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How To Spend Quality Time With Your Child

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How to spend quality time with your child.

how to spend quality time with your child

Hello world, I really wanted to share with you ways on how to spend quality time with your child. Children will ALWAYS keep you on your toes and they need time and attention from you constantly. If you are a mother of more than one child, you understand the term sibling rivalry. My oldest always wants attention but so does my toddler! Things can quickly become hectic, and the last thing I want them to do is fight or argue with one another.

At times this can put me in a stressful predicament. That’s why I find it better for each child if I do give them separate attention, in order that they both feel heard and loved equally. They do spend plenty of time together and sometimes we even have dance parties!

However, our children are only little once so it is so important to give your children the quality time they deserve and need. There’s no time like the present and don’t feel bad if you feel like you haven’t spent enough quality time with your kids! 

Why is it important to spend time with your child?

Spending time with your child is important because you are helping them grow up in a happier manner, with plenty of attention. My kids love having my full attention! They need mom to teach them just about EVERYTHING! It’s important to raise your babies right, and help them along the way. That’s what it means to be a good parent. We all just want the best for our kids, I know I do. I want them to succeed in life and hopefully, one day teach their children the same way I taught them! With patience, kindness, care, and love!

Let’s go ahead and dive right into, how to spend quality time with your child.


how to spend quality time with your child

How to spend quality time with your child.

  • Set aside scheduled time for each child. Many days, I forget this. That’s why I put it in my planner! A timed hourly can help remind you of this too. Find out your children’s interests and set aside time for them each. My oldest loves crafting and drawing, which is something we both have in common. So I pick her up some fun activities we can do while my youngest naps or is entertained eating on her high chair. The Erin Condren life planner is perfect for implementing this type of time management.

You can purchase yours here in the link down below if you’re a busy mom and want to get organized:

Social media can interfere spending time with your child.

  • Refrain from pulling out your phone and scrolling through social media. Easier said than done, I know! However, your children WANT your undivided attention and they will be so happy to get that uninterrupted time with mom or dad. My child benefits from all the little extra gestures of attention which include putting away my phone to pay attention to her.

Even though it can become quite boring to play Barbies, Tic tac toe, or Hatchimals, just constantly remind yourself that your little actually wants to play with you. It benefits your child so much having your undivided attention. My daughter is always chatting and if I am busy on my phone, I may miss an important part of our conversation. But, I wouldn’t know about it if my phone wasn’t put away.

how to spend quality time with your child

Spending quality time with each child is key.

  • Put your youngest child to sleep at least 45 minutes before your oldest. This is such a helpful tip for siblings who differ in age groups. I always make sure to put my youngest to sleep 30-45 minutes before it’s time for my oldest to sleep. Why? Because that way I can have some time just for my oldest.

However, this doesn’t work on school days. I do this mostly during the summer and on weekends of the school year. During the week they are both in bed around the same time as each other. Sleeping on a good schedule is healthy for kids!

Put your child’s interests first.

Set aside little activities your child will look forward to completing with you once it’s almost bedtime. You can watch their favorite insect/bug YouTube video, read their new library books with them, and also make some Play dough cupcakes. The possibilities are endless! Plus it means SO much to them when they know you’re investing thought into quality time with them!

 The last on how to spend quality time with your child.

  • Have a family movie night right before bed. Pop some popcorn, find a movie they really want to see, and watch it with them before bed when you really need a break before bed. I always keep a running list of movies my kids want to see from Netflix, since they are constantly coming out with new ones. When you’re short on time and patience that list can become handy.  Although I am not a huge fan of screens other than educational and some limited show times, I truly understand the need for a relaxing movie night in to end the day just right!

Toddler’s often have their terrible two’s days and tantrum meltdowns. Often times my oldest is picky AND my toddler is impatient so it works out better for everyone if I just have my list ready on what movie to pick. A bowl of popcorn is what the kids love!

  • Arrange some fun family gatherings. As fun as it is to spend all this quality time with our children, it never hurts to spend quality time with our nephews, brothers, sisters, or nieces too! That way your child can have fun playing with their cousins and you can catch up with your family members. My child so often looks forward to seeing her cousins I can’t imagine quality time without them!

how to spend quality time with your child

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I hope these tips help you spend the best quality time with your littles, and don’t forget to appreciate them!

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