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How to spend time in the presence of God

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How to spend time in the presence of God.

Hello all, today I wanted to share how to spend time in the presence of God. I am the first to admit that I am not always quick to realize that I need a rest. I’m so used to going,going,going all of the time. Having 2 kids makes me a busy stay at home mom. Not only am I blogging as much as I can, but I’m running a household. Suddenly, I realized there was a void in my life. I was missing something so amazing, yet I was too busy to notice.

how to spend time in the presence of God

I was missing spending time in the presence of God. 

Have you ever actually been in the presence of God?

I’m not talking about just usual quick morning prayers and listening to sermons. What I mean is actually spending that much needed quiet time with God. Honestly, I have come to the realization that you can check off ALL of your to-do’s and you can be successful as much as you want, but once you know God, it’s so hard to forget Him. Even if you’re so incredibly busy or certain events are distracting you from being in the presence of God.

But, guess what?

When you believe in God you’ll always go back to Him. Because you know, even with all the mistakes you make He still loves you unconditionally. He’ll still be there for you and hold your hand in our walks in life. Feel free to join my new Facebook group, Women of Faith where I’ll share all my latest blog posts. If you want to see threads based on marriage, God, and motherhood come join this growing community. 

Being in God’s presence is the best.

Of course, being in the presence of God is the ultimate feeling. I am at a loss of words in being able to accurately describe how amazing it feels to connect with the Lord. After many years I truly feel as though I have grown in my relationship with God, because I didn’t ever understand why people cried when they felt the touch of the Holy Spirit. Today, I noticed something was missing in my life. My heart felt hallow and I didn’t feel fulfilled.

how to spend time in the presence of God

Why is it important to spend time time with God?

Usually, when I check off something in my to-do list I feel accomplished, I feel proud of myself. Yet, today the feeling was gone. I felt alone and suddenly, very ,very weary. I’m not sure if I was physically exhausted or if I was just emotionally drained. Being a stay at home mom can have it’s up’s and down’s. If you know me, you know I’m not one to sugarcoat how tough it is to raise children, because I will tell it how it is. However, this feeling I couldn’t pin point until later on.

I realized, my spirit was weary.

My spirit needed God.

My spirit was weary because I was so busy focusing on accomplishing my daily to-do list I was actually missing out on life itself. I’m not a robot! Are you?


It’s too hard to go through life just checking off boxes. You need to laugh, feel, breathe, and LIVE. God wants us to do all these things! Happily. Believe it or not, He wants us to be happy and completely stress free. God loves us.

As I noticed my spirit was weary, without hesitation I reconnected with God. I am not one to ignore the signs of missing God. Without a doubt, I run to Him with open arms. Sometimes, I kick myself for not realizing I miss Him sooner, but I know he loves me just as I am, so I back off of myself. For I am just human and He knows that.

You should know that too.

You’re just human, too. 

What does it mean to spend time with God?

It’s very simple, really. Spending time with God means talking to Him. I mean, really talking to Him. It took me years to even be able to talk to God the way I do now. I talk to Him like he’s my best friend, because He is. Actually, when I was a little girl I used to always want a best friend who I could tell all my secrets too and we’d have so much fun and laugh together all the time. This is what I always saw in movies.

However, I didn’t realize my best friend was right there all along. When I was little, church always taught me to have a formal relationship with God. I felt like I couldn’t be myself around Him. Truthfully, I remember writing formal letters asking Him for help and guidance and giving thanks. While that’s a good start, that’s the very beginning of actually having a relationship with God. After I had my second child, I started to realize something.

God’s my lifeline.

Spending time with God is necessary.

He’s the only one I feel I don’t have to explain myself to. I don’t have to tell God how I’m feeling because He’s in my heart and He just knows. Spending time with God, in my honest opinion should feel like spending time with your best friend. Respecting God is easy for me and I cherish my relationship with Him.

I spent an hour and a half with God when I realized my spirit was weary. Listening to praise and worship music I cried, prayed, and read my Devotional. If you don’t have a Devotional, I highly recommend you get one. Because you want to always make sure you are reading up on the Word and educating yourself with scripture to remain close in your relationship with God. You can purchase yours in the link down below:
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At the end of my hour and a half, I sought wisdom from God. Any few words from Him would do, but I wanted to hear back from Him. I was done pouring out my heart, now I wanted to hear from Him. Trying to quiet my mind wasn’t working, in fact thoughts, memories, and so much more was piling up in my head.

All of a sudden, God’s word came to me loud and clear.

“Rest. You are tired. You seek refuge in me, so rest.” 

And I slept. Literally, I took a two hour nap. When I awoke, I was still in a happy mood because God knows just what I need, all of the time.

how to spend time in the presence of God
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How to spend time in the presence of God.

    • Spend time singing and praising His name.
    • Remember all of the blessings that God has blessed you with.
    • Are you thankful God has protected you and kept his promises to you? Remember that thankfulness and give him praise.
    • Read His word. And if you don’t have a Bible, make sure to get one and stay strong with the Word of God. You can purchase yours here:

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  • Spend time investing in your time with the Lord.
  • Educate yourself with the Word of God. Memorize scripture.


I truly hope this has helped you in your walk with God. Today, I felt like I needed to write this. Currently, I am praying this post helps you in whatever situation you’re in.

You’re welcome to leave any prayer requests or send them my way,

Until next time,






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