mother and daughter quotes
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Mother and daughter quotes

Mother and daughter quotes.

mother and daughter quotes
Are you looking for inspiring mother and daughter quotes? Then, you don’t need to look any further.

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I’ve created 20 moving and beautiful mother and daughter quotes along with two free iPhone wallpapers to download down below. One thing I love to do on mrsplanahead is come up with beautiful, inspiring, and motivating quotes to share with my readers.

This is my second mom and daughter quotes post, this time for my youngest daughter. My previous post was inspired by my oldest.

One thing I enjoy the most about quotes blog posts is that I get to write what I want and share more of my feelings with my readers. These quotes are more moving than anything.

However, they’re also motivating because they remind you to be a good mom and to appreciate your children. This won’t be the last post I create for mother and daughter quotes because I have daughters and I enjoy making these.

Often times, when I am scrolling on Pinterest I truly enjoy reading all the beautiful quotes they offer there for free. Feel free to share the pins here with your Pinterest!

I hope you enjoy your freebies down below. I’ll be creating more motivating quotes soon enough.

20 Mother and daughter quotes.

  • My baby, my youngest daughter: I know you are so eager to grow but please, stay my little baby a while longer. You’ll always be my little baby.
  • My sunshine, I see so much potential in you with every growing step you take. You light up my entire world and make me smile bigger than I have in years.
  • To my youngest daughter: I see how curious you are. I can see how adventurous your spirit is. Don’t grow up too fast, baby girl. This is the last time I will change a diaper, potty train, or chase around after a toddler. Stay my little baby forever.
  • God blessed me so much when you came into my life. He gave me the most beautiful gift of being a mother once again.

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mother and daughter quotes

What are some ways you can express your love to your daughter?

My daughters mean the world to me. Some cute ideas to show how much you love your daughter are by wearing matching cute shirts together!

I love to match my girls and color coordinate! It’s a cute way to show your love.

Make sure to take pictures to keep track of these beautiful memories you’re creating with your daughter(s). I have a very popular post also on 20 mother-daughter bucket list ideas you may really enjoy!

My girls love to match in their outfits but I notice they love matching with me more! I’m sure your daughter does too.

Another way to show your daughter you love her is to get her matching jewelry. My oldest loves this idea the most.

These beautiful mom and daughter necklaces are amazing. Your daughter(s) will love wearing matching jewelry with you.

Lastly, if you have more than one amazing daughter, this beautiful keychain is just right for you! I love this because I have two daughters and this keychain has 3 parts to it.

You don’t need to buy your daughter(s) cute gifts to express your love, but it is a thoughtful gesture. My daughters love when I give them a sentimental gift just to let them know I love them!

More mother and daughter quotes.

  • My little sweet toddler, you run around so excited with life. You’re always trying on tutu’s and big sister’s clothes. One thing I’ll always pray to have is your excitement for life. You always surprise me! 
  • I love you more than I love myself, my beautiful daughter. Your smile makes a dreary day into a happy one and I’m so very glad I have you in my life. 
  • This time around, I’m a wiser parent but that doesn’t mean I won’t make any mistakes, because I’m not perfect. How did I get so lucky to have such a sweet and kind daughter like you? God has truly blessed me with you darling.
  • I can promise you this my Daughter, I will teach you how to be kind, responsible, compassionate, and loving. And I will always be there for you, no matter what. You have my heart!

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mother and daughter quotes

More mother and daughter quotes.

  • Any moment with you turns into the best memories to look back on, my sweet Daughter.
  • To my kind daughter, don’t let others bring you down. I’ll always be there to protect you and lift you up when you are down. You can forever count on me. 
  • My strong daughter- you are a lot stronger than you know. I believe in you my amazing little baby girl. I know you will accomplish so much in life that I will always be proud of.
  • God loves you so much, my sweet daughter. I pray that he blesses you, watches over you, and never leaves you. You are an amazing child of God.
  • Motherhood is far from easy. I am not a perfect mother, I’ll admit. I have my flaws but I know I did one thing right. That’s raising you to be an amazing little human. And you’ve made it so easy. I love you, my thoughtful daughter.
  • I will always pray to God to protect you and love you infinitely. You are my sunshine on cloudy days and you make me so proud and happy to be your mother.

What can you write to YOUR daughter?

Another way to show your daughter you love her is to write her a letter. What I like to do (besides creating these blog posts) is to keep a little notebook of quotes, pictures, or just thoughts I’d like to give my girls someday.

You can use whatever notebook you’d like but I prefer beautiful and sturdy ones to last a few years. Not just that, you can scrapbook if you’d like too.

I don’t scrapbook as much because I’m so busy which is why I like to use a little notebook. Scrapbooking is another amazing way to show your daughter you love her and gift her with something later on it life as well.

Write to your daughter how much you love her and include pictures. This project doesn’t need to be done all at once.

That’s the beauty of writing or scrapbooking. It’s for every day if you’d like or when a special memory pops up.

We all have photo albums, but I also would prefer my girls to have a little personalized memory book from me. You can store them on your desk shelves and give it to your child when they grow older.

They’ll love to look back on them with you of course! I highly recommend this idea because I’ve tried this out before.

It means so much to your kids. You’ll see once you try it out!

More beautiful mom and daughter quotes.

  • To my sweet daughter: I love you so much. Thank you for letting me be your mother. You’ve made me so happy. I’m so proud of the little girl you’re becoming.
  • To my youngest daughter- I’m confident you will be an amazing woman when you grow up. I promise I will always be here to teach you anything you want to know. I promise to be the best mom I can possibly be to you.
  • I love you so much my darling. You’re the sweetest daughter I could have ever asked God for. God loves you so much. I pray he keeps blessing you every day and never stops.
  • I know you’re so impatient to grow up, my littlest baby! But, hold on now. Just stay a while longer and be my baby. I don’t want you to rush to grow up yet! You will always be mommy’s little girl.
  • God created a masterpiece when you arrived here, my beautiful daughter. He loves you so much. I pray God fills all of your days with health, laughter, joy, prosperity, and everything else that’s good under the sun.
  • I’ve loved you since the second I held you in my arms baby girl. My heart was so full as you lay there in my arms the moment you were born. I’m so, so grateful and thankful God blessed me with you.

Are these quotes about how much I love my daughter(s)?

Yes, these quotes are about how much a mother loves her daughter(s). As a mother, I’ve felt all of these quotes since the day my babies were born.

Whenever I create my own quotes, these are my thoughts that come from my life and my experiences. I’m sharing them with my audience because I know I’m not the only one who enjoys reading quotes.

So, why read quotes? Well, there’s a lot of different answers to that question.

Honestly, we all go through phases in our lives. Mostly, on social media people want to express how they feel during a certain time.

For example, I could be scrolling through memories and I could see a newborn memory of my girls. So, sharing a mom and daughter quote during a sentimental moment happens.

Not just that, but motivational quotes are helpful too when you’re trying to motivate yourself to be productive. Whatever the reason is, these quotes are about how much a mother loves her daughter(s).

People love quotes for all types of reasons. For motivation, I will occasionally look through Pinterest for motivating quotes and either save them to my phone or follow up on the inspiring image and go read a new blog post.

Also, the beautiful free iPhone wallpapers can be used on your screen and you can always glance at these sentimental mother and daughter quotes. I hope you enjoy them and this thoughtful and sincere mother and daughter quotes.


So, there you have it. 20 mother-daughter quotes meant for a younger daughter.

I created two posts as I mentioned earlier, one for my oldest and a separate one for my youngest. These quotes all came from my heart!

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