6 Tips On How to Keep Your Marriage Alive

How to keep your marriage alive.


Today I wanted to share 6 tips on how to keep your marriage alive. My husband and I have been married for a little over 6 years now, and we have been together for 7.

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However, we have not always had the best relationship. In addition, it took a few years for us to really get to know one another and another few to fully support each other.

I want to share how to keep your marriage alive and thriving, to the best of my knowledge. Here’s a disclaimer: I do not claim to be a marriage expert therefore, I am only sharing tips that have worked for my marriage.

However, when we were just dating our relationship was very simple because we focused so much on each other. Once having our children our relationship became very complacent and I found these tips useful in keeping our romance going.

Here are the 6 tips on how to keep your marriage alive. 

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  • Mutual Respect.

Sometimes certain events can take place in your marriage where you quit respecting one another. In addition, all situations are different.

Many couples try out couples therapy, which we did not need but I have heard great outcomes for others. Couples counseling at church is also another great form of receiving help for your marriage that is very affordable.

I feel like when you respect one another it is a lot easier to live happily together. But, having respect is so necessary to have a great marriage.

That means constantly giving respect even when you may not feel like it.

  • Needed attention and affection.

Having children does take time away from your alone time with your spouse, whether you’d like to admit it or not. However, it’s important to make time for each other.

In addition, text messages and calls won’t be enough. Quality time just like when you were dating is absolutely key and necessary.

I wouldn’t say once a week will cut it. My husband and I try to spend as much time together daily, so I’ll get up a little earlier to help him pack his lunch or he makes me coffee and we chat before he leaves.

I’ll stay up later each night to watch a movie with him even if I’m pretty exhausted and so is he.

  • I highly recommend no co-sleeping, especially as your children get older.

Make sure you sometimes put your kids in their own rooms/ beds. I myself, am not a co-sleeping mom. At times my oldest would sleep with us, whenever she had a fever or wasn’t feeling well, or whenever she had a nightmare but my husband and I prefer not to co-sleep with our children.

However, occasionally we do and that’s fine but I do believe in having your own time with your spouse. In addition, it’s important in a marriage because you two need your rest to recharge for your next busy day.

  • Make sure to keep God first.

Praying together is so good for our relationship and helps remind us that the Lord blesses us every day. I love it when we pray together because it reminds me that we are on the same page and the same team.

  • Communication is a major key.

Talking all the time with your spouse helps keep you open to one another, to be there for each other instead of against one another when trying situations come up. You may think you know exactly what your partner is thinking (like I always do) and you could be COMPLETELY wrong. I can’t tell you how many times we have assumed what the other was thinking, and ended up having miscommunication because we didn’t open up our mouths and speak.

The last of the 6 tips. 

  •  Keep your business your business.

Too often we vent to a family member, our parents, our best friend about our marriage. We end up talking more to our friends/family instead of our own spouse about the issue that’s bothering us.

I highly recommend keeping your thoughts or frustrations to yourself about your partner. It helps to write out your thoughts, call your spouse instead, or just wait until the right time to talk about what’s bothering you.

I hope these marriage tips help you in strengthening your marriage and keeping the romance alive.

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  1. Putting God first is the biggest key in our marriage.

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