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Sticker Favorites For Bullet Journaling

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Sticker favorites for bullet journaling.

Hey all,

My planning life is LIFE! Planning helps me with so much in my daily life and everyday mundane tasks. Everything from keeping track of important appointments to weekly meal planning, planning is essential to me. I have a family and a budgeting system I like to keep up with and it helps us out a lot when I’m on point. However, I can’t enjoy planning without having a few sets of beautiful stickers handy and close by.

I know that the Erin Condren life planner is amazing and helpful to moms for keeping track of all the busy in your life and you can get yours here down below:

However, I love to decorate my planner because I also love scrapbooking and keeping a journal. There are so many different sticker shops out there for your planning needs! You can always follow the hashtag #planningcommunity #stickershops #etsystickershops to find exactly what you are looking for. And trust me, they have what you’re looking for! There are so many different types of sticker shops and some even make cute paperclips and pen loops.

I have a particular favorite sticker shop I want to take the time to recommend to you guys! These are my sticker favorites for bullet journaling. Now, keep in mind I only recommend products that I LOVE.

Amber’s Sticker Shoppe is one of my all time favorite sticker shops. I truly enjoy her stickers. She has her own website you can order stickers from at and you can use my code “shoppepr15” for 15% off your purchase. She also has an etsy shop and you can use my code “shoppepr10” for 10% off your sticker order. You can mention “mrsplanahead” sent you for my exclusive freebie.

She has amazing customer service and always listens to her customer’s questions or concerns. That’s what I always look for before purchasing from a sticker shop. I like to make sure the owner is understanding and kind, in case anything goes wrong with my sticker order. Customer service is always good to look for, whenever making any type of purchase.

I have my own favorite sets of stickers. Decorative stickers from Amber’s Shoppe are basic yet beautiful. You can use these sets of stickers especially well for bullet journaling. As many of you know, I am a newbie to bullet journaling. I have fallen in love with bujo! You can check out some of my latest planner posts about this process here:

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I don’t think anything can quite complete a bujo spread without some minimalistic stickers and Amber’s Shoppe has plenty of those. There are beautiful die cuts and not to mention bookmarks that you can also order and decorate your notebooks with. I love decorating my journals because I’m writing in it daily and I enjoy something beautiful and inspirational to look at.

Amber’s minimalistic computer stickers are a personal favorite of mine and my sticker favorites for bullet journaling because I use those to track the days I release a blog post. I can’t forget to mention the cute coffee stickers, since of course Coffee is life! Not only do I use Amber’s Sticker Shoppe stickers to decorate my bullet journal, I usually always use some sticker books I pick up from Walmart. These are super affordable and they have dozens. I must say, I do prefer the Happy Planner’s sticker books over Walmart’s because they have more space to write in.

Another must have for me to decorate my bullet journal are stencils. I love mine! I have a cheap one I got from Michael’s for about $3. It came with a pink zipper pouch for my pocket size traveler’s notebook. Some days, I don’t necessarily FEEL like using stickers nor do I have the time, so I usually just scribble things down and always have a handy beautiful Midliner highlighter nearby. I’m a fan of their pastel colors.

Pretty stickers aren’t for everyone, I truly understand. It’s a passion and hobby of mine, and I know plenty of planner girls who love this stuff and I’m grateful to be part of their community where I can express and share my love of stationary. Stickers aren’t just stickers, they are a form of art! Most of the planner girls I know are very artistic and intelligent. I absolutely love being apart of the planning community.

Sticker Favorites For Bullet Journaling

I want to express my gratitude towards them, for helping me see we aren’t alone with our love of paper, pens, and pretty stickers/ all of the accessories that come with it! Not only are they amazing ladies, but have grown to become my dear friends. I hope you enjoyed this post and thank you so much for reading this.

Till next time,



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