how to make your husband happy

How to make your husband happy

How to make your husband happy.

how to make your husband happy

Being in a happy marriage takes work and effort on each of our parts. I’ve come up with 10 ways on how to make your husband happy from a man’s perspective.

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I interviewed my husband on what makes him as a husband happy. As a woman, I know what makes me happy in a marriage and most of my female married friends have the same type of list.

Not only was I curious to see what makes my husband happy from his point of view, but also what he wants in a wife that makes him happy.

I think it’s useful to see what men want and need in their marriage, too.

Since this month I’ve focused on marriage content, I thought it would be nice to have a blog post written with a man’s perspective of what a husband wants from a wife and what makes him happy.

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how to make your husband happy

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10 ways on how to make your husband happy.

  • Having a submissive wife and being the leader of the family.

” Wives, submit yourselves to your own husbands as you do to the Lord. For the husband is the head of the wife as Christ is the head of the church, his body, of which he is the Savior. Now as the church submits to Christ, so also wives should submit to their husbands in everything.” Ephesians 5: 22-24.

My husband and I are Christian and we do read the Bible often. We teach our children about God and how much he loves them.

In our marriage, my husband is the leader of the family. I trust him to make the most important decisions in our home.

However, with any major decisions, I am part of them and they are talked through together because we work in partnership.

For the most part, we do believe that the husband IS the head of the household, just as the Bible says.

This is my favorite women’s devotional that has really helped me out in my marriage and in life. This devotional is so amazing.

It’s interesting to see how that makes my husband happy. Later, I’ll be releasing a blog post on 10 things that make a wife happy to sort of compare and contrast both points of view.

Unconditional love is important in a marriage.

  • When my husband let me know that unconditional love is important for a husband to be happy, it melted my heart just a little. 

As a busy work from home mom and homeschooling mom, I’m pretty busy with work and the girls, and my husband is busy too running his small business.

It’s nice to know that unconditional love makes men just as happy as it makes women.

There are many ways to show your husband unconditional love in your marriage.

You can start by praying for your husband, being a great wife, and finding ways on how to be a better wife.

I know life can get pretty busy. Trust me, my schedule seems to always have a task that needs to get done.

Thanks to this amazing bullet journal planner I use, my life may be busy, but I am always productive and accomplish most of my tasks.

Even though I feel busy, I still make it a point to focus on my husband and our marriage. This can benefit your marriage a lot and remind you why you got married in the first place.

My husband and I like to find a movie we BOTH want to watch almost every night during the workweek.

We relax, catch up together on our day so far, and enjoy dinner together.

Make it a habit to spend parts of your day together, daily. This will for sure bring you closer together.

My husband likes for me to be right there eating with him, even if I’m working or catching up on my planner. He just enjoys my company.

Making daily time for your husband can remind him how much you love him. You’re making time for him despite being busy and that’s one of the best things you can do for one another.

More on how to make your husband happy.

  • Putting effort into our family and the same amount of effort into our marriage.

Putting effort into your family can be honestly be shown in a variety of ways. Every family is different and I can only share my point of view, because of my personal experience.

To my family, an effort is a mom making home-cooked meals weekly, keeping the house tidy throughout the day, planning fun activities, and reading bedtime stories. My children love these bedtime stories.

It could be completely different for your family because we are all different. What’s your family’s love language?

Make sure you know and be consistent. What helps me juggle everything is the best planner system that I use daily and keeps me motivated.

I think planning is key to getting all of these tasks accomplished daily. Being organized can really help you reach your goals and keep your family happy.

More examples of putting an effort into the family are just taking the time to consider their feelings. Being a great mom isn’t just about planning fun activities for your children.

No, being a good mom is so much more than that. It means that even when you’re tired, you’re still putting an effort to keep your family together and happy.

Considering their feelings and taking care of them daily is a huge effort on your part. The same goes for making time for your marriage.

That means even on those tiring days from working all day and taking care of the kids, you’re still planning a sweet date night inside for you and your hubby.

Being honest in your marriage will help your husband be happy.

  • Honesty about how you feel towards me about me.

A lot of times in marriage, we tend to keep feelings to ourselves. That’s not always a good thing.

It’s important, to be honest with your husband about how you feel towards him. As wives, I do know some of us to keep our feelings to ourselves and hide them from our husbands, especially when we are sad and upset.

That’s not beneficial to our marriage and doesn’t help strengthen it.

A lot of times, I get upset and keep it to myself but somehow my husband knows me well enough to keep asking me what’s the matter.

Eventually, I’ll let him know because he’s pretty observant of how I feel. So, make sure you are being honest in your marriage about how you’re feeling.

I know sometimes we want to mask our feelings in order to prevent hurting one another’s feelings but being honest can help bring you both closer together.

Would you want to know if your husband was unhappy with you and just didn’t want to hurt your feelings so avoided telling you? 

If you practice being honest towards your husband about how you’re feeling about him, then he may always do the same with you too.

And that way, you can focus on becoming a better wife and he can focus on becoming a better husband to fit your needs.

I always say communication is key in a marriage because it’s the truth. Soulmates need time to converse and spend time together daily.

How to make your husband happy.

  • It’s important to me that you love yourself. 

This is one I can definitely get on board with since most of mrsplanahead’s subscribers know I am a huge advocate for self-care and self-love. When you love yourself it truly reflects in all that you do.

What I truly love about my husband is how he motivates me to be my best self and all that I can be. I try my hardest to do the same for him.

If you aren’t doing that for your husband, you’re truly missing out on blossoming your marriage into something beautiful and truly unique.

When you’re focusing on bringing out the best in each other, your marriage cannot help but thrive and grow.

To me, it’s also important for my husband to love himself. Part of loving yourself included taking good care of your health, mental health, and being confident about yourself.

Not just that but always looking for ways to improve yourself and your quality of life. Why? Because you love yourself so much you want to take good care of yourself.

That brings me back to Christianity. God loves us so very much that he wants us to take care of ourselves, love ourselves, and cherish ourselves.

In my family, loving ourselves is part of our lifestyle. Not only will loving yourself make your husband happy with you, but your self-love will help you love your husband even more.

Having patience with your husband demonstrates your love.

  • Having patience with me. 

Don’t we all just want someone that has patience with us, loves, and understands us?

Spending quality time with your husband is important, but so is lending a listening ear.

There are days where our moods aren’t that great. Some days, I’m having a rough day dealing with toddler tantrums and trying to get all of my work done.

There are days when my husband has a bad day at work and is feeling frustrated. There’s a lot of reasons why we can have a bad day.

The key is to not let bad moods take over your entire day and that requires a certain amount of patience.

I can easily choose to be impatient with my husband if I feel like he isn’t understanding me right on time (which I have often done).

However, with time I have come to realize that having patience has helped me much more than just dismissing the problem. When you stop and take a breather, you are really doing yourself a favor.

Giving your husband time and patience can only really benefit you. Learn patience if you haven’t.

Patience is amazing to have throughout a marriage. I was never a patient person, to begin with, but with time I learned to become one.

How do you make your husband feel loved?

  • Be kind to me. 

Kindness is a beauty. I appreciate kindness and empathy in any situation.

Acts of kindness towards your husband should come easily to you. If not, that’s something you may want to think about.

I’ll be honest, there’s a lot of pressure (according to social media and television) for a husband to always show these random acts of kindness towards his wife. Mostly I see this during the holidays.

For Valentine’s day, I rarely see commercials of women out buying things for men. Mostly, I see Valentine’s day gifts to get her.

The same goes for Christmas time. As much as I believe a wife should be pampered, I do believe there should be acts of kindness shown towards your husband and not just for the holiday season.

Random acts of kindness make me feel happy and good about myself. For instance, picking out a special gift for a loved one makes me happy.

When I put thought into a gift it makes it all the more special to me. Random acts of kindness will help your marriage grow and flourish.

My husband loves thoughtful gifts, such as the coffee tumbler I purchased for work.

He loves thoughtful wallet inserts and pictures so he can see something from me as he’s working.

I know my husband appreciates when I cook him a hearty dinner when he’s tired from work at night, freshly brewed tea ready to go in his cup, and a back massage.

What kinds of acts of kindness can you do for your husband today? 

Happiness is always wanted in a marriage.

  • For you to be happy with me. 

We all know that people want to be in a happy marriage. However, most married couples know that being happily married isn’t something that just happens day after day.

Marriage takes a lot of work and effort put in by both people. To be happy with your husband can be easier said than done.

It all leads back to how you are doing as a wife and as a person, mentally and emotionally.

If you feel like you do love yourself, you are happy with yourself and where you are at in your life, then honestly, it’ll be easier for you to be happy with your husband.

When you’re happy with yourself and you love yourself, it’s easier to love others. You always want to try to get along with your husband and to be happy.

Fighting can drain and take a toll on your marriage. It’s best to try to make your marriage work peacefully, for both of you to be happy and less stressed out.

The last on how to make your husband happy- from a husband’s point of view.

  • Hobbies to share together and spend time on. 

Recently, my husband opened up an Etsy clothing shop, LordzArmyClothing that has really bought us closer together. We don’t think of this so much as work but more as a hobby we like to do together.

What kind of hobbies do you and your husband share together? We also enjoy long family walks, hikes, and beach trips together.

Finding hobbies to share together is pretty important when it comes to spending time together as a couple. It’s something you both can look forward to.

I know that I look forward to our family hobbies every weekend when we get a break from the workweek.

Every weekend we like to plan family outings to make the most out of our quality time together.

Not just that, we enjoy working on our clothing shop together. It’s now another hobby to add to our list.

  • Talking together through anything. 

One thing my husband is big on is communication. He likes for me to be able to share with him, anything.

What is your love language with your husband? One of ours is words.

Being able to share with your partner everything is something special that’s not seen every day with married couples. Communication is something to be treasured and valued.

I like to be able to tell my husband how I feel when I feel it. The same goes for him.

Even though we are both a little different when it comes to communicating, it’s still important to keep trying daily.

Everyone could use a little help when it comes to communicating.

Nobody is perfect. A good marriage takes years of dedication and hard work.

You’re in this for the long haul.

I hope these 10 ways on how to make your husband happy from a husband’s point of view has helped your marriage out.

Leave a comment down below if you found any of these tips useful in your marriage.

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how to make your husband happy

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