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My Morning Routine

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Changing my morning routine has done wonders for my mental health..

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Needing a change.

Helpful Morning Routine I’ve never been a morning person because I loved sleeping in very late.

I know plenty of people who love waking up early. My parents and my husband, for example. I couldn’t see why.

When I had my first baby I had postpartum depression. I laid in bed a lot more than was necessary. So, it wasn’t good for my mental health. After having my second daughter, I started to feel anxiety. Real anxiety. Something I thought I didn’t have.

But I do.

I’m a planner. As a result, I like to plan out my days ahead of time to calm down my anxiety. So, I created a morning routine. I’ve made different ones over the years and I’ve never stuck to them. They didn’t give me any happiness and would get tossed into a trash bin, without a second thought.
It was depressing. I felt like I couldn’t get my crap together.


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First of all, why can’t I be cheerful like all those other happy wives and moms? It was to the point where I was so unhappy I began to feel angry. Angry at myself for being this way. I began blaming people for MY OWN issues. It wasn’t healthy and something had to give.

My steps to implementing a morning routine.

Helpful Morning Routine One of my first steps to changing and growing into a more happier and fulfilled person was creating my ideal morning routine.
It’s really not complicated. First, I make myself get up. Also I clean the kitchen, pack lunches, and make breakfast for everyone. Furthermore, I get my children ready for school and the day. Finally my husband starts our morning coffee and I go drop off my kid.

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Here’s where the happiness for me starts.

First of all, my daughter and I say our morning prayers in the car. Next, we start on our positive affirmations. I haven’t added mine into the mix, which I should. I say those later in the day. But, she says hers. Most noteworthy, this is what makes me happy. Seems like I helped her reach that goal. As a result, she says positive things about herself daily.


I never did that as a kid.

Daily? Joy fills up my heart. Morning prayers and positive affirmations with mommy in the morning? Something so simple as that has made me happy, not just one day of the year. No. It’s everyday.

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Still happy, I head on home and when my toddler goes down for a nap I go ahead and write. Sometimes I’ll type on the laptop. Sometimes I’ll just use my phone. I’m writing though. I’m getting all my feelings out. As a result, that’s another bit of happiness in my morning routine.

On certain days I do change it up. Hence I’ll go out on a walk instead of writing and get my steps in. While some days are a work in progress, (an emotional slump), and I’ll binge watch my favorite shows on Netflix and ignore social media, phone calls from family members, texts from friends, and just hang out with my toddler and spend all day playing with her.

Helpful Morning Routine

No day is perfect.

For the most part, this morning routine is the beginning to a happy and productive day for me. I’m so glad I have found peace within myself and found something that works for me. I can only hope those dealing with an emotional slump can find the light within themselves and create happiness. I wish you all the best in your journey to self improvement and growth.

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How to create a morning routine that helps you improve the quality of your life

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