Last minute Valentine’s day ideas

Last minute Valentine’s day ideas. 


Are you looking for last minute Valentine’s day ideas? You’ve come to the right place because I’ve compiled a list of fun last minute Valentine’s day ideas. 

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I love Valentine’s day and celebrating it with my family. Picking out Valentine’s day gifts for my husband is something I love to do and also for my children! 

For my children, I love to create Valentine’s day gift baskets. I’ve made some Valentine’s day gift guides for toddlers and your daughters that you’ll love. 

My husband and I do more date night in ideas rather than out. There are a few that I think are super neat I’d like to share with you today. 

That’s why I created 15 last-minute Valentine’s day ideas you’ll love! Sometimes, plans change and it’s always fun to glance down a list and get new ideas to add to your Valentine’s day to do’s. 

What to do on Valentine’s day? 

In my opinion, it’s good to have a plan for something to do on Valentine’s day besides just having dinner. For my husband and I, it’s usual to have dinner, open gifts, and watch a movie together. 

However, sometimes it’s nice to switch things up and do other things besides just the usual dinner and a movie. If you’re looking for new and exciting date night ideas, then you will love this post. 

These ideas are crafty and different! Also, these last-minute date night ideas are perfect for a low budget. 

We all don’t have the budget to have a fancy dinner and get expensive gifts. Work with what you have and get creative! 

Last minute Valentine’s day ideas. 

  • Candlelight patio dinner date night. 
  • Bike ride and a picnic. 

Watch the sunset together afterward. 

  • Cook together and bake something sweet for dessert. 
  • Have a cheese and deli board paired with a glass of wine. 

Watch a movie together afterward. 

  • Read the Bible together and pray. 

Discuss your most inner thoughts and feelings. Share what you love about each other with one another. 

You can also use the Marriage workbook I created to help you with these thoughts and feelings. The goal is to have a happy and healthy marriage.

Valentine’s day is perfect to bring up thoughts of your marriage. Communication is essential to a happy relationship. 

Drink hot chocolate as a cozy treat and top them with marshmallows. 

  • Breakfast in bed. 

Make a breakfast tray filled with all of your favorite foods. Cuddle in bed and have a late start to the day. 

  • Spa date night. 

Use a couples spa date night package for this date night idea. 

  • Couples massage date. 

Check out your local massage places and book an appointment! 

Having a low budget on Valentine’s day is a good idea.

Personally, I like to save money. For something special, like wedding anniversaries I do believe it’s a good idea to splurge. 

However, Valentine’s day is meant to be a fun and romantic date with your partner. There have been times where my husband and I didn’t have much money to celebrate Valentine’s day together. 

I would always see on Instagram these huge extravagant gifts and dates. However, you don’t need all of that to have a good time with your loved one. 

Don’t let social media influence you so much. Just spend a little extra time picking out a fun thing to do with your partner. 

They’ll appreciate the extra effort you’ve made on their behalf. 

The rest of the last-minute date night ideas. 

  • Walk around dream homes you want to buy together one day. Talk about a dream vacation you want to go on together and plan it. 
  • Check off an item from your bucket list that you two have always wanted to do. Be spontaneous and go do it! 
  • Dance together outside to your favorite love song. 

Watch a romantic comedy afterward. 

  • Have a bookstore date with coffee and a pastry afterward. 

Discuss your relationship together. Bring up anything you’ve been waiting to tell your partner. 

  • Couples painting night. 

Have a nice bottle of wine afterward. 

  • Chocolate and wine tasting night. 

Taste new wine together and pair it with chocolate. 

  • Remember the good old times and watch old videos together.  

Look back on old photo albums together. See how far you’ve come. 


I hope you’ve enjoyed these last minute Valentine’s day ideas to do with your significant other. They’re fun and easy to prepare in such a short amount of time. 

Don’t feel bad about not planning out a HUGE Valentine’s day date night. Some years, I’ve gone all out for my husband, and other years I did not.

Everyone is different and we all go through different stages in our lives. Sometimes, we don’t have the energy to do all of that and more. 

But, as long as you take the time to make your date night personal and special, there’s no need for extravagant gestures because your partner knows how much you care. Don’t forget to put God first in your marriage and God bless you. 

What’s next on mrsplanahead? Believe it or not, I’ve gotten into Valentine’s day spirit! 

So, expect even more Valentine’s day content! I would say for sure two more posts. 

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I’m also excited to announce that I’m working on another amazing eBook! I can’t wait to share it when it’s out. 

However, the fun part for me is creating it. Take care and until next time,






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