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Are you looking at how to get thousands of clicks daily from Pinterest templates? You’ve come to the right place.

This post contains affiliate links. Upon purchase, I do earn a small commission at no extra cost to you. My disclosure is here.

I’ve been blogging for over two years and I’m headed into my third year blogging. Every so often, I like to share my personal experience with blogging to my fellow writers and readers because I like to help my audience. 

I get most of my traffic from Pinterest every month and the rest from google search. However, with Pinterest, my clicks weren’t always so reliable as they are now and would vary depending on my Pinterest design, and if the public really liked it. 

My clicks from Pinterest were not consistent and it was a little stressful. These past few months have really changed for the better for my website.

What has really astounded me and made me so happy was purchasing Ell Duclos’s Pinterest templates. She gives you 86 Pinterest templates. 

Yes, you read that correctly. First of all, no regrets purchasing this. 

In fact, my views are doing so well and my most popular pins come from her templates. If she ever comes out with a second Pinterest template pack I would get it in an instant. 

pinterest templates

This Pinterest template comes from Ell in her Pinterest templates package of 86! 4k clicks?!

It’s amazing, isn’t it? You can get her Pinterest templates right here!!

Design on Pinterest is everything.

If that pin isn’t enough proof for you, don’t worry I have much more! Here’s another pin using Ell’s Pinterest templates:

pinterest templates

The thing about Ell’s Pinterest templates is they have a really great design. It takes a lot to make your pins really great.

They’ll become great with time and dedication. Ell’s tested out these pins over years and that’s why these pins take off and perform so well.

Here’s yet another awesome pin:

pinterest templates

As you can see, you need to pick beautiful photos your readers will enjoy. Don’t forget that important part!

Also, don’t forget to use Tailwind. The free Pinterest scheduler helped me out for a while but I needed more time to spend with my kids since I’m a work from home mom and a homeschooling mom.

Tailwind has truly helped me by giving me back my time.  I pay monthly and it’s super affordable and worth every penny in my personal opinion.

Sign up for Tailwind and schedule your pins the right way. Honestly, I love Tailwind and it’s such a time saver for a busy person.

Honestly, I schedule my pins weekly and it’s well over 100 + pins I’m scheduling. Since I create 20 pins a day this works out with my busy schedule.

Tailwind is amazing and every blogger using Pinterest to drive traffic to your website needs it. Make sure you’re using it so you can spend time focusing on your digital products and creating popular and fresh content.

Pinterest templates are very important to do well on Pinterest.

Here’s another pin that’s performed very well with Ell’s Pinterest templates:

Pinterest templates

The great thing about Ell is she does NOT lie about Pinterest marketing! She really tells the truth and the proof is in her stats and what she shares with her readers. 

I don’t trust easily but I do trust a genuine person like Ell because she doesn’t pretend to be someone she’s not! Let me tell you a little more about her Pinterest templates. 

Ell shared these amazing Pinterest templates with us because they have * proven to be successful with her Pinterest account over time. That’s AMAZING because that means the public really loves them! 

Not every single one of Ell’s Pinterest templates has worked for my pins. A few haven’t and the ones that didn’t perform so well I erased and stuck to the ones that did super well which increased my views and followers on Pinterest. 

I haven’t even finished trying out all of the Pinterest templates but I’m always excited to test a new one out! Once again if Ell makes any new templates I will definitely be purchasing from her again. 

Do I 100% recommend these Pinterest templates? Yes, I do. 

Will all of these Pinterest templates work for you? I don’t know but most have for me and bloggers know that’s pretty great! 

Make sure you’re always creating new pins for your best performing and most popular blog posts. Obviously this will help you get more link clicks monthly.  

Ell’s Pinterest templates have helped me get consistent monthly clicks. My ad earnings have increased since I started using them!

More helpful tips for my fellow bloggers and readers. 

I have more helpful tips for my fellow bloggers and readers that will hopefully help. On mrsplanahead, I try my hardest to provide valuable content that can be useful to your everyday life.

*Create new content and make sure all of your holiday content is out on time. That’s something I am barely learning to do well. 

Having holiday content out on time is super important for your site. Don’t forget to update them every once in a while.

*Try to get ads on your site and become an affiliate sooner rather than later. That way you can get paid for all of your hard work and time you spend on your site. 

*Constantly create pins if you rely on Pinterest as your sole source of Traffic. I make 20 a day and schedule them with Tailwind. 

A few times a month, I will brainstorm ideas for new pin titles and browse through graphics I want to try. This is important for your pins.

*Think of new and trendy pins to create and test them out. You never know when one could go viral. 

That happened to me a few times!

*Plan out your content. I like to focus a month on a certain blogging category. 

There are quite a few on my site like faith, mom tips, blogging, marriage, self-care, planning, etc. I like to dedicate a month to a certain category and I research a lot for keywords that are worth writing! 

*Find out what’s popular, trendy and you’ll be sure to find something you will enjoy writing about in there! That’s what makes a good blogger. 

I hope these blogging tips are useful to you right now.


It’s been a very hectic and busy month for me in my household! Between homeschooling and blogging, I’ve had little downtime.

Currently, I am focused on providing new content on my site, creating monthly freebies, and listing my digital products. I’ve decided to take Ell’s sales course and will go from there.

Of course, I will always update you guys as I continue on my blogging journey! September has been very busy so far and I’m excited to head into the holiday season.

I will be coming out with more holiday content soon. Don’t forget to check out my fall self-care free printable, how to decorate your home with fall decor, and this fall bucket list.

Leave a comment below if you have enjoyed this post!

God bless and until next time, 



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