how to start a bullet journal

How to start a bullet journal

How to start a bullet journal.

how to start a bullet journal

Are you looking for tips on how to start a bullet journal? You’ve come to the right place.

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I used a bullet journal as an everyday planner for over two years. It definitely took some getting used to because I was a Blue Sky planner girl before then.

There are definitely some supplies you need to get before starting a bullet journal to really get yourself on the right foot. A lot of my bullet journal notebooks fell through because I didn’t have a guide on what exactly I needed to make bullet journaling successful.

First off, this staology is what I used for over two years. It has the best paper there is out there and a simple faint grid that’s super handy.

The paper is what kept me motivated to keep writing in it. You will also want to make sure you have a cover for your staology.

Other must-have items for a bullet journal newbie are, midliners to highlight with, ruler, stencil, washi tape, and cute stickers. 

It’s hard to create a good bullet journal if you don’t have the supplies you need. I tried many times and failed.

Besides, planning is meant to be enjoyable. Having the right tools will help you be successful with bullet journaling!

Free printable bundle down below!!

I created this free printable bundle down below. This freebie includes a Today insert, notes page, brain dump, and to buy list.

This freebie bundle is for your personal use only! I hope you enjoy it and it helps maximize your productivity.

how to start a bullet journal

Decide on what you want to go into your bullet journal.

The beauty of a bullet journal is that you can decide what pages to use every month. They can change according to your bullet journal needs and you can add them in as you go through the month.

You can also journal and start memory keeping inside of your bullet journal. Since it’s in a notebook once you are done with your bullet journal, you can put in on your shelf when done to look back on for memories.

That’s something you can only do with a bullet journal. I find it much too difficult to store punched inserts from my personal moterm rings planner.

Having a bullet journal is a great way to create and save memories. Sometimes, I’d make time to just take pictures to print on my favorite sticker paper, cut up, and put it into my bullet journal!

What I did in my bullet journal was tip in pretty paper and make them into pages I wanted in my planner. For example, adding in a pretty pastel pink recollections paper to add a weekly review to my week.

how to start a bullet journal

In my weekly review, I included categories in my life I wanted to record my progress and issues with. These categories were usually: marriage, work, my kids, cleaning, and meal prep. Oh, and can’t forget the budget!

I would write anything that went wrong and little notes on how to improve in the future. Towards the end of my second year of bullet journaling, I started including a page for monthly reviews to sort of sum up the whole month.

Using stencils to draw in your weekly layout is super helpful, I did that more than once. Sometimes, I would purchase layouts from my favorite Etsy shops and print them out for my bullet journal.

Having stencils is almost a must. Stencils made my life much easier when I ran out of sticker boxes!

I would tip monthly reviews in and fill them out. It creates more chunk for your staology, which is something I love.

Pick your pages for your bullet journal. Mine are in here for 15 ideas for your bullet journal.

I would use those every single month. As my life got busier, I started adding more and more to my staology and it got much chunkier.

The fun in memory keeping in your bullet journal.

Memory keeping was a favorite thing of mine to do once I started printing out my pictures for my staology. Here’s a page from my memory keeping in the past:

how to start a bullet journal

I very much enjoyed memory keeping and writing little notes about how my day has gone so far at the bottom of my page. Bullet journaling has always been something I love to do.

Another thing I have done SO many times is to save cute pictures my daughters draw me. I’d tip them into my bullet journal and it always made me smile whenever I opened it.

To memory keep, you can also keep a page for affirmations and gratitude. I always loved to look back on that and my weekly prayers.

The point is to make that bullet journal YOURS. Getting ideas is great but thinking ahead is always helpful.

What do you need to plan out every week? Are there any goals you’d like to meet?¬†

Do you want to memory keep? If so, how often would you like to?

These are questions you want to ask yourself before setting up your bullet journal and make sure to make the changes you need to accordingly.

More ideas on how to start a bullet journal.

Another good idea to include in your bullet journal is a little monthly overview calendar. I like mine to pretty and I print them on cardstock paper on my printer.

In my staology, I like to tip mine in with pretty washi tape. It adds beautiful decor to my planner and I cross the days off as they go by!

how to start a bullet journal

You can also add a page for a brain dump. In my brain dump pages, I just write down every little thing that’s weighing on my mind.

This helps me get out everything I know I need to do that’s pending and makes me feel a little better. From there, I start adding important details from my brain dump into sections of my planner.

Not only is this super helpful but it makes me feel better. As a busy working mom that also homeschools, I almost always feel overwhelmed!

This helps me feel better and get rid of the stress I have. A brain dump list is great to put into your bullet journal and also a mental health check-in.

Here you can review your mood and ways to help you feel better. I like to do this every single week and even write in some motivational quotes to myself.

The last of my bullet journal ideas.

My last tip for starting your own bullet journal is to just have fun with it. Just make sure that your planner is able to fit your needs.

Try to stay as organized as you can with a ruler if you are creating your own important pages for the month. I’d recommend printing out a few inserts to tip in if you aren’t very good at decorating your own planner like I am.

For your bullet journal, you can also add work pages. Personally, I do not like to mix my work planner with my personal one but sometimes I will put my tasks in so I don’t have to switch back and forth between them.

For the most part, I prefer to separate my important work from my home life. However, if you don’t need too much space for work feel free to include pages in your bullet journal for it!

There are plenty of planner inserts if you don’t want to hand draw your own. I’m not very good at drawing so I love to gather up inserts and use them instead.

Have fun with it! Make sure to comment down below what you use to bullet journal with, I’d love to know!


I hope you’ve enjoyed this post on how to start your own bullet journal. Remember to have fun with it and focus to create the layout pages you need and will enjoy!

As most of my subscribers know, this month I am focusing on creating planning content. I LOVE to plan and love anything planner related.

I’m so excited to share my planning posts through the month of September. Although it has been a very busy one, I’m still excited!

Not just that, but I am also creating new fall content. You can check out my recent fall post, 16 ideas on home decor for the fall.

I also just created a fall bucket list this year! Feel free to leave comments down below on your thoughts.

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