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Journal prompts for self discovery

Journal prompts for self-discovery.

journal prompts for self discovery

Are you in need of these 31 journal prompts of self-discovery to answer this month in your journal? I enjoy taking some time as self-care, to reflect and answer some thoughtful journal prompts once in a while.

As a busy stay at home mom of 2, I rarely get a lot of “me” time. I’m constantly rushing around.

Whether it’s working on the blog, cooking, cleaning, or taking care of my beautiful babies, I still want to devote some time to self-care.

Moms need journaling too.

It’s important to me as a mother to spend time taking care of myself too. I want my children to see mom relax and have “me” time so that they know in the future they should do the same!

To me, I feel like my children are always watching me and I want to set a good example for them. Imagine watching your mom be so busy and never have time for herself?

So when I do get a chance to focus on myself, I want to take the time to reflect, check in on myself, and make sure I’m happy and well.

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One of my favorite ways to self-care honestly is to focus on my planner system. I currently use the bullet journal system and I consider taking the time to do this self-care.

Journaling and planning is self-care to me.

The reason I consider this as self-care is that bullet journaling isn’t a quick process. It does require time and effort to fill everything out daily.

I don’t always get to my bullet journal. Not as much as I used to, anyway. It’s really hard to invest all my free time into my website and then fill out my bullet journal afterward.

I still try constantly though, because I want my mental health to stay well. Now, I find myself making planning and journaling a priority on weekends, which are my days off.

Shouldn’t our mental health be number one on our priority list? This is why I went ahead and thought of these 31 journal prompts of self-discovery out for you.

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I really do enjoy creating these and I hope you enjoy answering them! You’ll receive notifications straight to your inbox when you do subscribe.

The products I love and use personally for journaling constantly are down below. I absolutely love these amazing journaling products.

Journaling and planning go together, in my opinion.

As much as I love journaling, I’m more of a planner girl. If you’ve been following me for a while on Insta or even twitter, you’ll notice I’m really into planning.

All of my socials are linked to my website, you can follow me there for planner inspiration and any sticker and kits I personally love. One thing I love about planning is having great and reliable products.

The reason I love planning is that planning helps me be a work from home mom and accomplish my daily tasks. I’ve been checking off my monthly goals one by one and tracking it in my planner.

I’ve used so many planners in my life and I use more than one. Currently, I use one planner for work and another for my personal use.

Personally, I never thought I could manage two planners. Since my website began growing I saw the necessity come in for two planners.

Staying organized is key.

Bullet journaling has worked out so well for me because I change my planning style monthly. Using a bullet journal allows me to change my mind about inserts and create my very own.

The amazing part about bullet journaling is that it has helped me stay even more organized than I was before. I love my planner system and I very much doubt I will go back to any other type of planner.

One thing that helps me stay organized is sort of reviewing my previous month and from there I create my new pages for the following month. This helps me stay prepared for the upcoming month.

Also, it helps me to use the same types of planner supplies to make sure I use them up! Nothing to me is worse than a cluttered desk.

Obviously, I love planner supplies but I also don’t like hoarding or wasting my supplies. So, I make sure to pick good quality products I enjoy and that I know I will use a lot.

31 journal prompts for self-discovery.

  1. Where do you want to be five years from now? Do you see yourself happy and fulfilled?
  2. What steps could you take to make sure you are satisfied and content with your life right now? Is there anything holding you back from being content?
  3. List five things that make you happy. Smile.
  4. What is your ideal dream vacation and why?
  5. Think of a career choice that would make you happy and proud of your life. Write it down and why you chose that.
  6. Are there any important yearly goals that you want to achieve?
  7. Any steps that you need to take to achieve your goal?
  8. What’s your ideal perfect self-care routine?

More journal prompts for self-discovery.

9. What could make you happier TODAY?

10. Is there anything holding you back from making your dreams come true? Why?

11. Are you happy with yourself as a person?

12. List five things that you love about yourself. Smile.

13. Write down three things you’d like to do this week that include pampering yourself. Actually do them!

Self-care is important too.

14. Do you feel like you are too busy lately? What steps can you take to slow down this month?

15. Think about one hobby that makes you smile inside. Do you make enough time for your hobby/passion at least once a week?

16. Do you make enough time to hang out with your friends monthly? If not, is there anything you can do to change that?

17. Write down a list of self-care related things you’ve wanted to get done this past month. Pick three to accomplish before this month is over.

More self-discovery prompts.

18. Think of one place you’d like to go that you’ve been putting off. Why do you want to go there? And why have you been putting it off?

19. When is the last time you’ve prayed to God? Why?

20. Is there anything you can do to strengthen your relationship with God?

21. Write down a prayer to God today. Tell him what you are grateful and thankful for.

22. Have you been feeling alone and lost lately? Write out why and what you can do to change that.

Self-love is important too.

23. Name 10 things people say they love about you. Do you agree?

24. Do you read many books on self-love? Are there any you’ve been meaning to read? Write down a few.

25. Is there anything you’d like to change about yourself? Why?

26. Write down five things you are grateful for today. Smile.

27. What are the three activities you want to do this week that involve fitness? Actually get them done!

28. Any helpful lifestyle changes you’ve been meaning to make? List them and try to get a few done.

The last of the self-discovery journal prompts.

journal prompts for self discovery

29. What did you want to be when you were younger? Did you ever become that?

30. Who do you admire and look up to the most? Why?

31. Is there anything you can do to be more like your role model?

Journal prompts help you discover who you are.

Often times, we are so busy with our lives that we forget we need to slow down and reflect. Everyone needs to, at one point or another.

I’m guilty of not slowing down and appreciating things as they happen in life. However, I’ve been trying to work on myself to change that.

I always want to be more present and a more patient person. Do you ever feel this way?

Reflection is always good for you.

Reflection caused me to come to that conclusion. No matter how busy I may be, I still want to be a more patient, loving, and present person.

Answering journaling prompts helps me reach conclusions about myself.

What I love most about answering journal prompts is that you get a chance to really self reflect. Reflecting on how you’ve grown as a person is important.

You can feel amazed at how much you’ve grown and identified the areas you need to work on. Reflection is truly important for self-growth.

Answering thoughtful journal monthly is so helpful to me.

Even as a busy mom, I enjoy answering thoughtful prompts.

I can’t lie to you, I feel like I am always busy! Between running my own website, promoting it, and writing sometimes I feel overwhelmed.

Juggling being a work from home mom and a homemaker can be a little too much. When I get to relax and journal I do enjoy making myself a cup of tea first.

Also, kids need to be asleep! I love writing in the quiet when I can hear myself think.

I’ve tried journaling and planning when my kiddos are up. Sometimes I can’t even remember why I opened my planner/journal in the first place!

All moms know what I’m talking about, right? I hope it’s not just me, but my kiddos keep me on my toes and constantly busy.

Self-care to me is journaling.

My kids can be all over the place and sometimes I am dealing with toddler tantrums that interfere with the blogging process and even journaling.

To me, self-care is journaling. When I get the chance to actually sit down and write my thoughts out, I consider that blessed time.

The reason I say this is because as children get older they talk a lot! As parents, we have more questions to answer and a lot less “me” time.

As busy as I may feel, I know a few mom bloggers who have children and are super busy but still blog successfully. One of my favorites is Jenni from Housewife hustle.

Follow her for self-love Inspiration and a genuine mommy blogger who loves to help her audience out! Just because you’re a busy mom, doesn’t mean you can’t handle running a business from home.

Personally, I get things done thanks to my planner. Having two has really helped me stay focused and on track.

Journaling prompts motivate me.

When I answer journaling prompts, I find myself motivated towards the end. Since I answered all the questions, I reflect on my answers.

Suddenly, I want to do more! I want to travel more, see more, and accomplish more of my goals. Sometimes reflection really is the motivation you need to get things done in your life.

You have to start from somewhere though. A quiet place is the best for me.

I really can’t focus unless it’s quiet. That’s when the best answers flow naturally for me.


Journaling and planning will always mean something to me. I love being a productive, organized, and focused person.

There’s a little more to planning than just productivity, in my opinion. Planning and journaling is a passion and can be a fun hobby too.

As much as I love reading, I love writing even more. A writer’s love is a fresh page in a notebook (nowadays, it’s a computer screen) to scribble our thoughts down.

We want our voices to be heard. Which is why my book is almost self-published!

It’s been a long journey (two years) to get to where I am today with my blogging website. Not only have I learned so much but my love for blogging grew.

Is there anything that you’re passionate about? My website was my hobby at first but it’s become so much more.

I’m being real when I say to follow your passion and make your dreams come true. Because dreams can come true if you put in the hard work.

Until next time,





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