’ll list the items I’ve purchased that I highly recommend you to use. These are amazing products.

List Storage and Budget Planner- I use a Mini happy planner for endless mommy lists such as Christmas to-do’s, recipes I want to remember, traditions, affordable meals, grocery guide to our favorite local Kroger store Ralph’s, and future online shopping orders to just name a few.

Busy moms know that we have so many lists! Honestly, they can become quite overwhelming and get scattered around the house if you don’t keep them somewhere.

What works for me is to put all of my lists into one planner and separate them into sections. It’s helpful to have one place to look back on for all specific lists.

And I use a section for budgeting as well. There I keep my spending tracker.

I use the mini happy planner undated 6-month extension budget pack to write down all of my monthly bills and keep track of when we pay them. There’s also a place to keep track of your expenses which I break down into three categories: grocery, home, and takeout.

That way my husband and I can see where our money goes at the end of every month and know whether or not we need to pull back on spending, or to know we are doing well and staying on track.

The budget extension pack for both mini or classic size is excellent for tracking your expenses and budgeting. Not just that but it adds perfectly to the mini happy planner.

Next, I also added a page in there for couponing. I write down how much I saved on that shopping trip, and I usually feel pretty good about that.

It’s there for motivation in case we are eating too much takeout and reminds me to get back on track. Couponing is always helpful and not something you want to put on the back burner.

Also, I like to keep extra lined note pages in the back for my mini happy planner in case I need to jot down extra notes. It’s helpful to have lined and grided paper for more lists and ideas.

Journaling is part of my planning system.

Finally what I use for Journaling- I am using the same B6 staology I have been using since 2018. In addition, I am in love with this type of paper, not too thin or thick but just right.

Journaling helps me to de-stress and gives me inner peace. About once a month I do complete journal prompts that help me check in on myself mentally and emotionally.

What I love most about the B6 staology is the type of paper it comes with. It’s some of the finest paper I’ve ever seen that’s also durable and strong.

Another thing I like most about this Staology is the fact that it has 365 pages. A lot of people I see on Instagram use a page a day to journal.

That’s so nice! That way you don’t need to journal a ton but you can just do a page a day.

For journaling: you can also just print out your photos onto sticker paper and just put them into your planner for memory keeping. Here is the sticker paper I always order from Amazon.

This paper works great and comes in a lot of sheets, 100 to be exact. I print my stickers out on this paper too.

I prefer one full sheet of labels because I don’t like having any cuts in the back of the paper. These are all one full sheet.

Make the most out of your planner system.

You can meal plan on a sticky note, like I do, or use a separate notebook if you’d like, and list your grocery list onto a separate piece of paper which I usually end up doing since I end up taking that piece of paper with me to the store, crossing items off, and then throwing it away.

You don’t have to use sticky notes. Feel free to use an extra notebook, which I have done plenty of times.

The important thing is to just get your meal planning done in order to save money and stay organized. I like to meal plan on Sundays and start the week off right.

Here are some cute weekly meal planning paper pads which I use so often. Sometimes, it’s helpful to just use a paper pad and throw it away afterward.

You can also use your phone apps too, I just prefer paper and pen because my toddler always seems to want to use my phone at the store. To me, pen and paper are easier.

More often than not, I will just have a post-it note with me and throw it away when I’m done. I do like to keep track of my meal for the week so that I don’t serve my family the same meals over and over again!

Free planner printables down below!

Here are some awesome free printables for your planner to use. I hope you enjoy them!!

planner system


So, there you have it. This is my current planner system set up for the year, and I will be frank that for next year I’m looking into the bujo planning system.

As much as I love my planning system, I like to try out new planning systems yearly. Since I have been journaling in my B6 staology I really want to see how it would be to have and use a bullet journal planning system.

One thing I will miss is the dated sheets from the Hobonichi Techo and also its size. I wouldn’t be surprised if I ended up getting another one of those!

Hopefully, you’re subscribed to see that coming up, I’m super excited about it. I hope you all have an amazing year and have a great planner system that works for you!

I am working on a new planner system post so be on the lookout for that. Subscribe if you want a notification when it’s out!

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