How to make reading fun for your child
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How To Make Reading Fun For Your Child

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How to make reading fun for your child.

Today I wanted to share my tips and ideas on how to make reading fun for your child. I’m a huge fan of reading. My kids love to read and be read to. I knew they would if they were taught at an early age, as I was. It’s a lot more easier to get into a routine of reading daily with your child at an early age, so that reading together becomes a habit. There are so many benefits to reading with your child daily. If your child has speech and language issues the biggest way to help is by reading daily. I don’t read for half an hour with my children. I read an hour at least and my oldest usually wants me to continue for another thirty minutes.

Tips on making reading fun for your child.

  • Use different character voices to keep their attention. No child wants to hear a boring monotone voice reading to them. They’re little! Let them look back on their reading experience with you when they’re older as a FUN experience, with some extra effort on your part!
  • Story time at the library. My children love going to the library to listen to a guest speaker read. In addition, sometimes they even put on costumes and have the kids sing and dance!
  • Different books weekly. I’ve always tried to make a point to my kids that the library is a great place to be. Period. Checking out free books weekly is an opportunity we are fortunate to enjoy. However, new material keeps my children interested and engaged in reading. There’s nothing better than to look forward to reading a good book.
  • This one may not be as fun, but it’s important and ties this all together. Have a set time to read to your kids.
  • Getting your babies used to reading to become a habit includes ROUTINE. Include time to read while they’re young. However, since my children are young I pick an hour and a half before bedtime. In addition I turn off all electronics and have them finish up their dinners or snacks and pay attention. Finally, off to bed they go.

I hope these tips help you make reading a bit more fun to benefit your child. Start early, don’t wait!



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