How to love your husband

How to love your husband. 


Are you looking for tips and advice on how to love your husband? Then, you’ve come to the right place.

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Here on mrsplanahead, you can find a lot of advice and tips on how to be a better wife and have a better marriage. I don’t claim to be a marriage expert, but I have been married for 8+ years and like to share what’s worked in my marriage with others. 

Sometimes, it can be difficult to build our husbands up. That’s why I came up with 10 valuable tips on how to build up your husband. 

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10 ways on how to build up your husband. 

  • Pray for him. 

Praying for your husband is so important. You’re not just praying for him but you’re also praying over your marriage. 

God loves you both and wants to take care of your marriage. I have beautiful prayers for your husband written out along with free prayer cards. 

Praying together would be ideal. Use my marriage workbook to dig deeper into your marriage. 

  • Be his number one listener. 

You want to be his number one person he calls to tell any good news. I always want my husband to call me for any little thing.

And he does. I’m his best friend and I became that way because I was his number one listener. 

I love that he trusts me that much. If you want to be your husband’s best friend make sure that you’re listening to him. 

As in, put your listening ears on and simply listen. Honestly, I love listening to my husband and he’ll ask for my input in no time. 

It can be hard to make your husband feel loved.

A marriage takes a lot of work that needs to be put in by both partners. Both have to be committed and doing their part to keep the marriage strong.

Start with small steps to make your husband feel loved, but be consistent. Don’t start something and forget or put it off a few days later. 

You can’t see results unless you put your all into something and for a while. Don’t lose hope and don’t give up.

Ask God for the strength and guidance you need to keep going. 

More ways on how to love your husband. 

  • Be his number one encourager. 
  • Support him and always try to communicate. 

Be the first to call during lunch break with a friendly conversation starter. Don’t start off a lunch break with you forgot to throw out the trash! 

That’s just not the way to build your husband up. You want to always keep the lines of communication open for him. 

Send thoughtful text messages if you’re super busy and just don’t have the time. Remind your husband you love him and care about him. 

  • Show him you care. 

After years of marriage, it can be rather easy to fall into a rut and forget to do things you normally would have done in the honeymoon phase. 

Just do little thoughtful things you used to care about in the beginning. For example, make him his favorite tea and pack his lunch for work. 

The other day, I baked cinnamon rolls for breakfast because I knew that they’re my husband’s favorite. I even got up a little earlier to have enough time to take care of him. 

  • Respect him

Whenever you start arguing with your husband (which I know, happens with married couples) try to not name call. Always try to be the best version of yourself daily. 

Show your husband respect by treating him well. There’s no need to make fun or name call. 

Just be kind, loving, and nice. Even during arguments, it’s like a Godly wife to act this way. 

  • Have patience with your husband. 
  • It’s important to have a physical connection with each other. 

Go on frequent date nights with each other, especially if you feel the connection fizzing out. It’s important to make time for each other. 

My husband and I don’t go out often because of our kids, so we do have plenty of date nights inside at home

Make a list of fun date night ideas and try them with your husband! Invest time in each other. 

Loving your husband is the best thing you can do in your marriage. 

  • Refrain from nagging.

Too often, nagging can take over a marriage. And it’s awful when that happens. 

Instead, voice your thoughts when some time has gone by. Wait for a time when your husband is ready to listen to your thoughts. 

There’s a patient way to turn nagging into a calm and productive conversation. You just need to have patience and be a patient wife. 

  • Ask for his thoughts and opinions before making huge decisions. 

In a Godly marriage, a husband leads. However, I still want my husband to consult me before he makes any big decisions. 

By being a patient and kind wife, he always calls me before we make a choice together. I do like my husband to make big decisions and I prefer that. 


I hope you’ve enjoyed my 10 tips on how to love your husband. These come from my own personal experience in my many years of marriage. 

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