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Mom and daughter quotes

Mom and daughter quotes.

mom and daughter quotes

Are you looking for sentimental mom and daughter quotes? You’ve come to the right place!

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I went ahead and included 2 free cell phone wallpaper downloads down below. What really motivated me to write this post was, of course, my daughters.

As a busy work from home mom and now homeschooling mom, I have really come to appreciate my kiddos and how they really make my life worth it all. Honestly, I am so blessed to be their mommy and I have learned so much from each of them.

They’ve taught me so much like patience and understanding. I have learned so much from my children and my love has grown and grown as years have passed by, as I’m sure it has for all mothers.

These inspirational mom and daughter quotes are all written for my oldest daughter, by just me. I like to create my own quotes because I feel like I have so much to say so I do like to use my original words!

These quotes below are meant for your oldest daughter and I’ll be making a new post filled with inspirational mom and daughter quotes for younger daughters. Of course, any of these quotes fit a daughter!

There’s absolutely so much you can do with quotes. First off, there are free cell phone downloads included in here that you can use for your personal use.

You can download them and put them as your wallpaper on your cell phone to put a smile on your face! Another thing I like to do with quotes is to print them out onto my baby’s birthday cards, print them out and hang them up in her room in a frame by her bed, and my favorite is to read them to her all of the time.

Those are just a few ideas with what you can do with quotes. You can even print them onto sticker paper and use them as stickers to decorate your planner, a calendar, anything really!

I truly hope you enjoy these quotes as much as I have enjoyed writing them. Daughters are so precious!!

Showing appreciation and how to make your daughter feel special.

We’re all reading up on mom and daughter quotes for different reasons. I like to look at beautiful quotes for my daughters and read the quotes to them because I know they love hearing them.

Who wouldn’t? Quotes are beautiful, motivating, and inspiring.

They are meant to uplift you and give you motivation on your journey in life. Not just that, they’re meant to offer support and let you know that you’re not the only one going through hard or tough times.

However, I also enjoy creating quotes because I love to write and it comes easily to me. There are a lot more ways to show appreciation and make your daughter feel special.

For example, you could try these 20 mother-daughter bucket list ideas to spend more quality time together and to create fun memories to look back on. You can also plan a mom-daughter date that she picks out herself and looks forward to for the week!

You can also thank your daughter for being so awesome by getting her a toy she really wants! I actually purchase my oldest a toy from Amazon once a month if she’s been good, done her chores, and has helped me around the house.

We do reward good behavior in our household. What she currently loves right now are Enchantimals and receiving new books.

Books are super educational for kids and there are so many options on Amazon it’s crazy! We always get new books from Amazon and my kids love it when I read them new bedtime stories every night.

Right now, my oldest likes to read chapter books, and I also read them huge storybooks that I find on Amazon. Right now, we are really enjoying the 365 Day storybook Bible.

It’s so amazing and helps kids learn about the Bible! I love it!

I do the same for my youngest but her toys are slightly different. Either way, it’s something they really look forward to monthly.

She’s a toddler and she really enjoys the drawing table I recently got her! They both enjoy playing with each other’s toys (and fighting over them) so I would highly recommend these play toys/ activities for your daughters!

20 Mom and daughter quotes.

  • To my oldest- you are one in a million. a sparkling gem this much is true. You’re thoughtful, empathetic, sympathetic, and kind. God blessed me so much with you. And I am so grateful to be your mom.
  • I carried you for nine months and loved you every single step of the way. The minute I knew I was going to be a mom I knew God put you in my life for a reason.
  • My sweet daughter, my whole entire world lit up when I realized you were on the way.
  • A mother’s greatest hope is for her daughter to be kind, thoughtful, successful, and ambitious. You’ll do great things, babygirl. I believe in you.
  • Every night that I tuck you into bed and you close your eyes, drifting off to sleep I remember the day you were born. I remember when you grew into your toddler years and I sit there and wonder where the time has gone. Regardless, I wouldn’t trade anything on this Earth for all of our wonderful times together.

What does a mother truly wish for her daughter?

That’s another reason why I wrote these 20 mom and daughter quotes out for my daughter. I want her to know what I truly wish for her in her life.

In a mother’s world, all we want is for our children to live a great life, be healthy, strong, find love, and love others. I also wish for my daughter to have happiness, joy, and contentment in her life in the name of Jesus.

As mothers, we wish a lot for our beautiful daughters. Because WE are also beautiful daughters!

I truly believe the more you say aloud these beautiful quotes to your daughter, the closer your bond will get. Not just that, but you will be instilling in her everything that you wish for her to be and have in her life.

That’s something that is irreplaceable to a daughter during her childhood. And even when she’s older, these quotes will do so much for her!

They’ll remind her that you love her and cherish her. These mom and daughter quotes will let her know that you only want the best for her in her life.

All I truly wish for my daughter is for her to be happy, safe, and well protected. I wish her health, ambition, strength, and wisdom.

I’m sure all mothers wish these beautiful things for their children. Never stop lifting them up and motivating them to do more in their life. 

Always remind them that you do care and you know that they can accomplish so much more than they think they can! Being a great mom isn’t easy, but I’m sure your daughter will believe you are once you tell her how you feel about her!!

More mom and daughter quotes.

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mom and daughter quotes

  • I thank God every single day for blessing me with you. I love you, my sweet daughter.
  • Ever since I became a mom, my first priority has been you and your wellbeing. As long as I’m still here, your best friend forever I’ll be.
  • My whole life changed the minute I held you in my arms and rocked you for the first time. All of a sudden, I knew my life’s calling. God wanted me to be your mama.
  • My dear, if I ever seem like I’m nagging it’s only because I want you to be the very best you can be. Because I know how amazing you truly are.
  • When you smile, I smile too because I see a little of me in you. You may have your father’s eyebrows and nose but you’ve got my dimples and attitude. God gave me my twin when you were born.
  • I used to be lonely sometimes before you were born. Now I don’t even know the meaning of the word! You’re my sunshine baby girl and you’ll always remain that way.

The last of the mom and daughter quotes.

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mom and daughter quotes

  • God knows how much you mean to me, my sweet daughter. I love you so much and I’m so grateful I am your mommy. I promise I’ll always love you and protect you.
  • Whenever times get tough, just remember you’ll always have your mommy by your side, no matter what. 
  • Years can go by and you’ll still always be my little girl. You’ve made me so proud and happy. I love you, darling. 
  • Some days, motherhood is tough. And every night when I tuck you into bed, I thank God for each moment, even the tough ones. Any moment with you is one worth thanking God for.
  • I love you so much, my sweet daughter. You’re such a kind and thoughtful person. I’m so blessed and I’ll cherish every day with you, I promise. 
  • To be your mommy is my biggest blessing. God knew what he was doing when he put you in my life and changed my whole world forever. 
  • The days that you give me attitude, I realize I’m in for a ride because you’re just like me! I’m still so thankful that you’ve got an attitude like your mama. 
  • I will always stand by you, protect you, and fight for you. You’re my daughter and nothing on Earth will ever change that. 
  • Whenever I hold you close to me and feel your heartbeat against mine, I thank God for you. You’ll never know how much you mean to me, my sweet baby girl. 


I truly hope you’ve enjoyed these inspirational and sentimental mom and daughter quotes. They have come straight from the heart!

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