journal prompts for gratitude

31 journal prompts for gratitude

31 journal prompts for gratitude.

journal prompts for gratitude


Hello all, today I wanted to share with you 31 journal prompts for gratitude. This is a challenge for the month so that whenever you journal, you answer one question from the journal prompt for gratitude list.

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Having a list of prompts to remind you what you are grateful for is very beneficial and can help you be more appreciative for what you DO have versus what you want.

Too often, we are forgetful of the many blessings we DO have and are constantly wishing or complaining, wanting what we don’t have. God blesses us daily and it’s time for a reminder of how much.

Journaling is a helpful and therapeutic tool for me.

It’s no secret that I am a planner geek which I’m sure you can tell by my name: mrsplanahead. I’ve always loved all things planner related, stationary, pens, stencils, planners, and journals.

Journaling relaxes me just as much as writing my prayers out to God does. What helps calm you down when anxiety strikes?

Hopefully, journaling does. For me, writing out my day and looking back on it is something SO memorable. I also like to include pictures in my journal entry, stickers, and washi.

Journaling is a creative outlet for me and keeps my creative juices flowing. Not only that, it’s a beautiful keepsake.

Keeping a record of things that happen in my life really helps me worry less. There’s so many times where issues come up, like a pending doctor appointment or something having to do with my kids, important information that I need record of.

That’s why I started planning in the first place. As a busy blogging mom, you can’t ever have too many planning systems or gratitude journals. I have a planner for 2020 that I use daily, a bujo planning system but I make sure to record what I’m grateful for every single day and a highlight of my day.

It may seem tedious to some, but for me it works wonders in reminding me how blessed my life really is.

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31 journal prompts for gratitude.

journal prompts for gratitude

  1. What are you grateful for today?
  2. Who are you grateful for today?
  3. What’s one thing you love about yourself?
  4. What’s one thing you love about your significant other?
  5. Is there anything adorable you witnessed today?
  6. Write down a favorite family memory that happened this week.
  7. Were you able to pay all of your bills this past month? If so, how grateful are you that you’ve been able to do that?
  8. Write down a work goal you’ve accomplished this week.
  9. What are you grateful for this season?
  10. How has God blessed you today?
  11. Write down 3 things that made you smile today.
  12. Scroll through your text messages. Write down one message that put a smile on your face today.
  13. Did you notice any acts of kindness made towards you this past week?
  14. List 5 things you are grateful for today.
  15. List one thing you are grateful for that’s changed since last year.
  16. Tell God what you’re grateful for today.
  17. List 3 things you love about yourself.
  18. Write a prayer about all the blessings you have in your life that you’re thankful for.
  19. Think back to 5 years ago. What are you grateful for now in life? What has changed?
  20. List 5 people that make you happy.
  21. List why those 5 people make you happy.
  22. Why are you happy today?
  23. Write 3 things on this earth that you find beautiful.
  24. Write down something you’re excited to go do today.
  25. List 5 things you love about your life.
  26. List 4 things you enjoy doing throughout the day.
  27. What personal goal have you accomplished today?
  28. What have you read today that you’ve enjoyed?
  29. List 3 favorite memories that you are grateful for from your childhood.
  30. What are you most grateful for today?
  31. What have you learned during these 31 days?

Practice being grateful.

journal prompts for gratitude

Once you complete these journal prompts, don’t just stop there! Continue every single day reminding yourself of all that God has given you.

I try my hardest to remain grateful every day, but some days I just plain old forget and start complaining about every and anything. I know, not graceful at all. But I’m human, I can honestly admit that!

As much as I want to be the perfect woman, I’m not. I have a ton of flaws and am not as put together as I may seem. Despite being mrsplanahead, I’ve made my share of mistakes.

What’s great about God is that he loves us so much and forgives us when we make our mistakes and want to change. Coming to God and talking it out to him is what makes me feel better about myself inside.

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God’s protection in scripture

It’s so important to read your Bible every single day. If you haven’t already, get yourself a great Bible that you can read from every day.

Praying with God is great but you need to build your connection with God and learn more about him. The beauty in having a relationship with Him is that there’s so much for you to learn that’s already there, in your Bible!

Learning about God’s miracles, wonders, and grace needs to be a priority in building up your relationship with Him. You can purchase your Bible in the following link where there’s a variety to choose from: Bible

God is what gives me peace.

He’s what gives me peace when I feel like I’m drowning. We need to remember to be grateful for our blessings every day and that God has given us another day to live.

What helps me remember to be grateful daily is looking at my beautiful children and reminding myself I am so lucky to be their momma!

What has God helped you with in the past week that’s reminded you of how good and faithful He is? Isn’t he wonderful?

What are you grateful most for today? Leave a comment down below so we can chat. God bless!

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