morning routine ideas

Morning routine summer

Morning routine summer.

morning routine ideas

Are you looking for a great morning routine summer edition? My morning routine has definitely changed now that school is over and the kids are home.

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Just because school is over for the year doesn’t mean that all stops! I’m still working from home and trying to keep my kids entertained and happy while still working.

I’ve decided to share my new morning routine (summer edition) in hopes of inspiring other work from home moms to still have a great morning routine, be productive, and still keep their kids happy. I’ll be sharing my latest tips on how I keep my kids entertained during the day while I get work done and what I use to make the most out of my mornings.

I’ve included a free printable that I personally use in my planner down below. This free printable is a weekly review and a prayer of the week on the other side of it.

What makes planning all worth it to me is to see results. With my weekly review, I review all categories in my life that I believe are important and see what my results are from all my efforts during the workweek.

I always write out a weekly prayer at the start of the week to set the tone right. Not just that, but I love to give praise to God for all the blessings he has given me.

For my morning routine summer edition, I don’t do the same routine every single day. That’s just not how I function.

For those of us working from home, we know it’s hard to keep our kiddos happy and still do the same routine every single day. So, I will go ahead and share the two different schedules I have on which I alternate days.

These two schedules are necessary to give my kids time to rest and relax, and it allows me to get more work done on certain days and times. To me, it’s the best of both worlds.

My morning routine summer edition.

I usually start off Monday’s by sleeping in a little. The reason for that is because over the weekend, my kids LOVE to be outdoors and we do a lot of outside activities as a family.

I’m always a bit more tired Monday mornings. Usually, I’m up by 7 a.m. and I make my whole family breakfast and pack my husband’s lunch.

What I always need for my morning to go well, is my YETI cup. Here’s where I drink my black tea since I haven’t had a great experience with coffee, I stick to black tea which has caffeine in it too.

This YETI cup keeps my black tea just the right temperature for many HOURS. There are so many distractions during my morning and this cup keeps my tea just right when I finally get a chance to drink it.

In the mornings that I wake up at 7-7:30 a.m. I am always in my comfy Jessica Simpson slippers I got from Amazon. They’re really pretty and super comfortable.

These comfortable slippers are my house slippers. I absolutely love them and will be ordering a few more pairs.

8:00 a.m.- 9:30 a.m.– Around this time my kids and I have breakfast together. I usually clean up the living room and vacuum around this time if I didn’t the night before.

I’ll put on LeapFrog on Netflix for my girls for a bit while I review both of my planners as I mentally prepare myself for the day ahead. My planner system really helps me every single day to keep myself organized and on track of everything.

Here’s the free printable as promised above, that I use in my own planner. It has a weekly review in the front and a prayer of the week on the back of it.

You can subscribe down below and you’ll receive the password to my free resource library page. There are so many other amazing freebies there and I hope you enjoy it!!

morning routine summermorning routine summer

More on my morning routine.

9:30 a.m.- 10:30 a.m.– This is the time where I’ll put in an hour of blogging work. I will be constantly referring to my blogging work planner during this hour.

What I currently use for my work planner is a personal size Kikki K ring planner. I have EVERYTHING in this planner, from all of my notes, deadlines, content ideas, content organization, down to passwords.

This mint green color isn’t what I have because I prefer light pink. What I love most about this planner is it’s size because I am always walking back and forth to where my kids are and I really like having a light and portable planner that contains all of my work information in it.

10:30 a.m until noon or 1.p.m.– Here is the fun part of my morning routine summer edition! I take my kiddos out to the yard to play and let them have fun while I workout on the treadmill for about an hour.

I tend to not workout more than an hour because I’ll get really tired and I still have to work and play with the kids later, plus make dinner so I just try to get all of my steps done. Afterward, I will rest in my Coleman chair and finish up my tea (that’s still hot around this time in my YETI cup!)

I have a lot of awesome toys I use outside in the yard to keep my kiddos entertained. They have so much fun while I get my workout in.

First, they love their Coleman chairs, sidewalk chalk, and their water table.

My kids have loved all of these items so far! They are entertained for hours on end.

During this time, I also like to water my plants. I got a beautiful little garden stand from Amazon and they delivered me my succulent plants from a nursery in great condition!

This summer routine is by far my favorite.

Noon or 1.p.m.- 2 p.m.– From here, we all come in and have lunch together. I’ll give my toddler a bath and let her nap for a few hours.

Once my oldest is done with her lunch, she’ll clean up too. So, there you have it for my morning routine on the days I wake up a little later.

However, I don’t always take my kids out into the yard to go get messy and dirty. Work from home moms out there knows that it’s a little tedious to get a toddler clean after a day in the sandbox.

Every other day I will take them out to play and get sunshine. On the other days, my morning routine is slightly different.

6:30 a.m.- 7:30 a.m.- I wake up early and go onto my treadmill. Once I get all of my steps in, I take a shower and get ready for the day.

7:30 a.m.- 8:30 a.m.– I get my kids ready for the day and make breakfast for them. Then, I review my planners to check the work I have to do for the day.

8:30 a.m.- Noon– I will get a lot of work done during this time. My kiddos are usually playing on their tablets, in their dollhouse, or coloring.

Since they’re usually tired from a long outdoor day, they like to relax during this time. My toddler will fuss for my attention at this time and I’ll play with her while I work too.

The last of my morning routine summer edition.

Noon- 1:30 p.m.– Lunchtime for all of us. Right after this lunch, I’ll let my toddler nap for a while.

On these days her naptime is earlier than when we go outside and play. While she’s napping, I usually gather up some materials to spend some time playing with my oldest.

1:30 p.m.- (whenever my toddler wakes up)– Usually during this time, my oldest and I will straighten up the living room. I will also run the dishwasher so that everything is clean before making dinner.

I’ll usually have everything ready to do a cute arts and crafts project I saw on Pinterest with my daughter around this time. Sometimes, she’ll want to play Guess who or Scrabble Junior (her favorite board games) or simply color with me.

That’s it for my morning routine summer edition. Let me know in the comments down below if you’d like to read up on my evening routine summer edition!

This is my favorite morning routine so far.

Honestly, I love summer routines! It’s a nice break from school work and can be so much fun with the kiddos.

Even though during the work week we are mostly at home because I’m working, my husband and I enjoy taking the girls out on the weekends. Some weekends, we spend all day Saturday outside and most of Sunday resting!

If you work from home, I highly encourage you to have backyard days outside. It’s fun for the kids to get them tired, and allows you to have the time to workout without wearing yourself out.

For my morning routines, I always strive to make the most out of my time. Not just that but since I have children, I like to keep them happy, focused, energetic, and give them plenty of opportunities to learn and do plenty of other activities.

It’s a lot of work and trial and error to get my morning routines just right to fit all of my family and I’s needs. But, I’m really happy so far with my morning routine summer edition.

You can still have a great morning routine, even with kids and working from home! The key is to not give up when one routine doesn’t work out.

Another key point to creating the best morning routine is to remain consistent. A lot of times, morning routines don’t work out because we aren’t giving them enough time to work out.

Keep trying and stay motivated! You can still be productive, keep your children happy, and make time for yourself.

What’s next on mrsplanahead.

As mrsplanahead subscribers know this month I’m focusing on creating more lifestyle content! The freebie for the month is now up, as promised.

I do have a filled up free resource library page. However, I won’t be releasing quite as much freebies as I used to. The reason is that my work has piled up on me!

I’m working on optimizing my website. Not just that but my creative spare time is going into creating new listings for my Etsy shop.

Once I am finished optimizing my website, I’ll have more spare time and I’ll be focusing on creating my new book. I’m really excited to be coming out with my second book!

Mrsplanahead subscribers will be the first to know when my book is out. Even with all of this busy work going on, I will still always make time for one freebie monthly.

I hope you enjoyed this post’s freebie. As I said, I use this in my own personal planner and I love the fact that it’s double-sided!

When you print, make sure you check your printer settings and click on double-sided. I learned about that nifty little button after many printing fails!

Make sure you have your notifications turned on for mrsplanahead e-mails. My next post will be an updated tips and hacks to being a productive work from home.

Creating lifestyle content is what I love to do!

It’s no secret that mrsplanahead is filled with lifestyle constent. I try to provide my most helpful tips on marriage, planning, working from home, and so much more.

This month focusing on solely lifestyle posts is truly my passion. Next month, I’ll be focusing on planning which I have so much content for.

You’ll be seeing more new Etsy shop listings come out then and more posts on how to be more productive with your planning systems.

Lifestyle month is where I love to focus on updating my morning routines, evening routines, and mom tips, tricks, and hacks!

I hope you enjoyed the free printable. Let me know in the comments down below if you did!

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