night routine ideas

Night routine ideas

Night routine ideas.

night routine ideas

Are you looking for productive night routine ideas? Then, you’ve come to the right place!

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I’ve tried out many night routine ideas but I finally created the best summer nighttime routine for myself. I like to include a few ideal things in my night routine.

Firstly, I do want to make sure to always have a clean home before going to bed at night and my kiddos to have their bedtime routine done as well too. Those are the two main things I try to focus on every night.

I’m going to share my summer night routine down below and include everything I use to help make my night time routine much easier. My night routine is slightly different when my kids start school up again because I have a different day time routine.

This nighttime routine is meant to be more productive vs. relaxing because this is my weekly night routine. Later, I will be sharing my relaxing weekend nighttime routine.

The reason my weekly night routine is more productive is that I usually do need to work these days. As a busy work from home mom and also a homeschooling mama, I tend to try to accomplish all of my work during the workweek so that I can relax with my family on the weekends.

My favorite skincare products for the night.

Before I get into my nighttime routine ideas, I really want to share the skin products that I use for bed. I do have extremely sensitive skin and these amazing products have worked for me for YEARS.

My skin has always given me a hard time and I’ve been allergic to a lot of products. It’s been a long trial and error run, but I’m glad I finally found products that I can stay consistent with.

One thing you’ll see on mrsplanahead, is that I am pretty picky when it comes to what I like to use for products. When I pick a favorite product, it has to meet up to my standards and most importantly not give me an allergic or bad reaction.

Cetaphil lotion hasn’t irritated my skin AT ALL. If anything, it’s really helped my skin out and keep it very hydrated.

My face is very sensitive in general and I enjoy using this amazing face cream that’s worked for me for YEARS. I’ve had literally no issues with it and I highly recommend it.

Also, I only use these makeup wipes to remove my makeup. Nothing else has really worked for me.

Afterward, I rinse my face off with water and put on my favorite skin cream.

What actually is a good night time routine?

Keep in mind when you are creating your nighttime routine that you make a list of what’s essential to your routine. I like to draft out a routine on paper so that I can try to imitate it in real life.

A good night time routine includes what you believe is important. It should also include preparation for the next day in order to make your life easier. My night routine includes my children as well, so I do include them in my routine.

I think that including skin care is important in your night routine, getting things cleaned up before the next day, and planning for the next day. Also, checking off your list for the day and making sure you accomplished what you needed to be done.

When you are creating your nighttime routine, make sure you make a list of the top 3 things you want to make sure you accomplish for the night. Mine is cleaning up my home, getting my kids ready and in bed, and getting washed up for the night.

Those are my most important tasks so I made sure to highlight those before I created my nighttime routine. Keep that in mind for when you create your productive nighttime routine.

My night routine ideas.

Usually, I’ll start thinking of starting my night routine around 4 o’clock in the afternoon. My day is basically starting to wind down then and I need to get a few things accomplished as I prep for the night.

4 p.m.- Run the dishwasher before dinner.

I’m constantly running my dishwasher, it feels like! Mostly I do have to at least twice a day.

My favorite dish pacs to use are the Cascade ones. These take the grease right off my dishes and leave them sparkling clean!

I like to buy in bulk because well, let’s be honest nobody likes making various shopping trips for something we need to use all of the time! These particular dishwasher pacs have worked the best for me throughout the years.

Staying productive is key.

4:30-5:30 p.m.- Finish blogging work before prepping dinner.

Honestly, I blog whenever I can. Once a week, I post a new blog to mrsplanahead but the rest of my time is taken up by Pinterest and creating new products for my website.

To me, it’s easier to work at least a full hour or two to get things accomplished, even if I am busy with my kids. This hour before prepping dinner always works out well for me to get some work finished.

5:30- 6 p.m.- Cook dinner and get dinner on the table!

I got these amazing reusable straws from Amazon and I love them! My kids use them for straws and I give them their favorite colors.

They’re soft and easy to just pop into the dishwasher to clean. Personally, I use pastel pink ones for myself.

I used to spend a lot on purchasing straw packs and throwing them away so I looked for some reusable straws and we really like them. We’re also saving more money by using reusable straws.

More on my night routine ideas.

I also really enjoy ordering these sippy cups for my toddler. They’re so durable and come in fun colors.

These are all my toddler uses! My toddler is super messy and these cups are easiest for clean up and for her to manage.

Keep in mind that I use all of these products for my children to use for snacks and dinner. And whenever I get anything for my kids to use for dinner, I like to make sure they’re dishwasher friendly products.

Using my dishwasher is key! I cannot wash all these dishes by hand, work, and clean plus do a million other things.

I always like to get my children their separate plates, bowls, utensils, and cups because I use more expensive plates for my husband and me that I’m sure they’ll accidentally break. My youngest loves these toddler cups.

They’re at a younger age still and I like their utensils and plates to be extra durable! My kids love all the fun colors.

More on night routine ideas.

6 p.m.- 7 p.m.- Watch a new movie with the kids and eat.

My kids really like to watch new movies. When there aren’t any, we search youtube videos for suggestions and just rent the ones that they haven’t seen yet!

It really gives them something to look forward to and doesn’t bore my husband and me to tears because it’s always a movie we haven’t seen before either. We do eat at the table sometimes, but my husband and I love to watch at least one show with the kids before bed.

7 p.m.- 9 p.m.- Play with my kiddos, put away toys, and get ready for bed.

My kids love to have at least an hour of playtime with me before bed! On the days we don’t go outside, they have so much energy and it’s best for them to get the energy out so they can sleep well!

So, I’ll put Kidz Bop on for them for an hour so they can get their energy out. Kidz Bop streams live daily so it’s nice that it’s a new dance routine on Youtube that they look forward to doing.

On the days that we do go outside and they play, they tend to be a little more tired before bedtime. Then, I’ll play dolls with my babies, color, read a book, or we will all play a family board game.

My daughter loves to play this board game and this one too! We love to play this penguin game too and 2 hours do pass by which is great to play right before bedtime.

The last of my night routine ideas.

Even though we love board games, we also enjoy doing puzzles. It’s a nice way to get my kids to wind down before bedtime.

They have so much energy that I like to set a fun but educational board game or puzzle to do together. It helps them concentrate on something, yet still have a great time and spend time together as a family.

My daughter loves to put together the Pokemon puzzle with her dad!

As we get ready for bed, I like to clean up the huge mess my kids have made during the day! We put away all of my oldest’s arts and crafts into her organizational plastic file storage we have.

I like it a lot because it’s small and doesn’t take up much room. This is a really great place to store your child’s art papers, extra scratch paper (that they ALWAYS use to draw pictures and scribble all over), crayon boxes, and more!

Cleaning is part of my night routine.

I use plenty of mom cleaning hacks in order to get my night time cleaning all finished and completed for the night. Not just that but I also have more mom life hacks that are super useful and come in handy when you’re a busy mom and need to get things done.

9 p.m.- 9:30 p.m.- Bedtime story and prayers.

My kids love bedtime stories! I really enjoy reading my kids the princess 5-minute goodnight storybook. Since I work when they’re in bed I like to make sure to stay on schedule with a short bedtime story.

Since I love to read so much I used to wind up practically reading them a library before bed! And what was supposed to be a 5-minute bedtime story turned into an hour.

By the time they’d be in bed, I was too tired to do my skincare routine and start on work. So, I got a bunch of Disney 5-minute goodnight stories.

My kids love the Fancy nancy 5-minute goodnight storybook. They give such a good story and my kids love them.

Planning helps me prep for the next day.

I don’t know where I’d be right now if it wasn’t for my current planner system. My planner system has helped me so much with work, home, and personal things in my life every single day!

It’s important to have a planner system when you’re trying to stay productive and accomplish your goals. When I’m done working for about an hour, the last thing I do is pull out my planners.

Honestly, I won’t pull out my work planner because I’m pretty good at checking that off as I go. But, I love to grab my everyday planner out and review other stuff.

Being a work from home mom can be very hectic. My personal planner helps to keep me in check about almost everything that I will probably forget after working on my blog.

What I like to do is review the day and finish highlighting off the tasks that I completed for the day. Then, I like to turn to the next page and fill out tasks I know I need to do and check off.

From there, I’ll go back and track my habits. When I find time during the week, I’ll fill out my gratitude log and positive affirmations.

What’s new now for me is to draft up blog posts in a blank notebook. I absolutely love doing this right before bed because I can capture all the new ideas I have coming in before I forget them!

And let’s be honest, my phone battery is always dying at this time so this is where pen and paper really come in handy.

Get your free planner insert down below to review your week!

What I love to do as apart of my planning tasks, is at the end of each week review the week I just had. Also, I love to have a weekly prayer in there as well.

I went ahead and created a free printable you can download and use in your planner for personal use! There are plenty more free printables in my free resource library.

I hope you enjoy it. Let me know in the comments down below if you’ve enjoyed them!

When you print, make sure to press “double-sided.”


There you have it! I hope you’ve enjoyed my evening summer routine.

Keep in mind that this is my workweek evening summer routine. Like I said before, I’ll be releasing my evening summer routine for the weekends soon.

Make sure you’re subscribed to receive that notification when it’s out! That routine will be much more relaxing.

Leave comments down below if you’ve enjoyed this blog post and if it’s helped you in any way with creating your own nighttime routine.

God Bless and until next time,



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