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Morning routine ideas

Morning routine ideas.

morning routine ideas

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Hello all, today I wanted to share with you my new and updated morning routine ideas. So, I have a very basic and simple morning routine for Monday through Friday.

As most of you know, I’m a stay at home mom but I also blog from home. So, I do work from home and my schedule reflects as such.

The way I plan my morning routine definitely is due to the fact I need to squeeze in some hours to work on mrsplanahead.

I have a previous morning routine I posted a while back and this one has definitely changed as mrsplanahead has continued to grow so I thought it’d be nice to share my morning routine to give you work from home mom’s some ideas to help or switch up your morning routine.

I have a few more ideas that I plan on incorporating into my morning routine that I’ll mention lastly.

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As a busy work from home mom, my morning routine is necessary.

morning routine ideas

So, let’s go ahead and jump into my morning routine. A big part of my morning routine for me, is to actually get ready every single weekday.

Since I try to take weekends off to focus on just my family, I want my work week to feel like a work week, despite me being at home. This entails me getting ready with makeup and an outfit change.

Not only does this help me be more productive, it keeps me on track to act like I’m at work, despite me being at home. When you work for yourself, it’s easy to start to slack off and your website can suffer as a result.

Morning routine ideas.

6:30 A.M.- Wake up and get my makeup done. I change into my previously picked out outfit from the day before, brush my teeth, and fix my hair.

6:45 A.M.- I run the dishwasher if I haven’t the night before. Sometimes, if I’m sick or tired I will just forget and run it in the morning.

Next, I brew my morning tea. My husband and I love black tea, we drink this like our coffee, every single day. I usually have one cup around this time and another right before lunch to keep me energized.

Black tea is such a healthy option compared to coffee. All I do is simply add two teaspoons of sugar and a dash of milk.

I always struggled with stomach issues when I drank coffee and certain creamers. The switch to black tea helped my disgestive issues and helped me loose weight.

To say I’m a black tea fan would be accurate.

morning routine ideas

More of my morning routine ideas.

7:00 A.M.- Make the kids’ breakfasts, our breakfasts, and pack everyone’s lunch. Then, I set breakfast at the table. (I also love to make sure my daughter’s plate has her vitamins there on the side).

For breakfast, I tend to just fix something quickly up and it changes all of the time. Some mornings my kids want a banana and toast and some mornings they want pancakes.

My kids are picky right now and won’t touch eggs. I’ll take a few bites of a banana or toast, but usually I’m waiting to return home to eat my breakfast comfortably and with plenty of time.

7:20 A.M.- Wake up the girls and get them dressed. I like to pick out my daughter’s outfits the day before because I’m always reviewing my to-do list for the blog in the morning so I’m pretty distracted while getting everything ready.

Doing their hair is such a fun thing for me to do because I love dressing them up.

7:35 A.M.- My kids eat breakfast and my husband heads out the door with his lunchbox.

7:40 A.M.- I finally have a chance to sit down and drink my tea. Sometimes, I make last minute phone calls here.

I confirm appointments or cancel any coming up that I need to that day. Checking my pageviews, stats, and Pinterest analytics is common during this time, too.

During the work week, I like to focus on my website daily in order to be the most productive and get things accomplished.

morning routine ideas
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Running errands happen almost daily.

8:08 A.M.- School drop off.

8:40 A.M.- Run errands, grocery shopping, and phone calls that need to be made. I keep my grocery list and meal plan tucked into my purse and I purchased a little notepad for it from Tj maxx.

I check my voicemail during this time and try to schedule in appointments for Ella and I during this time slot.

9:30 A.M.- After a few errands, we head straight back home and I clean up the living room. Usually, I unload the dishwasher and load up the dirty dishes from breakfast.

There’s just something about a tidy living space and a clean kitchen every morning that refreshes and energizes me. At this time, I’ll usually make myself breakfast and Ella likes to have a snack.

I like to eat eggs and Ella loves to snack on some yogurt, fruit, and crackers.

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The rest of my morning routine.

10 A.M.- Playtime with Ella. We usually put on learning shows for toddlers from Netflix like WordParty and listen to that.

This is our relaxation time and I get to enjoy just spending about an hour learning and playing with Ella while big sis is at school.

10:30 A.M.– Ella’s bath time and naptime.

10:30 A.M.- Noon- Blog work.

morning routine ideas
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Noon- Make lunches for Ella and I.

This is a typical morning routine for my children and I, Monday through Friday. The weekends, of course are completely different.

On the weekends I do enjoy taking a break from my website and focusing on precious family time. The kids are growing so fast! Also, running a website is a ton of hard work and you can get really sucked into it if you aren’t setting time frames on yourself.

As your own boss, you have more of a responsibility to keep your website running well and it can become daunting.

Adding more to my early morning routine.

I have been contemplating on my early morning routine and I do have some new ideas, though I’m not sure when I will actually evolve my morning routine. Basically, I want to add time with God earlier in the morning.

I would have to commit to waking up earlier, which I feel like I’ll be able to do soon. I think time with God is so necessary and it really refuels my spirit when it’s weary.

Working from home and balancing this mom life really makes me miss God. So, I will be doing this soon enough.

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Also, working out is necessary but I haven’t quite decided how to add that in though I have a few ideas.

It may fit my schedule better to add working out into my weekend morning routine and I’ll be coming out with a post soon enough on this!

I hope you enjoyed my early morning routine and subscribe for more posts coming up. Thanks and until next time,

God bless,




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